khatti meethi love story pt 3

Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 3 I am sorry this is being posted late but happy valentine’s day<3<3<3 I read everyone’s comments and I’m sorry if I didn’t reply to you and I saw a lot of comments saying you were confused…I’m sorry about that I will clear the confusion but if anyone is confused at something write it in the comments box where you are confused so I can clear it up for you also pragya calls them di because even though she is older than all her sisters she is still a kid but as they grow up there will be some changes which I will add at the right time but for now please sit back and enjoy it and thanks to everyone who gave their precious time to read and comment on my fanfiction and give me feedbacks! I truly appreciate it!
Recap: swara, ragini, pragya, Aliya, purvi, suhani, ishani, and sanam’s friendship revelation
Precap: sanskar, laksh, abhi, Nikhil, purab, yuvraj, ranveer, and aahil’s entry with their friendship….

(As you guys remember in part 1 dadi woke abhi, sanskar, and laksh up early so that they can go to temple before getting to school)
Dadi: abhi and sanlak beta you both are done praying na
Abhi: yes dadi now can we go to school
Sanlak together: yes dadi we’re going to get late for sure now if we just keep staying here
Ap comes
Ap: sanlak and abhi beta okay now stop complaining about school…at home you weren’t so eager to go huh
Abhi looks down and says: but now I want to
(guys abhi believes in god it’s not like the serial where he doesn’t but if he is in a place for a very long time he gets annoyed since he is still little)
Ap and dadi laugh and say: okay you three hold on I’ll stop a rickshaw
Ap: (in front of rickshaw) hold up bhaiyya and says can you drop these three kids to shiv ram school
The man driving the rickshaw: okay tell them to come
Ap: thank you bhaiyya and she puts the kids in the auto and it leaves

@shiv ram school
(Nikhil and purab reached school and ranveer, aahil, and yuvraj are coming out of the car)
Nikhil: purab bhai I hope sanlak and abhi come today I miss them so much
Purab: yes Nikhil bhai me too and I am sure they will come
(Meanwhile ranveer, aahil, and yuvraj walk into school with their school bags)
Aahil: yaar ranveer bhai I didn’t feel like coming today
Ranveer: I know and look at yuvraj bhai he’s always ready to go to school
Yuvraj hears them and says “what are you two whispering)
Aahil: n…n..nothing yuvraj bhai
Yuvraj says were you two just saying you don’t want to come to school today
Ranveer whispers to aahil: iske kaan hai yaha kya har cheez sunle tha hai (does he have ears or what he hears everything we say)
Yuvraj hears that too and says ranveer bhai did you just say something
Ranveer: kuch nahi bhai (nothing bhai)
But aahil goes on to say “he did yuvi bhai he said do you have ears or what
Ranveer punches aahil playfully and says can’t you be quiet? Do you have to say everything to him?
Aahil: goes near ranveer’s ear and says sorry bhai softly
Yuvraj says you two wait till we go home I’ll tell varsha maasi (ranveer’s mom and aahil and yuvraj’s maasi)
Ranveer: okay we’ll see yuvi bhai but for now let’s go find our classes
(Yuvi, ranveer, and aahil go to find their class)
(Abhi and sanlak finally reach school)
Sanlak together: abhi bhai I hope Nikhil and purab are here today
Abhi: don’t worry guys I’m sure they will be here you know na Nikhil and purab are always precise about time
Sanlak together: I know bhai but let’s see
(They three now walk into school)
Abhi and sanlak are walking and abhi collides with a boy and says I’m sorry but doesn’t see the boy’s face

The boy stops and says “that sounded like abhi” and turns around to see and says “wait”
Abhi stops walking and abhi turns around and is surprised seeing the boy
Abhi: Nikhil!!!!!
Nikhil: abhiiiiiiii
They both run to each other and hug
Sanlak and purab stop and say
Purab: where did Nikhil bhai go (he walked ahead of Nikhil so he lost him and same with sanlak)
Sanlak together: where’s abhi bhai?
(Sanlak and purab go in search for their brothers and then they end up meeting each other
Purab: you both?
Sanlak together: purabbbb that’s you
Purab: yes it’s me
Sanlak: wow purab you look exactly the same haven’t changed a bit
Purab: yeah even you too
Sanskar: purab where is Nikhil
Purab: I don’t know I was walking with Nikhil bhai and then I lost him so I came to look for him but then I saw you
Laksh: yes purab even we lost abhi bhai so we’re looking for him too
Purab: probably abhi and Nikhil bhai met each other
Laksh: I think you’re right purab
Purab confused: huh?
Sanskar: look behind you (he turns)
(Abhi and Nikhil were coming holding hands)

Nikhil: purab bhai look who it is
Purab: abhi you
Abhi: yes dumbo me remember
Purab: yes abhi we used to call each other dumbo and idiot
Sanskar: Nikhil you’ve changed so much
Laksh: yes Nikhil bhai is right
Nikhil: haha you guys are joking na I feel like I look the same
Sanskar: oh Nikhil you have changed
Laksh: haan bhai anyways how old are you now Nikhil
Nikhil: 5 years old and purab bhai is 7
Abhi: Nikhil he’s so big now
Purab: abhi stop na
Abhi: no I meant that I’m still older then you hahahahaha
Purab gets annoyed and says Nikhil bhai look na abhi still hasn’t stop teasing me
Purab: you know what bhai you’re an idiot
Abhi: then you’re a dumbo duh
Purab: I won’t leave you and he runs behind him (still in school)
(sanlak, ranveer, and Nikhil are laughing)
Purab almost catches abhi but there is a banana peel in front of him which he doesn’t see so purab slips and falls on a girl
Girl: ouchhhh idiot can’t you see
Purab: sorry a..a..actually I didn’t see
Abhi is laughing hard and purab looks at him angrily

Girl: now can you get off of me
Purab now sees her face and he is so lost into her
Purab in his mind: wow she’s so beautiful while the tune pehli nazar mein plays and Nikhil comes there and picks up purab
(Guys I know this scene sort of seemed like older kid scene but you know how sometimes when we are small we get those attractions to opposite gender that’s exactly what’s happening here)
Nikhil: bhai are you okay
Purab still lost in thoughts and the girl was none other than purvi
Purvi: idiot stupid dumbo mota (fat) can’t you see
Purab finally comes back to conscious when Nikhil says purab bhai
Purab: look I’m sorry I didn’t purposely fall on you
Purvi: yeah sure you didn’t you seem so small but are very naughty
Purab: aye ladki (hey girl) I’m saying sorry and you aren’t even ready to listen to me
Purvi: really how’d you fall huh I don’t see anything around you that made you fall (angry)
Purab: if you look closely you’ll see
Purvi: what do you mean stupid?
Purab: you see that banana peel I slipped and fell
Purvi feels guilty and says sorry I said too much I’m sorry
Purab: oh now you say sorry you little girls never believe anything until you see it
(their fight still continues)

Nikhil: okay stop it purab bhai leave it lets go
Purab: no bhai she was showing me attitude I will teach her a lesson
Purvi: I am so sorry please forgive me
Nikhil: bhai she is apologizing forgive her na
Purab: no way bhai I will show her I just wish I get the same class as her and then I’ll tell her what chota (small) purab Agarwal can do
Nikhil: okay let’s just leave now
Purvi: says sorry and then runs away feeling guilty
She goes to pragya and tells her everything
Pragya: purvi you should’ve seen what happened before blaming him na
Purvi: I know di I feel bad
Pragya: do you know his name
Purvi: wait actually I think he said purab (in purvi’s head she said wow what a nice name) haan di it was purab
Pragya: okay if you see him again then apologize to him or make a sorry card
Purvi: that’s a good idea di and he looked of my age too so he might be in the same class as me
Pragya: yeah now go to class bye
Purvi: bye di and thank you
(Back with the guys)

Laksh: you shouldn’t have shouted at her that much purab
Purab: what do you mean laksh she blamed me without knowing anything
Abhi: purab girls are like that but you should’ve accepted her apology
Purab: no bhai I will get her back
(Sanlak, abhi, and Nikhil stand scared and confused because they know when purab is angry he does things way too much…)
Screen freezes on their scared faces and purab’s revenge like smile…..

Precap: purab crying

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