khatti meethi love story pt 22


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 22 let’s get started I am so sorry for a big break in between
Recap: ishveer time and swasanraglak new found friendship
Precap: tour and some ishveer moments

@khan residence
Aahil is still on the floor crying hard. Sanam hugs him and consoles him. Aahil hugs her back and both don’t realize what situation they are in until they hear yuvraj screaming. Both recompose themselves and say to each other oh no here comes trouble and both leave for yuvraj’s room

@yuvraj’s room
Suhani: l..l..listen I am saying sorry na please forgive me
Yuvraj shouting: no you kept pointing fingers at my family and especially my maa and papa. I was only making fun of you but you took things out of hand and dragged my parents in this.
Suhani scared and in a low voice: sorry yuvraj please forgive me
Sahil come in (sanam and aahil)
Sanam: suhani your sorry won’t make a difference. You have hurt yuvraj today
Suhani: but di I am saying sorry na
Yuvraj: will your sorry put back my broken heart pieces? No. Will your sorry bring my parents back? No. What will your sorry do? Just make you free from guilt but what about my heart? What about my feelings? Can you give me my maa and papa’s love I’ve missed? Can you make me feel the presence of my mom? Can you bring them back to live? No suhani no all these answers have a no to them so what will this sorry of yours do?
Suhani just looks at yuvraj with guilt, embarrassment, and what not. She feels really bad and starts crying and runs outside while yuvraj breaks down
Aahil to yuvraj: yuvraj what did you do? She was saying sorry na then why did you say so much to her
Sanam to aahil: no aahil, yuvraj did right. Suhani always talks nonsense. Yuvraj gave her some brain to not speak anymore without thinking
Aahil: no sanam yuvraj did wrong so he will also apologize
Yuvraj is still crying and says okay bhai I will I think I did say a bit too much
Sanam: no yuvraj you don’t need to let suhani realize her mistake
Yuvraj: no sanam I will apologize
He leaves and sanam tells aahil continuously why he told yuvraj to say sorry it was suhani’s fault

@ranveer’s room
Ishani is looking at ranveer lovingly and says in her mind ranveer get well soon I have lots to tell you while ranveer is still sleeping. After sometime ranveer wakes up and starts coughing. Ishani gets out of her thoughts hearing ranveer cough and gets worried. She gets up to get water but there is none so she tells ranveer I’ll be back with water but ranveer is coughing continuously and ishani is getting worried. She runs downstairs as fast as she can and gets water. She comes up with it and makes ranveer sit and helps him drink water. Ishani looks really tensed while ranveer is staring at her lovingly. He thinks I’ve seen those eyes before but where? He gets lost in her eyes while ishani notices it and asks what are you staring at and ranveer unknowingly says you and ishani blushes but then says I mean I was seeing if this is really ishani or someone else.
Ishani confused asks what you mean. Ranveer jokes saying no I thought there was a buffalo sitting in front of me.
Ishani gets angry and her cute nose turns red and says ahhh you called me a buffalo? Ranveer I will not leave you. Get well soon then I will take your class. Ranveer laughs hard and says okay my friend and ishani smiles. Ishani thinks ranveer your mind is like a kid but your heart still behaves like a 19 year old. She smiles and says ranveer lets play a game
Ranveer gets happy and says okay but what? Ishani says let’s play draw and guess. Ranveer asks how do we play that and ishani says simple I will show you. She goes to get a dry erase marker and a board and tells him I will draw something and you will have to guess what it is. We will take turns and ranveer says sounds fun now let’s begin
Ishani goes first and draws an orange. She tells ranveer to guess what she drew and ranveer says many things like ball, onion, circle, apple, etc. but ishani says no to all of them. Ranveer says okay fine give me a hint and she says it’s my favorite fruit and he immediately says orange. Ishani is shocked knowing how ranveer knows I like oranges and asks how did you know? Ranveer says I thought about it and then I got some flashbacks of a little girl eating 4 oranges in the school park so I said oranges but is that right? Ishani nods yes and thinks ranveer remembers how I used to eat oranges when we were little but he doesn’t remember me from when we were little. She tells ranveer to draw now
Ranveer takes it and draws a car and ishani guesses wrong so ranveer doesn’t feel bad and says truck, camel, etc. but then ranveer says ishani you are off the limits think smaller and then she guesses triangle, square, etc. and ranveer laughs like a little kid and says no silly it’s a car and ishani in her mind says I know ranveer and then says aloud ohh haha I was thinking so many things

They both keep taking turns and finally ranveer gets an idea he asks ishani if he can draw please and ishani says sure. She gives him the marker and board and ranveer draws a girl with a heart in her hand and a boy coming towards her. Ishani thinks what did ranveer draw and asks what is it ranveer and he asks her to take a guess. She guesses a lot but all of them are a no then she says she gives up so ranveer says the girl is you and I’m the boy. Ishani smiles and says but why is there a heart in my hand. Ranveer thinks she is right. Why did I draw this heart? He then tells her I don’t know ishani it just came from my head. I drew what I was thinking and this came up. Ranveer says he is tired now and wants to sleep so ishani says okay have a good sleep. She makes him wear the blanket and whispers I love you ranveer and she doesn’t realize what she said. She goes and sits back on the sofa and thinks why did ranveer draw the heart? Even though he behaves like a kid his feelings are genuine and I can see it in his eyes. I wonder if the heart and the girl he saw were actually someone who has come in his dreams before. Ranveer still remembers some part of me even though he has become a child. She too smiles and unknowingly falls asleep on the couch.

@arora residence
Swara: pragya di, purvi, di, Aliya di, where are you all? Me and ragini have such news for you.
They all come out and asks swara what’s wrong? You seem so happy
Ragini: purvi di of course swara will be happy you know sanlak we told you about we met them at that chaat stand and what we did
Purvi: yes please tell me they didn’t do anything
Ragini laughs and says not at all di it turns out they are our childhood friends from school and we just met them
Purvi, pragya, and Aliya all at once says what?? Are they those sanlak who were the thakurs?? Swaragini yell yes and all five get so happy and say so it means their brother and his two friends will be here too
Swara: yes di and guess what? The college is having like a Mumbai tour and we were going with sanlak but it said if we have more people it’s cheaper so sanlak and we decided to take you guys and he will be bringing his part of the side too.
All yell at once and say yes we will go it’s been so long since we have seen them and all go to get their bags packed.
Same thing happens at thakur residence and they are seen packing their bags very happily.
All leave and have reached college campus so they can go from there in the big van they rented for their group.
They are waiting for each other to come at the place they decided to meet at
Screen freezes on their happy faces.
What will this tour bring in their lives? Will they come closer or drift apart? What will happen when Abhigya meet again and they find out that all along they were childhood friends? Will their enmity end when they come face to face? What does this khatti meethi love story have in store for them? Keep reading to find out

Precap: tour and new friendships….. (I know same precap sorry but I will have it in my next part I promise)

Credit to: zoya

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