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Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 21 I have a lot of ishveer fans here so for them I will try giving more importance to ishveer. Ishveer fans this will only happen for you but sometimes I might not have that many ishveer scenes so I am sorry for that but from now on I will try giving more importance to ishveer and try to equal out everyone’s Jodi. Now let’s get started
Recap: swasanraglak become friends…
Precap: swasanraglak moments and camp!!

@khan residence
Aahil and yuvraj are home with ranveer and are waiting for ishani and her sisters who were supposed to come with her because her mom kept insisting.
Ranveer: aahil bhai I just realized where is maa? I haven’t seen her ever since I came back from the hospital
Aahil and yuvraj are at loss of words and don’t know what to say aahil murmurs under his breath “how do I tell you ranveer what actually happened with maasi” and gets teary eyed. Yuvraj sees aahil and changes the topic and says ranveer maasi might be somewhere near us or around us, don’t worry she will be back but aren’t you excited for ishani to come. Ranveer thinks I feel like I’ve heard the name ishani before but can’t recall where and then gets out of his thoughts and says “yuvraj bhai who is ishani?” yuvraj says arrey ranveer you forgot her? You were saying her name repeatedly when you were in the hospital. Ranveer again thinks “me? I said ishani?” and then gets out of his thoughts and says no bhai I think you are mistaken I don’t know any ishani and right then ishani walks in and a cool breeze starts blowing

Ishani: arrey ranveer! How can you forget me? You don’t remember? I’m ishani, ishani desai the same girl who you used to get into fights with when we were little. Remember our school, we played together as kids but had to move away because my papa got transferred elsewhere.
Ranveer: no ishani! What are you saying? I’m still a kid and I go to school how would I have met you when you’re older than me?
Ishani realizes that ranveer has gone back to his childhood and doesn’t remember me because we met when we were like 4. She says I mean ranveer we still go but I don’t talk anymore with you
Ranveer: oh okay! No worries though we can be friends now. Do you want to be my friend?
Ishani happily says of course ranveer! We always were, always will, and always will be friends. Ranveer gets confused with what she is saying but just agrees.
Ranveer: ishani let me tell you one thing. Whenever I make friends I always hug him/her because that means we are officially friends so if you don’t mind can you and me hug. It will make me happy that I got a friend who is always with me.
Ishani gets shocked at what he says but she doesn’t feel bad in fact she feels happy that ranveer wants to hug her. It makes her feel like she always wanted to hug him. She doesn’t know why but she just enjoys being with ranveer
Ranveer breaks her thoughts and says so what do you say and ishani says of course and she walks to him slowly while the song darmiyaan plays (English parts)
Oh it’s a special feeling
These moments between us
How will I live without you
They hug and ishani feels relaxed in his arms while ranveer gets these vibes and thinks do I know this girl? When did we ever meet except for today? (Guys remember ranveer’s mental condition is like a 6 year old but his heart still beats like an adult teen) Aahil and yuvraj cough and ishveer break the hug

After sometime suhani and sanam come in with their bags and aahil and yuvraj see them and ask each other who are these clowns
Ishani introduces suhani and sanam to aahil and yuvraj and aahil and yuvraj get shocked and say to ishani “these clowns are your sisters?” ishani says yes but why do you call them clowns? Yuvraj says look at her (pointing to suhani) kitni moti hai. Clowns aise hi toh hote hai. Bara tummy aur laal nak (she is so fat. Clowns are like this only. Big tummy and red nose) ishani, sanam, aahil, and yuvraj laugh and suhani looks at him angrily and says accha toh mein clown hoon! Toh tum kya ho? Ek ghada (oh so I’m a clown? Then who are you? A donkey?) Yuvraj gets really red now and says tumne mujhe ghada bola? Bhulo maat ki tum mere ghar mein kari ho aur sirf ishani ki behen ho warna mein toh tumhe abhi nikla dheta samjhi? Waise bhi ek joke tha itna serious kyun ho gayi (you called me a donkey? Don’t forget that you are standing in my house and you are only ishani’s sister or else I would’ve kicked you out of my home besides why are you getting mad? I was only joking)
Suhani: oh a joke! This is not a joke. You don’t even know how to respect girls. Did your mom not teach you anything? And turns her face
When yuvraj hears mom he gets really angry and aahil knows he will shout any minute and ishani realizes that suhani has said too much (she knows yuvraj and aahil lost their mom as kids so they lived with ranveer’s mom because she is their maasi)
Yuvraj holds suhani and angrily turns her. She feels pain and tells yuvraj to let her go but yuvraj is just holding her really hard. She shouts leave me! She has tears and Yuvraj leaves her seeing her tears but is still angry and aahil tells yuvraj to calm down. Yuvraj shouts bhai you are telling me to calm down? She crossed her line by bringing maa in between. Aahil says yuvraj relax now go to your room

Suhani shouts: haan haan mein tumhari maa ki baare mein bolo toh bura lagta hai par tum mera mazak urao toh mein chup raho? Waise tumhare maa kaha hai? Zaroor tumhe kahi anand ashram mein chora hoga kyun ki tum ko woh bardash nahi saki!!! (Oh really? If I bring your mom in between you feel bad but when you make fun of me then I be quiet? Anyways where is your mom? Definitely she left you at some orphanage because she probably couldn’t deal with you anymore)
Yuvraj gets really mad and makes a fist with his hands while ishani yells enough suhani di if you don’t know anything then be quiet and she apologizes to yuvraj and aahil
Suhani: why ishani? Why should I hush?
Sanam: suhani, ishani is right please be quiet
Suhani: no di let me talk if he can talk bad about me then why can’t I
Sanam: because he talked bad about you not your family na
Ishani: yes di sanam di is right and you don’t even know what happened with aahil and yuvraj
Suhani: I don’t even want to know! It’s good his mom left him!! He deserves it!! She is probably living happily now without him
Aahil gets in a rage and shouts ENOUGH SUHANI!! I’ve had enough now you listen to me. Yuvraj is my brother and our mom and dad passed away when we were small!! We didn’t get a parents love like you did. Maasi took care of us but she also died a few days back!! We have no one now. Me and yuvraj will have to take care of ranveer as he is mentally not stable. you got everything. We have everything but we don’t have a mom’s love, we don’t have a fathers love. We even lost our maasi. You had no rights to speak about our parents do you understand!! Aahil is crying vigorously
Suhani and sanam are shell shocked because they didn’t know they lost their parents and ishani is shocked because she didn’t know they lost their maasi a few days back
Suhani is now crying and says oh god I feel so bad. Di I want to apologize to yuvraj. I said too much to him and apologizes to aahil and asks where yuvraj’s room is? I will go say sorry and aahil points to it and she goes while aahil breaks down and falls on his knees. Sanam goes to him and consoles him giving him a tight hug. She doesn’t know why she hugged him but she feels good hugging aahil.

Swasanraglak break the hug and say I am so happy we are back and then ragini sees a poster on the bulletin board. She calls swasanlaksh and says guys look what it says
Laksh reads: 2 week camping trip for Mumbai tour.
Swara gets really happy and says ragini we should go but sanskar says swara we will but it says if we have more people than its cheaper. If we take more people then that’s a great deal
Swasanraglak get thinking and raglak at the same time say idea!!
Swasan get happy and ask what
Ragini: I have 3 sisters we can take them
Laksh: yes I was also going to say I have a brother and two friends their like my brothers
Swasan together: wow! This is amazing we will have so much fun
Swara: so who are you guys bringing?
Sanskar: me, laksh, abhi our brother, purab and nikhil our friends what about you guys?
Swara: me, ragini, pragya di, purvi di, and Aliya di
Raglak together: I can’t wait it’ll be so much fun
Swasan are also getting happy and can’t wait to break this news to their siblings and friends
Screen freezes on their happy faces

Precap: tour and ishveer moments…..
Will this trip bring everyone closer to each other? Will ranveer ever get fine? How will this khatti meethi story turn into a sweet love story? Keep reading to know
Guys I hope everyone enjoyed today’s episode. I will be uploading a swaragini fanfiction on the swaragini page so whoever is a swaragini fan please go read it and leave any feedbacks or suggestions you may have

Credit to: zoya

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