khatti meethi love story pt 20


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 20 I am so sorry this is really late. I had exams but now no exam is nearing but I will again probably stop sometime in May because I have exams then but for now please enjoy. Guys I know a lot of you guys stopped reading because I made pragya’s character bad and I know I am kind of dragging now with uniting the couples. I promise I will try speeding my story and since it’s at part 20 I will start uniting the couples until then please enjoy
Recap: sanlakswaragini nok jhok….
Precap: they are in the same….

@college in the halls
Abhi is whistling to all the girls who walk past him and sanlak are trying so hard to make abhi quiet. Purab and Nikhil come and see abhi and start joking on him. Purab says to Nikhil in front of sanlak and abhi “look at abhi our yaar man he is trying so much to get the attention of the girls and not one girl has looked back at him yet
Nikhil: yes bhai you are totally right abhi will never get a girl I mean c’mon you let the girl flirt with you so you get an opportunity to flirt with her
Abhi hears them and starts fighting with them
Abhi: oh really you think abhi thakur the famous person in Mumbai can’t get a girl fine it’s a challenge I will find a girl within 24 hours and prove to you that abhi thakur is capable of anything
Purab and Nikhil: challenge accepted and if you don’t find a girl in 24 hours then you will have to be our slaves for a whole week including sanlak
Abhi: deal
He walks away while purab and Nikhil wink at each other and sanlak come and say what yaar you made a plan without us you should’ve told us na
Purab: yeah you are right but we want to make abhi somehow ask pragya after all she is always in his mind
Sanlak and purhil (purab and Nikhil) heard abhi talking to himself about pragya her eyes, her hair, everything
Flashback ends

@college canteen
Swara to her sisters: yesterday what happened with me and ragini you cannot even imagine how much we were insulted
Purvi: why swara? What happened yesterday?
Swara: di me and ragini went to get food for everyone right well on our way back some idiot was driving what was his name? Oh yes sanskar him he hit ragini with his car so I got angry and told me off but he argued back with me and threw fruits at me
Ragini: swara don’t forget to tell them also how you started the fight because you were the first one to throw fruits at them and then they did also did you forget that you also threw chaat and my vada pavs at those two
Swara makes an embarrassed face and says offo ragini meri maa tum kabhi bhi kuch nahi chupa sakti na? Sab kuch sach bol dethi hai (oh my god my ragini you can’t ever be quiet right? You always say the truth) meri sachi behen (my true talking sister)
Ragini makes a oops face and says sorry to swara and both hug
Pragya: you know what guys? I will go take class of him I know who sanskar is after all I am popular
Swaragini and puriya (purvi and Aliya) laugh and say di please na stop saying this you will embarrass us
Pragya makes a face and says okay I will leave then and let me go take classes of that sanskar dude
She starts walking and from the other side abhi is coming. Both are in a rage and again collide with each other they both fall with pragya on top of abhi. They have an intense eye lock

A song plays
Chhuteya na chute mose (even on trying to remove,)
Rang tera dolna (your color doesn’t get off me..)
Ik tere baajo dooja (other than you)
Mera koi mol na (there is no value of mine)
Bolna mahi bolna (say, O my beloved, please say)
Bolna mahi bolna (say, O my beloved, please say)
They finally get into reality and start their fight again

Abhi: ugh again you
Pragya: what do you mean? Even I’m not fond of seeing you again and again
Abhi: yeah sure I know this is your trick after all I am the hottest guy in this college right
Pragya: hottest? Please I’ve seen better
Abhi gets mad now and says so are you calling me ugly
Pragya: when did I say your ugly I just said I’ve seen better you can make any meaning out of what I said if you want
Abhi: you… ugh I don’t even want to talk to you
Pragya: me too I came looking for sanskar ugh why am I telling you this
Abhi: yeah why are you bye but then stops and says sanskar? Why is she looking for sanskar and then abhi says hold on what name did you just say
Pragya: why do you want to know
Abhi: just answer what I asked
Pragya: I said sanskar
Abhi: why do you want to see him?
Pragya: what do you care so much?
Pragya shocked says what so it was your brother who threw those fruits on my sisters
Abhi shocked and says what swara and ragini are your sisters (sanlak told abhi)
Pragya nods in yes and abhi nods in yes
Both look at each other in a rage and walk in opposite directions

Ishani: yuvraj and aahil if you don’t mind I would like to stay at you guys house until ranveer gets fine so I’m in front of him 24/7
Aahil: yeah sure why not
Yuvraj looks really sad because of varsha maasi’s death and ranveer’s condition but he also just nods in a yes
Ishani: thanks guys! I talked with papa he said its fine so I will be like a guest at you guys house and I will pay you for my rent
Aahil and yuvraj: no there is no need just consider this as your own home
Ishani: are you sure
Aahil and yuvraj: yes of course after all you are ranveer’s childhood friend
Ishani: okay thanks guys so you guys can take ranveer I will get my stuff and I’ll move in
Aahil and yuvraj: okay we’ll see you then

@desai residence
Ishani: maa I will be living with the khans I have an patient there and papa has given me his case
Maa: but beti how you will be there alone take sanam and suhani
Ishani: no maa how can I it’s for a patient not a sleepover or anything and suhani and sanam won’t come
Suhani and sanam: why will we not? Of course we will
Maa: then it’s decided you are going with suhani and sanam okay
Ishani: okay maa let me just call there and tell them
She calls and yuvraj picks up
Ishani: hello? Who is there?
Yuvraj: me yuvraj
Ishani: oh hi yuvraj actually my maa insisted on bringing my sisters with me so if you and aahil don’t have any problem can I bring my sisters
Yuvraj: of course ishani you can bring them we would have no problem
Ishani: great! I’ll see you all in like an hour or so bye and hangs up

At college canteen
Purvi: swaragini you guys should go to class now
Swaragini: oh yeah its time bye
They reach their class and seeing someone gets them shocked and together shout nooo not possible swara pinch me ragini says and swara says ragini pinch me both pinch each other but still see them they see the two girls and look at each other and say oh no not them again I hope they didn’t follow us
Swaragini walk to them and say you both what are you doing here
(only lips are shown of those two people)
They say we can ask you the same na what you are doing here
Swaragini: this is our class now you
They saw this is our class too
They are shown fully and it’s none other than sanlak
Swaragini: WHAT!! Please tell us you are joking
Sanlak: no we are not ma’am
Professor comes in and says please take your seats
Professor is teaching while swasan are giving the glares at each other and raglak are just smiling and ragini is trying to say sorry when professor notices them
Professor: you four get up
Swasanraglak get up and say yes sir
Professor: if you guys are done staring at each other and flirting can you focus on my lesson please
Swasanraglak say sorry sir and sit down while everyone else laughs
He starts teaching again but swara says to herself “because of this idiot sanskar I got embarrassed now I will show him” she gets paper balls and throws it to sanskar he gets mad seeing swara throwing it so he also does to her raglak try stopping their siblings but no use swara throws another one but misses it and it hits the professor swasanraglak put their faces in their palms and say oh shit

Professor turns and says who threw the ball and everyone point to swara except for sanlak and ragini professor gets mad at her and tells swara to get up but sanskar interferes and says sir all are lying it wasn’t swara who threw the ball it was me swara gets shocked hearing sanskar and raglak are watching sanskar and he tells swara through gestures I got your back
Everyone in the class says sir sanskar is lying it was swara and sanskar says no sir it was me I agree swara was also throwing the balls but I started it (even though it was swara) swara couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. She thought the man whom I considered cheap and egoistic is actually helping me from embarrassment
Professor says okay sanskar you get suspended from school for a whole week and I’m calling your mom and sanskar says I accept it and then professor says now get out of my class and sanskar leaves but swara says wait sanskar and professor says now what and swara says sir it was all my fault and sanskar is shocked hearing her. He tries protecting her and says no sir she is lying but swara says no sir it’s the truth sanskar is lying to save me professor says I don’t know who is saying truth and who is not but okay swara then you are also suspended for a week and get out
Swasan both leave and raglak continue staring at each other and say something through gestures both smile and start their planning they grab papers and make them into balls and start throwing them on professor everyone in class laugh and raglak sit down faking that nothing happened and laugh with the class professor asks who did that and everyone point to raglak then they wink at each other and start

Laksh: no sir it was ragini who started it
Ragini: sir he is lying please believe me
Laksh: no sir it was ragini
Professor: QUIETTTT now tell me the truth who started it
Raglak point at each other and the class is still laughing while professor is confused
Professor: tell me honestly
Laksh: sir I am saying true it was ragini
Ragini: sirrrrrrr listen to me it was laksh
They are continuing to fight when professor gets fed up and says shut up both get out of my class and you both are also suspended from school for a week
Raglak wink at each other and say sir your wrong it was her/him and then leave class with a victorious smile

@outside class
Sanskar is leaving when swara stops him and says sanskar why did you save me from humiliation and sanskar says I don’t know swara I felt as if my friend was in trouble. When swara hears friend she gets an unexpected smile and says friend? Sanskar says yes friend I don’t know I felt like I know you and I felt like we were friends before and when we started throwing balls at each other in class I remembered a time when I was little I was playing with the ball with my friend ranveer and it hit some girl in class I think her name was ishani and she had two friends I didn’t know those two girls name that well because we talked but never told each other our names I think it was something with the letter S and R and I don’t what happened
When swara hears ishani she says wait are you sanky! Sanskar Thakur? Sanskar says yes and swara says oh my god sanskar I am that same girl who was with ishani! I am swara and ishani is my best friend and ragini is my sister. Sanskar gets shocked but happy at the same time and says what swara!! Oh my god you know how much I missed you when I moved away. We were little but I missed you so much!! Swara says me too sanskar when you were little I remember you told me you had to move because of a new business and we both cried. Swasan get happy and hug each other out of excitement and at the same time raglak enter. They both look at each other and whisper now what happened? How did they become friends? Laksh says I don’t know ragini let’s ask and both cough and swasan realize their position and recompose themselves

Raglak ask so what’s going on huh and swara says oh my god are you laksh? Laksh Thakur? He gets shocked as to how swara knows his name but says yeah but how do you know and she says how can you forget me and ragini we were in the same class as little kids remember ranveer and ishani. Ragini says swara you mean the sanlak we knew as kids are them and swara says yes. Laksh says oh my god you both swara and ragini meaning swaragini arora? They both exclaimed yesss!! Laksh gets teary eyes and says you know how much me and sanskar missed you both after we moved! Swaragini say me too sanlak we cried for you but now we all are here together wow!! All 4 share a group hug and become besties!!!

Precap: swasanraglak moments and camp!!

Will destiny bring swasan and raglak closer or separate them? Will Abhigya ever become one? What will abhi do after he knows about pragya’s reality?
Guys I tried my best giving equal importance to everyone. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. Please give me any suggestions you guys have and keep those fanfictions you want me to write coming in the comments. I will definitely think about them and tell me what you liked about today’s episode also I am posting my new fanfiction based on solely swaragini on the swaragini page! Please read the first part and let me know how is it?

Credit to: zoya

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