khatti meethi love story pt 2

Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 2 I was so happy reading all of you guy’s comments! I really appreciate it and for all of you guys wanting to know the couples its suspense guys but don’t worry I will soon reveal the couples and thank you for everyone who gave me such superb ideas! I will definitely take it into consideration
Recap: intro to all the characters (I might add some more later on)

Precap: none (I will have a precap from today)
@shiv ram school (I know it’s odd but I couldn’t think of a better name for the school)
Aliya: pragya di do you think we will make new friends today?
Pragya: I don’t know Aliya if your nice to them then definitely
Aliya: but di you know na usually on the first day of school it’s hard to make friends
Purvi: pragya di Aliya said absolutely right
Swara: purvi di you and Aliya di are saying right but even what pragya di said can help us make new friends
Ragini: haan Aliya di you don’t worry I am sure we will find friends
The desai sisters reach school
Suhani: ishani di I don’t want to go
Sanam: come na suhani di why are you so nervous
Ishani: haan suhani di sanam di is saying right just come
Suhani: sanam di I’m just nervous because it’s the first day of school and I’m afraid I won’t find any friends
Ishani and sanam: laughing hard and says suhani di just because of finding friends you’re scared
Suhani: oh you two just stop I am actually scared
Ishani: suhani di just chill let’s go
Sanam: haan di come

The desai sisters enter school
Aliya: pragya di look na those three girls coming should we be friends with them
Pragya: Aliya di if you want then go try being friends with them
Aliya: okay di I’ll go
She comes to ishani, suhani, and sanam
Aliya: hi guys my name is Aliya…. Aliya Arora what’s your name
Ishani: hi Aliya my name is ishani…. Ishani desai
Aliya: hi ishani nice name and who are these two girls?
Ishani: oh haha this is suhani my sister and sanam my other sister
Aliya: oh hi suhani and sanam nice to meet you
Suhani: nice to meet you too Aliya
Sanam: hi Aliya
Aliya: it’s my first day today and I am so nervous
Suhani: (surprised) really Aliya it’s my first day too and I’m scared as well
Aliya: (surprised too) really that’s great then we probably will have classes together! Wait how old are you suhani
Suhani: I am 5 years old and you
Aliya: I am 4 and what grade are you in?
Suhani: I am in kindergarten
Aliya: wow! Me too then we will definitely have classes together
Suhani: I hope so
Aliya: so friends (takes her hand forward to shake with suhani’s)
Suhani: friends (shakes her hand with Aliya)
Ishani: look suhani di you were so scared you wouldn’t make friends now look you found Aliya
Suhani: haan di you are right
Sanam: suhani di now you aren’t nervous right?
Suhani: no di not at all
(All three start laughing and even Aliya)

Aliya: come let me introduce you to my siblings
(She takes suhani, ishani, and sanam with her)
Aliya: pragya di guess what
Pragya: what Aliya di
Aliya: I made a friend!!
Pragya happy: wow Aliya di and you were so scared
Aliya: I know di here let me introduce you to them
She calls out suhani, ishani, sanam come here and they come there
When sanam comes then pragya says

Pragya: you?
Sanam: you?
Aliya: pragya di do you two know each other
Sanam: haan actually when we were little we went to the same school but then I had to move because my dad got transferred to Kolkata but now he resigned and works at a bank so we came back to Mumbai
Pragya: sanam you haven’t changed a bit
Sanam: haan pragya you too
(Sanam and pragya hug)
Aliya: wow pragya di it means you and sanam know each other for a while
Pragya: yes now tell me who your new friend is
Aliya: oh yeah pragya di this is suhani she is ishani and sanam’s sister
Pragya: wow sanam you have a younger sister and ishani
Sanam: haan pragya I was so happy when I found out I was getting another sister
Aliya: suhani this is pragya my sister
(Swara, ragini, and purvi come there and Aliya introduces them as her sisters too)
Ishani: wow Aliya you have so many sisters na
Aliya: haan ishani and I love all of them especially purvi di
Purvi: enough enough Aliya di stop buttering
Ishani laughs and says purvi how old are you
Purvi: I am 6 and study in the same class as Aliya di
Suhani: wow it means Aliya and purvi both will be my friends and we will study in the same class
Purvi: haan suhani and I am so glad me and Aliya di found you!
Swara: hi guys

Ishani: hi swara
Ragini: ishani it’s nice meeting you
Swara: ishani wow such a beautiful name
Aliya: even I said that swara di haha
Ishani: thank you swara but how old are you
Swara: I am 3 years old and ragini is my twin sister so she is also 3 and what about you
Ishani: I am also 3 and I am in pre-k
Swaragini together: what! Really! We’re in pre-k too
Ishani: wow that means we can be friends na
Swaragini together: of course ishani!
Ishani: great
Suhani: di I think we should go to our classes now
Aliya: yeah suhani you are right come purvi di let’s go
(Purvi, Aliya, and suhani wave bye to their sisters and leave)
Pragya: sanam come let’s go find our classes
Sanam: haan pragya we’re in 3rd grade na so we’ll have classes on a different floor so let’s go find our classes
(Pragya and sanam tell ishani and swaragini to go to their class we’ll meet you guys after school and all of them wave bye and then leave too)

Precap: sanskar, laksh, abhi, Nikhil, purab, ranveer, aahil, and yuvraj’s classes and friendship intro…

Guys I am so sorry this is short I thought if I added the guys in this one then it would be really long but please tell me how this was and please give me your feedbacks!:)….

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  1. Confusing

    1. Sorry please tell me what you are confused about?

  2. It’s soooo confusing I hope may be in future episode I vl get some cleared relationship n frdship vth those guys… Bt one thg I’m not saying tz as a negative bt really I want to read tz ff more than once to get somewhat cleared view…

    1. If you are confused tell me which parts:)

  3. i think pragya is elder sister among all then why she call dii to aaliya its confusing please clear my confusion

    1. She is but their kids right now but as they get older she’ll stop calling her di

  4. Nice but bit confusing many leads…….

    1. I know but you’ll understand it in a few episodes

  5. Please make it ISHANI PAREKH & RANVEER VAGHELA. ISHANI DESAI is too weid. Please change it.

    1. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

      Ya prince I agree with you because when it come to Ranveer Singh the actor real Ranveer I remind and their is a Ishani Desai too in my class……..

      1. Guys I said before I had last names changed and I wanted to change the last names lol also u can imagine ranveer Singh as ranveer in my fanfiction:) also I didn’t know there is a ishani desai in ur class sorry

      2. u got it

  6. Lots of confusion.

    1. Sorry pooja tell me where you are confused??

  7. Very nice

    1. Thanks aishwarya!

  8. Its very nice i like it but its confusing mee but i am sure after 3-5 epi i will und erstand it

    1. Sorry sanya tell me where your confused?

  9. soo many characters
    oooo really confused

    1. Tell me where you are confused?

    2. Sorry yaar I’ll try making it more clear next episode:)

  10. Hi zoya ur ff is nice and y pragya call all as di and i think all our confusion will be cleared after few episode,continue ur ff like this itself

  11. nice …

  12. Oooooo god very confusing I can’t understand yaar plz reduce the characters yaar zoya plz and thanks ….☺

    1. Yaa I too agree with u Aparna its very confusing plz reduce the characters….

  13. Its nice dr.

  14. They al almost seems to b kindergarten bt has conversations wit others as such they re 15 to 20 .. Y yu ve selected this age groups ? Do u think it vl help u in improvising yua ff n do u think ul ve better ideas if they wer in this age group ? Don mistake me dear I’m jus askn u ..

    1. No but they are kids which is why I’ve selected these age groups I am sorry if you guys are confused but I’m not and if u guys can tell me where ur confused instead of telling me to reduce the characters and all then I will clear it I know there are a lot of characters but I’m not the only writer who’s made a fanfiction with a bunch of characters other fanfictions have done it too so I decided to do a fanfiction with lots of characters but it’s simple if u guys read it carefully u will understand and if there are any confusions then tell me or go read part 1 of all my characters intro maybe you guys will understand it better I am sorry if I hurt any one of you but I said what my heart wanted to say and please don’t just tell me it’s confusing change the characters or reduce them tell me where you guys are confused:( so sorry if this hurt anyone?????

  15. I cud understand dear .. U jus continue .. U may ve many ideas .. Wid tat only u might ve started .. so guys even I had difficulties in part one so I wish al u to read part one nw .. N Im sure tat al these confusions ll b cleared in next two episodes .. Zoya jus concentrate on this yaar b go ahead .. Don feel down .. Thumbs up ..

    1. Thanks razia dear!:)

  16. hey zoya!!! i partially agree with ramya. i can understand that you want to show their childhood. so can you increase the characters age by 4? what i mean is
    swaragini is 7 years old, pragya is 12 years old…. like that.

    1. I’ll see I’ll let you know by my next part but thanks:)

  17. Hai confusing but its gud yaarB-)

  18. Its not at all confusing. I loved it. Keep it up dear.?

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    1. Sorry nithi but since I have a lot of di’s I use di a lot sorry about that:(

  20. ur ff is superb zoya…. don’t stop thz… plz cntnu…

    1. Thanks inshi and I won’t:)

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