khatti meethi love story pt 18

Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 18 I hope you all remember but I asked you all in my last fanfiction to give me any fanfictions you want me to write on an individual show and I also said I will start a new fanfiction! I am very excited to write my new fanfiction but don’t worry I will post khatti meethi love story and my other fanfiction which is solely based on the show swaragini! I’m still working on the new fanfiction but I’ll soon have the fanfiction posted If any of you guys want me to write other fanfictions on other serials please let me know in the comments now let’s get started
Recap: nok jhok between Abhigya and purab and purvi
Precap: twist…..

Its morning at the arora residence pragya wakes up and says oh god its 12 I slept so much ahhh ugh I won’t leave swaragini, purvi, and Aliya. They always wake me up if I sleep too much!! Ughhh okay pragya no more thinking just get up and freshen up. She comes out and sees Aliya relaxing on the couch and purvi eating lavishly and goes to them both and holds their ears. Aliya and purvi scream in pain and shout diiii what are you doing yaar please leave us or else our ears will expand and get larger.
Pragya: oh my two innocent sisters you think this hurts now you wait and she takes a broom and runs behind them. Purvi and Aliya are running here and there when swaragini enter.
Swara: oho di why are you torturing my Aliya and purvi di huh
Ragini: yes pragya di leave them na
Pragya: oh you devils you think you will get away with it you stay there I’m coming too
She runs after all 4 of them while a funny tune plays in the BG
Swara stops and screams DIIIIII what are you doing why you are running with broom in your hands and hitting us what did we do
Purvi: haan di swara is right what did we do
Pragya: oh so you don’t know huh its past 12 and you guys are relaxing and hanging out and no one bothered to wake me up
Ragini: oh di that’s why haha we didn’t wake you up because we thought you would be tired so we thought to let you rest
Pragya: but still ragini its past 12 I have to cook breakfast and everything for you guys who will do all this if I am sleeping huh
Swaragini, Aliya, and purvi put their heads down and in unison say sorry
Pragya forgives their innocent looking faces and says okay bas now let’s watch tv and enjoy our weekend
All get happy and say thanks di for forgiving us and all hug

@Thakur family
Nikhil: omg guys yesterday was so bad we didn’t even know those girls and we started a fight with them and you abhi what was the need to sit there huh I don’t know how those girls felt and purab bhai why did you have to start a fight with that girl she seemed so besharam and on top of it you started a fight with her
Purab: but Nikhil it was her who started it (mimics pragya’s voice) “agar tum log ko one night stand chaiye hai toh mein theyaar hoon” (if you guys want a one night stand then I’m ready) she was talking so confidently as if she is some hot girl who thinks she is the one in the million
Abhi: yeah Nikhil that’s exactly right good job purab finally someone has some brains unlike *cough cough* Nikhil and sanlak
Sanlak hear him and says bhai you said something
Abhi: no yaar what will I say I think your ears are ringing
Laksh: no no bhai I think I heard you say something say it again na
Sanky: yes bhai say it even we want to hear
Abhi: woh um actually…..and then runs away
Sanlak says bhaiiiii you just wait I’m coming

@khan residence
Aahil: kaka where is maasi right now
Kaka: the doctor had to take her body to the morgue but he said if we want to see her for the last time we can meet her but we have to leave now
Aahil: okay tell me which hospital maasi is in
Kaka: city hospital
Aahil: okay I’m going you want to come
Kaka: yes beta please take me
Aahil says okay and both leave

Yuvraj in ranveer’s room
Yuvraj: ranveer wake up soon so we can talk a lot I have a lot to tell you
Ishani comes in
Ishani: yuvraj let ranveer rest I need to check him so if you can please step outside and then I’ll check him and then let him rest
Yuvraj leaves and ishani goes to ranveer
Ishani to ranveer: kaun ho tum? Humare kya rishta ho sakta hai? Mujhe baar baar aisa lagta hai ki mein tumhe pata nahi kabse janti hoon. Pata nahi mein aisa kyun soch rahi ho kyunki jaa tak mera khyaal hai hum dono toh recently ither aaye hai paar lagta aisa hai ki mein tumse bachpaan se jaanti hoon. (Who are you? What relation do we have? I keep feeling like I know you for I don’t even know how long. I don’t know why I’m thinking this because as far as I know we have just moved here but I keep feeling like we know each other from since we were kids.)
She checks him and is leaving when her dupatta gets stuck in ranveer’s shirt she stops and says is ranveer conscious? Oh god I hope he didn’t hear me oh god and has her eyes closed and turns slowly. She then opens her eyes and sees it’s just stuck in his shirt so she goes near him when she bends down to take her dupatta her heart starts beating fast and it’s a miracle ranveer’s heartbeat gets faster too and is slowly gaining conscious the tune darmiyaan is playing
Ishani gets happy that he is recovering and runs out to tell yuvraj he gets happy and says what I want to see him so he goes inside and sees him. He runs to him and hugs him tight and says I knew my brother won’t leave me I’m so happy
Ranveer is still half unconscious and is constantly saying yuvraj bhai aahil bhai and yuvraj says yes ranveer I’m right here
Ranveer finally gets conscious all the way and says bhai we have school na my friends are waiting for me
Yuvraj says school…. You go to college
Ranveer says college? Bhai I’m only 6 years old what are you saying
Yuvraj is shell shocked and looks at ishani she gestures him to come outside so yuvraj tells ranveer you take rest I’ll be back and he leaves
Outside of the room yuvraj tensed asks ishani why ranveer is talking like that and ishani tells him that he was already in shock and paralyzed and when he tried committing suicide it stopped his body functions but when his brain started functioning it erased all his now memories and brought him back to his childhood

In the meantime ranveer falls back unconscious in the room
Yuvraj gets shocked hearing ishani and says what so like do you know how much time he will take to recover and ishani says it’s hard to tell we will just keep monitoring him and they go in the room where they find ranveer unconscious again yuvraj asks ishani now what happened to him she says he probably fell unconscious he will wake up any minute and ranveer does but now he is whispering ishani ishani ishani. yuvraj and ishani can’t hear him so ishani tells yuvraj hold up let me hear what he is saying she bends down to his mouth and puts her ear on his mouth and he is still saying ishani ishani ishani and she gets shocked hearing her name and thinks why is he saying my name and tells yuvraj and yuvraj says I don’t know maybe he knew you when you guys were small
Ranveer wakes up fully and tells yuvraj “bhai I want to play with ishani. She is my new friend in school. You know me and sanskar were playing with paper balls and I missed the catch and it hit ishani I felt bad so I went to say sorry to her but she got mad and yelled at me and I fought back with her but then we both apologized and became friends
Ishani hears all that and thinks how does he know what happened to me when I was in school what he is saying happened to me and she remembers the moment and flash back starts
Ishveer are In the same class ishani is with swaragini and ranveer is with sanlak they were playing with paper balls and laksh threw the ball but ranveer missed the throw so it hit ishani and she thought ranveer threw it to her so she yelled at him and they were pulling each other’s hair and all but then they apologized
Flashback ends
Ishani tells yuvraj: he is saying right this happened to me I am the ishani he is talking about omg I can’t believe the boy who I used to have fights with at school is now this big he has changed so much and I can’t believe its him you know yuvraj me and ranveer hated each other so much but then we forgave each other and became friends I am so happy I met him after so many years. I promise yuvraj now I will take care of ranveer so much that he won’t take time to get fine
Yuvraj smiles at her and says thanks so much ishani I don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t here you know even ranveer wanted to become a doctor but when he gets fine you can teach him all about doctoring and in no time he will be doctor ranveer and you will be called doctor ishani wow
Ishani says I know I am so happy and yuvraj says okay you stay here I’ll go call aahil bhai

@arora residence
Its 3:30 and they all are watching a movie and pragya thinks about the caller last night she thinks should I go or not and she gets interrupted by swaragini
Ragini: di I am so hungry
Pragya: okay I’ll make something
Ragini: no di if you cook it will take time
Pragya: then what
Swara suddenly says di I have a solution me and ragini will go get some food and you stay here with purvi and Aliya until we get back
Pragya: sounds good go now so you guys get home soon
They leave and pragya thinks maybe I should go meet that person she tells Aliya and purvi I’m going to meet a friend I’ll be back soon you both stay here and if swaragini get back before me tell them I’m at a friend’s house okay
Aliya: okay di bye
Pragya gets her bag and phone and reaches the place and now its 4:15
Pragya thinks will the person still be here? The person said to be here at 4 but now it’s 4:15 I don’t think so she is about to leave when a voice says wait beti how can you go without meeting me pragya stops and turns she says who are you and what do you want
The person says beti I told you na you are not pragya arora but you are pragya banerjee. Pragya asks the person what do you mean and how do I believe you so the person says I knew you wouldn’t believe me so I have proofs and he shows her some pics pragya gets shocked seeing them and says aap? (You)
His face is shown (think of him as ayub khan) pragya couldn’t believe her eyes and says papa and he says yes beti your papa samrat banerjee Pragya gets teary eyed and says but why papa why did you leave me why did you do this and samrat tells pragya his identity and her identity he tells pragya that he is a con man and she is his helper when she was small and she had taken a promise that whenever I steal something or con people you would always help me and me and you both used to con families but then I got caught and I didn’t want to take you with me because I wanted you to keep doing our work for us even if you get older but I guess some responsible person found you and gave you an good upbringing but you know na why we used to do this and pragya says yes papa I know because maa left us after conning you and taking all your wealth so we started doing this so that we can teach people that conning is bad and breaking people’s hearts and leaving their own kids behind is wrong
Samrat: exactly beti and we have to continue our business tell me pragya beti are you with me
Pragya says of course dad I’m always with you also I’m grown up now so we can do this together plus I am a great flirt and her dad laughs then samrat tells her who she stays with and she says her loving sisters but then says I mean 4 girls who think I’m a nice girl but they don’t know what’s in store for them and gives an evil smile and samrat thinks now I have my daughter she will help me con the biggest family…..

Precap: a car hits two girls and in the car is……
Who are the two girls and whose car is it? Who is samrat’s next target? What he told pragya is it all true or is there another reason he cons people? Will pragya keep supporting her dad or will she get a soft corner for her sisters?

Guys how was the new twist? I hope you all enjoyed today’s episode please give feedbacks and think about the question I asked about how if you guys have any fanfictions then tell me I’ll think about them and write them and tell me how this fanfiction is going I hope I don’t bore you all

Credit to: zoya


  1. Anu

    It is toooo bad u have changed pragya character ..
    I don’t like 2 day episode pls change tis track ..

  2. shree

    Hey zoya please change the pragya character yar… she is innocent and she always standing for truth and helping character but u show her as a flirt character as well as she help for her father… I won’t like this twist sorry for this but I love pragya yar so only I told

  3. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    zoya as u asked us if we want any ff based on only one couple… so I want to request u please start a sweet ff on ishveer in matsh page….and I this ff is also interesting but the track is sad na..and its too good ranveer know ishani for childhood….thank u u r giving equal importance to ishveer……good job sis……

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