khatti meethi love story pt 17


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 17 I am so sorry my exams were near but now I am posting one I am so sorry for the wait you guys had to do and I might start a new fanfiction on only the show swaragini but if you guys want me to do another fanfiction on other shows please tell me I’ll do them this is the only one I have combined shows but others I’ll do individual shows so if you guys want me to do one on your favorite show let me know in the comments I’ll do them now let’s get started
Recap: ishani is the new doctor for ranveer and abhigya’s feelings in the movie theater…
Precap: pragya’s secret….

Purab to abhi whispering: yaar this is so much awkwardness…. I mean when we walked into this theater I saw there were like 5 girls sitting in the back but I don’t know who they were but it was only them and its us… this is so awkward abhi come let’s just leave
Abhi to purab whispering: chup! Abhay agar woh ladkio ko koi besharam nahi hai aise movie dekhni ki toh humko kya? Waise bhi agar yeh movie hum sab saath dekhe ladkio ke saath toh maaza hi kuch aur hai aur humko pata bhi chaal jayega ki yeh sab hota kaise hai ek ladki aur ladke ki beech mein jo movie mein bata rahe hai…. (Jokingly) (hey if those girls don’t have any shame in watching a movie like this then we shouldn’t care either… anyways if we watch this movie with the girls then the fun is something else also we would know how all this happens between a girl and guy (the movie is maastizaade for those who don’t remember…)
Purab to abhi (loud): chiiiii (gross)
The girls in the back get distracted and talk amongst themselves and say who this manner less guy is… talking in between movie
Pragya to her sisters: Guy’s lemme handle this now watch
Pragya screaming over like 10 rows from the top
Pragya: aye you boys we girls are trying to watch this movie if you guys don’t want to then just leave
Abhi thinks this voice sounds similar but where
Pragya: oh yes but if you guys are doing this to get the attention of us girls so we can have a one night stand then I’m ready but I don’t know about my sisters and winks at the girls
Purab: excuse me miss but we are not those types of guys and you are such a besharam girl disgusting
Pragya: hey mister I am not besharam I am just stating the facts after all no one is as pretty as me
Purab yells back: yeah right you besharam
Purvi now gets really mad and says hey mister I wish I could just see your face then I would’ve got you back for good
Purab: oh so there’s another girl too what you want a night too
Purvi: aye you just wait I’m coming she runs down the stairs but purab has already runoff and she says to the other guys see your friend is such a coward
Abhi replies he’s not a coward he just doesn’t like being around you girls and dealing with you people
Pragya thinks I know this voice but where
Abhi too leaves with Nikhil, sanskar, and laksh
Purvi goes back up and tells her sisters that her mood is off now and wants to go home pragya agrees and they all leave

Ishani tells yuvraj and aahil to wait here I’ll go see the patient and she goes inside and as soon as she goes wind starts blowing and the tune darmiyaan is playing in the background
Ishani to herself: why do I keep having this feeling as if I know him every time I see him or think about him my heartbeat gets faster why ishani why? Even at the airport when I was running to save him my heartbeat got really fast what is this feeling ishani? Am I in love? No ishani how’s it possible you don’t even know him and you just met him at the airport then what is this feeling? Ugh why am I thinking about this just help cure the patient and then you need to focus on others
She goes outside and tells yuvraj and aahil that I’ll keep him under observation here and I will make sure to keep an eye on him you guys can go home I’ll call you guys when I need you
Aahil: I’ll go check on varsha maasi yuvraj and you stay here I’ll bring varsha maasi she fainted na so I’ll just go see if she regained conscious
Yuvraj: okay bhai but hurry back
Aahil leaves and ishani goes into her dad’s cabin
Ishani: papa I checked ranveer and it seems like he will take time to come back and be his real self and not the kid ranveer he is not even showing any signs of positivity
Yuvraj walks by their cabin and hears them
Mr. Desai: beti that’s why I gave you this case to handle you want to learn doctoring and I’m giving you challenger cases so you can prove yourself and be a good doctor
Ishani: I know papa but this just seems impossible
Yuvraj is heartbroken and crying and walks away and thinks ranveer you have to come out of your childhood and be the ranveer I know the teenager ranveer you had so many dreams you wanted to become a doctor, use your money and help maasi, and get a bigger house for all of us but if you just stay like this then how will you ever get fine I hope you gain conscious soon ranveer I want my little brother back not the kid brain but the teenager brain

@khan home
Aahil shouts: kaka! Kaka!
Kaka: comes running and says haan beta tell me
Aahil: kaka where is maasi I want to see if she is fine if she is then I want to take her to the hospital to make her meet ranveer
Kaka is scared how to tell aahil and is on the verge of crying
Kaka: actually beta um
Aahil: kaka what’s wrong why do you sound tensed and where is maasi
Kaka: aahil beta um actually
Aahil shouts maasi! Maasi! Where are you come downstairs
Kaka: aahil babu varsha ma’am isn’t coming down
Aahil scared to the core asks what you are saying
Kaka: yes aahil babu I’m saying right when she fainted I called the doctor he came and checked her and he told me that her nerve on the back of her head popped which caused her to stop breathing and her heart beats stopped and doctor tried a lot but he couldn’t save her varsha ma’am is dead beta
Aahil: what!!! No kaka you are lying this can’t be possible our maasi can’t leave us and her son is fighting between life and death over there at the hospital and here she is gone no kaka tell me you are joking please
Kaka crying: no beta I am not she is gone
Aahil breaks down completely and falls on his knees and shouts maasiiii

@arora family
They come home and all are so tired they all say goodnight and fall asleep
Around 1:00 am pragya’s phone starts ringing she wakes up to see but it says unknown caller so she picks up the phone the says hello?
The voice: beti remember me?
Pragya confused: no who are you
The voice: beti you don’t remember me? I was the one who raised you
Pragya: no I think your mistaken I am pragya arora I think you called by accident bye and she is about to hang up when the voice says wait pragya
Pragya: listen its 1 am and I am tired please let me sleep
The voice: listen to me before you hang up you are pragya but not arora you are pragya Banerjee
Pragya confused says what no I am pragya arora daughter of Sarla arora
The voice: if you don’t believe me then tomorrow at 4 pm come to the temple behind your house I’ll see you there and tell you everything
Pragya: whatever and she hangs up
The person thinks “pragya beti tomorrow is going to be the biggest shock of your life”….
Pragya thinks who was this crazy person and says should I go and then says I’ll see but now let me sleep
Screen freezes on her confused/scared face and the person’s evil smiling face……

Precap: ***twist***

Guys once again I am sorry for posting it so late but I hope you all liked today’s episode I know there were less ishveer scenes sorry and I will very soon make all the couples meet also tell me in the comments below about the question I asked above about the fanfictions and how did you like todays episode? Good or bad? Also keep suggesting anything that you guys have and keep reading and enjoying it

Credit to: zoya

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