khatti meethi love story pt 16


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 16 this one might be a bit shorter but let’s get started
Recap: ishani sees ranveer and is his new doctor
Precap: suspense…..

@arora family
Swara to ragini: ragini I want to go to a movie can we please go
Ragini: yeah swara actually you are right and we haven’t been on an outing for a while let’s ask pragya di, purvi di, and Aliya di
They leave and find them all in the living room
Swara: guys can we go for a movie please
Aliya and purvi happily say yes but pragya says no guys I don’t feel like coming
Swaragini: aww why di okay fine then we’re not going either
Pragya: okay baba I’ll come too go get dressed
They all are ready and leave

Abhi: yaar we are young men’s now we should hang out and go to pubs and all right
Sanlak: wow bhai what an idea na and then get thrashed by our mom
Abhi makes a cute face and says aww sanlak come na lets go
Sanlak can’t see abhi like this so they say okay
Sanlak: can we take purab and Nikhil
Abhi: yes that’s a great idea come let’s go
@Ap’s room
Laksh: maa can sanskar and abhi bhai go hang out for a while with me, purab, and Nikhil pleaseeee
Ap: of course beta but where
Sanskar and abhi surprised that ap said yes easily
Abhi comes running inside and says aww maa really
Ap: yes beta but where do you guys want to go
All three in unison: pub, movies, and then dinner
Ap says okay but..
Abhi and sanlak say but what
Ap: no pub okay
Abhi: okay maa as you wish but we can go to movies and dinner na
Ap: yes beta
Sanskar: wow maa you are the best thank you so much I love you
Ap: btw what movie are you guys watching

They three said maastizaade maa
Ap: gross beta that’s such a rated movie no way you are not watching it
Abhi: maa pleaseeee
Sanlak beg too and then she finally says yes
All three say thanks so much maa
They all leave and on the road they call purab and Nikhil (they were at college and were leaving)
Sanskar: purab we are all going to the movies so bring Nikhil with you as soon as you can
Purab: okay sanky we’re coming
He tells Nikhil and they leave
Aliya: pragya di how much farther
Pragya: just a few more minutes
They finally get there and say di I want to watch maastizaade
Pragya: wow there will be such hot boys in the movie omg yes let’s go
All together say yay and then leave

Pragya: wow there isn’t anyone here amazing yaar
Ragini: I know di
@outside Theater
Sanlak and abhi are waiting and finally purab comes with Nikhil
Laksh: finally guys now come the movie will start soon
They go inside and find that there are only 5 girls sitting and they see the guys but they can’t see each other’s faces because it’s dark
As soon as the guys sit abhigya’s heart beat gets faster
Abhi: yaar abhi I thought I will be at peace here but here I’m getting the same feeling omg
Pragya thinks the same thing
The movie starts
There are a lot of that type of scenes and looking at them makes all of them so uncomfortable because firstly they are the only ones inside and it’s really awkward
Pragya is the only one enjoying it since she is the flirty type
Nikhil to the guys: um this is so awkward boys can we leave
Abhi: just watch man and don’t think the girls are here
All the boys’ faces are embarrassed faces and the girls have the awkward faces
Screen freezes on their embarrassed and awkward faces…..

Precap: pragya’s secret……

Guys I know this one is really short I am so sorry but I will have the next one posted as soon as possible but it might take a day or two I have homework to catch up on I am so sorry guys but please tell me how you guys liked this episode and give any feedbacks/ and or suggestions I’ll see you all in my next par

Credit to: zoya

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  1. nice dude…..update next s soon s possible

    1. Thanks! I will as soon as possible

  2. Nice yaar… Bt y u make pragya as a flirty characters yaar tat only s little disappointed me yaar…

    1. Sorry yaar but everyone made her a good girl and I wanted to change it but thank you!:)

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥


  4. Superb yar…

  5. Pragya is always good girl… Don’t change her character like this… Couldn’t tolerate that she is flirty type… Pls…

    1. In real life she is naughty ashu and like I said a good girl is too common for pragya sake I wanted to change it sorry:( but to know how her naughtiness will cost her please keep reading! Sorry once again:(

  6. Nice yaar.. Make pragya as good
    Waiting for abhigya scenes???

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    1. I’ll try but thank you!

  8. awesome. dear but
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  9. hey what r u waiting plz update next episode u r testing my patience my exam r start uske baujit mein egerly wait for your ff plz update yaar

    1. Omg I am so sorry I had exams too:( i will post it by tomorrow I promise!:)

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