khatti meethi love story pt 15


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 15 I had to change some conversations from Hindi to English because it didn’t upload and I posted twice I am so sorry so to make up for it you will see 15 and 16 today so you guys might see part 16 being posted after this one and thank you all for having patience and eagerly waiting for the next part now let’s get started
Recap: ranveer suicide…
Precap: friendship revelation of….

@Mumbai in arora family
***pragya’s room***
Pragya is sitting down thinking about college how she bumped into abhi and their cute fight. Thinking about it made her get a unusual smile and she thought “pragya why are you smiling thinking about that akadu rajkumar” she then smiles and then says “rajkumar” yeh kabse mera rajkumar hogaya…hmmmm mujhe sochna padega (when did he become my rajkumar, I guess I’ll have to think about it) and then smiles
***abhi’s room***
Same condition with abhi.. He is thinking about pragya and her eyes and all saying
Kya killer eyes thi uss ladki ki (what killer eyes she had)
Kya nazara tha (what look she had)
Kya adaa thi (what style she had)
Wah wah wah (wow, wow, wow)

He smiles and goes to sleep
***in house study room***
Aahil to yuvraj: omg yuvraj we still have so much to get done
Yuvraj to aahil: haan bhai this project is taking forever and plus ranveer isn’t here to help us he needs rest na
Aahil: yes you are right it’s okay we will work and finish it
Yuvraj: btw ranveer might be sleeping so peacefully na
Aahil: haan yuvraj no one to disturb him
Both laugh and ranveer is shown unconscious with a lot of blood dripping from his chest, his stomach, and his wrist

Yuvraj: bhai can you pass me the book which had the notes for the last few weeks
Aahil: sure and he digs in his backpack and finds nothing
Yuvraj I think ranveer had the book because I didn’t have enough space for the book so I told him to keep it with him
Yuvraj: oh okay then I’ll go get it you wait here
Yuvraj is walking towards ranveer’s room and the suspenseful music is playing in the background
He reaches his door but finds it closed so he knocks on it but as soon as he knocks the door opens (it was closed but not locked)
As soon as yuvraj enters he is shocked to see something
He sees a pool of blood so he screams aahil bhai aahil bhai
Aahil wonders why he is screaming so he runs and says what yuvraj
He points to the pool of blood and aahil is shocked
Aahil: yuvraj who’s is it
Yuvraj: I don’t know let’s check behind the bed I think its flowing from there
They go and what they see leaves them shocked…
Yuvraj is just still and crying
They find ranveer unconscious with a knife in his hand and blood coming
Varsha maa hears the scream and runs to see what happened she gets there and gets horrified
She runs to ranveer and screams BETAAAAA KYA HUA TUMHE!! MUJHE TUM AISE CHHOD KAR NAHI JA SAKTE BETA PLEASE UTHO!! (Son what happened? You can’t leave me son please wake up)
She faints aahil and yuvraj scream maasi

They pick her up and take her to bed
Yuvraj: kaka kaka (their servant)
Kaka comes and says haan bolo yuvraj babu (yes tell me yuvraj son)
Yuvraj: call doctor quick and we’ll take ranveer to the hospital and if maasi asks tell her we’ll be back soon okay
Kaka: okay son
Yuvraj and aahil take ranveer to the hospital
Aahil and yuvraj shout doctor and he comes
Doctor: what happened son
Aahil: look at our brother doctor please save him please
Doctor: we will try nurse take him in the operation theater
They are treating ranveer but no positive sign is seen yet
@khan’s hose
Doctor comes and checks varsha
He tells kaka who else lives with her
Kaka: her son and her two nephews

Doctor: how old are they
Kaka: youngest is 19, and then one is 23 and other is 21 but why are you asking all this what’s wrong
Doctor: look her nerve on the back of her head popped which caused her functions to stop she couldn’t breathe and her heart rate stopped to which is why I am sorry to say but she is no more
Kaka is shocked and says but what about the sons
Doctor: that’s why I asked you their ages you will have to tell them but for now I have to take her body in the morgue
Kaka cries and says okay
Meanwhile he is thinking how to break this news to them and at the hospital there is a sudden entry
Unusually ishani also comes there and asks the nurse where is doctor shyam desai’s cabin
Nurse points the directions and ishani says thank you
She goes past a room and her heartbeat gets faster while the person being treated inside starts breathing again as well and it’s none other than ranveer
Ishani stops to see who is inside but the nurse blocks her view
Ishani to herself: ishani miss you are just imagining there isn’t anyone dear to you I just need to go to the cabin
She continues walking and then reaches the cabin she sees no one so thinks he probably is treating patients I’ll wait

The doctor comes in his cabin and says arrey beta you here
Ishani: papa
It was none other than suhani, sanam, and ishani’s father he is a doctor
Shyam: you here already but isn’t it too early
Ishani: no papa since I have done most of my college course early I don’t have college until 2 pm and right now its 8 am
Shyam: okay beta so we have a new case and I’m giving it to you to do
(Guys just so you don’t know ishani is doing courses on being a doctor and since her dad is one already she comes to his hospital to learn)
Ishani: okay papa tell me about it

Shyam: he is a boy and the name is ranveer khan (I changed it to khan so people don’t assume him ranveer Singh lol because that was his last name I had thought of before) he is paralyzed from his legs and he tried committing suicide which stopped his body functions for a while but his brothers brought him on time so he is okay now but when he gains conscious he won’t remember anything except his childhood from birth-6 years of age and he might act like a little kid but he is actually 19 he won’t remember anything else not even his life of a teenager I have to tell his family too and I don’t know when he will be cured it might take months or even years but I want you to take this case because you are 18 and you can help me and you and ranveer are around the same age
Ishani: okay papa I will but can I see him
Shyam: of course but first come with me to meet his family
He takes her and when she gets there aahil and yuvraj are shocked to see her and she is shocked to see them……
Ishani: tum? (You)
Yuvraj: miss what are you doing here
Ishani: I can come if I want but why are you here
Aahil: listen you..
And yuvraj stops her and says forget it
Shyam comes and tells aahil and yuvraj guys this is my beti ishani
Aahil and yuvraj shocked and say oh sorry doctor by the way how is ranveer
When ishani hears them she is shocked and says wait a minute you guys know ranveer
Aahil: yes he is our little brother
Ishani says oh so he was paralyzed and I said so much to him at the airport oh gosh I feel so bad
Shyam tells everything about ranveer’s condition and they are shocked and says doctor he will be fine na and shyam says I don’t know my daughter is taking care of him if you guys have any questions please let my daughter know

Aahil: oh okay
Yuvraj to ishani: no its okay but you want to tell us why you are here
Ishani: oh yes I want to be a doctor so I come to my papa’s hospital to learn and my papa has given me your brother’s case ranveer’s to me to handle
Aahil and yuvraj: oh great ishani!
Btw I am yuvraj khan and aahil says I am aahil khan
Ishani: hey nice to meet you guys I am ishani desai
They become friends and she tells shyam papa can I go see the patient now
Shyam: yes go he is in there
She goes inside and gets unusual feelings she thinks why am I feeling so strange around him every time I come near him it’s like I know him
Unknowingly she has tears in her eyes and says ishani why are you crying for this patient? Do I know him? That question keeps repeating in her head and says “I guess I’ll have to wait for ranveer to gain conscious”
Screen freezes on ishani’s puzzled face and ranveer on his stretcher unconscious….

Precap: ***suspense****

Guys how is it? I will be posting 16 as well so keep a look out for it after this one and please do tell me how it is?

Credit to: zoya

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