khatti meethi love story pt 14


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 14 let’s get started
Recap: Abhigya and ishveer first meeting…..
Precap: suicide….

Varsha: ranveer beta don’t think about that girl she was young and she doesn’t know anything leave it
Ranveer still lost in his own thoughts
Yuvraj: ranveer are you listening

Aahil shakes him and says ranveer!
Ranveer gets out of his thoughts and says yes yes I am
Varsha: really then what did I say
Ranveer: you asked if I wanted food
Varsha laughs and says no beta but now I know you’re hungry
Ranveer fake smiles but then gets back to thinking about ishani and says to himself who was that girl? It seemed like I know her since a long time and what she said is right i couldn’t help myself then how will I help my family….
Sanam: ishani why are you always lost in your own world
Suhani: yes di you’re right you know these days ishani is always thinking about something
Ishani: nothing like that but inside she says I think they are right I felt like I knew him the guy I saved today I had a feeling I know him I don’t know why but I did
Aahil: maasi we’ll sleep here for today and by tomorrow our home will be ready so we’ll move there
Varsha: okay beta and can you now take ranveer to his room I’ll ask yuvraj to help me with bags
Aahil: sure maasi
He leaves

Ranveer: bhai can I go inside
Aahil: yeah I’m taking you come
Ranveer: okay come
Aahil: you stay here I’ll go get the bags
Ranveer: okay I’ll just wait then
Aahil leaves
Ranveer thinks about what ishani said at airport, how he couldn’t help himself, and how he is a burden on his family
He then remembers the pic of him with his mom and his two brothers and then a pic of a knife and a cliff
He cries and says I’m sorry maa and bhai you all have to be with a handicap which is why I have made a decision…

@Thakur house
Laksh: bhai how was your day today
Abhi thinks about what happened at college and there is an unexpected smile on his face
Sanskar notices this and gestures laksh to tease abhi
They both wink at each other
Sanskar: hmmm laksh looks like bhai had an amazing day today
Abhi lost in his thoughts says
Abhi: yes
Sanlak giggle a little
Laksh: ohhhh sanky I think bhai saw a girl
Abhi: yes
They laugh a little more and surprised
Sanskar: yes lucky
Abhi: says yes
He realizes what he has been saying and comes back to reality
He sees sanlak laughing hard and abhi says you both wait I won’t leave you he starts running after them and then they all fall on the bed

All three start laughing hard
@khan residence its night
Ranveer in his room crying hard
Varsha enters and says beta you had your food na
Ranveer: yes maa and maa can I ask you something
Varsha; sure beta
Ranveer: maa if I had died in this accident then you would be sad for a few days but then gotten better naa
Varsha: shocked and says no beta the son who I’ve raised since birth till now I wouldn’t forget him easily
Ranveer: I know maa but you would have aahil and yuvraj bhai even if I died and they would’ve taken care of you
Varsha: I know but you are also my son na but why are you asking this
Ranveer: nothing just like that I mean if I ever face death or if I would’ve died then aahil and yuvraj bhai will be there naa

Varsha shuts his mouth and says don’t speak about death
Ranveer: okay maa and gives a fake smile
Varsha: okay beta goodnight then I’ll see you in the morning
Ranveer thinks and says in his head “I don’t know maa maybe there will be no morning tomorrow”
Ranveer to varsha: yes maa but kal ho na ho (tomorrow is or is not)
Varsha shocked asks why you are saying like this
Ranveer with a fake smile: just kidding maa I’ll see you in the morning
Varsha: okay beta but leaves with a suspicious face
After she leaves ranveer says
Ranveer: sorry maa I have to do this
Everyone is fallen asleep and ranveer wakes up to see in case anyone is awake but he finds no one awake
He closes his door and locks it (the lock is a hands reach while sitting)
He goes back in the wheelchair and picks up a pen and paper and he writes…..
Dear maa and my two loving bhai’s,

“I’m sorry maa if I ever hurt you or anything and aahil and yuvraj bhai all the naughty things I’ve done or ever yelled at you guys to make you feel sad then I am so sorry and I am not doing this because of you guys I am doing this for myself I cannot live a life like this anymore. Who knows when I’ll get cured and there might be a time when I cannot get cured at all and you have to take care of a handicapped I am doing this because I cannot be a burden on you guys anymore I want you all to live your life happily and not worry about me at all I’ll be in a safe place in the safe hands of god and maa you don’t worry you have aahil and yuvraj bhai with you they will never let you miss me I am so sorry maa but I have to go it’s time for me to leave”
I love you maa
I love you aahil bhai
I love you yuvraj bhai
Goodbye! <3
Ranveer leaves the letter under a showpiece near his dresser and goes to pick up a knife and cries and says sorry maa and sorry aahil and yuvraj bhai and goodbye
He takes a knife and tears are uncontrollable and stabs himself 2-3 times and then cuts his wrist and all this time he was doing this ishani’s words were ringing in his ears and the faces of his maa and brothers kept picturing in his head
After a few minutes ranveer falls unconscious and his breaths have stopped
On the other side at the desai house
Ishani wakes up with a jerk scared and nervous and is sweating
She gets water and drinks it

Ishani thinks to herself “why are you feeling so restless? It’s as if someone dear to me is in some trouble and there is some tears in her eyes she keeps saying who is this you are feeling scared for ishani why ishani why?”
The song darmiyaan plays (sad version)
Lafzon se jo tha pare (that, which was beyond words,)
Khaalipan ko jo bhare (which filled the emptiness,)
Kuch to hai tere mere darmiyaan (something is there between you and me)
Rishte ko kya mod doon (what turn should I give to this relation,)
Naata yeh ab tod doon (should I break this relation)
Ya phir yoon hi chhod doon, darmiyaan (or should I leave it, in between that nameless relationship,)
Benaam rishta wo… (That nameless relationship,)

Bechain karta jo (which makes [you and me] restless,)
Ho na sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan (which cannot be described [in words],)
Darmiyaan, darmiyaan (in between, in between,)
Darmiyaan, darmiyaan (in between, in between,)
Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan (there is something between you and me…)
Screen freezes on ishani’s restless face and ranveer unconscious with blood dripping on the floor

Precap: friendship revelation of……

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I have twists and turns coming in the lives of all these people but I need everyone’s support for this so that I can continue writing and entertaining you guys I know mine isn’t the best as others but I write for you all and I need everyone’s support and feedbacks so I can continue thank you guys

Credit to: zoya

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