khatti meethi love story pt 12


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 12 I know I didn’t post one for like a day or two I am so sorry but I am so delighted that so many of you guys are enjoying my fanfiction you all make my day every time I post an fanfiction so thank you all so much now let’s get started
Recap: Nikhil and purab reach Mumbai to be with sanlak and abhi…
Precap: first meeting of….

In desai home
Ishani: sanam di let me see your notes from college please
Sanam: ishani I will not let you cheat you need to learn how to do everything yourself
Ishani makes a face
Suhani: oho di if ishani wants to see them then let her na
Sanam: no suhani and you are talking a lot hmmm let me ask did you write your notes from college
Suhani embarrassed
Ishani giggles
Suhani: ishani stop laughing na I’m trying to help you and you here are laughing at me not fair
Ishani: di you’re not helping me you want to help yourself
Sanam: meaning?
Suhani gestures ishani not to say but sanam sees them and says ishani tell me or else I will never let you see my notes
Ishani: sorry suhani di I need notes and sanam di actually suhani was daydreaming again and she was interrupting class so the professor told her to leave class
Sanam shows her big eyes and says suhani is that true
Suhani confused to say what but then says yes di
Sanam hold suhani’s ear and says suhani ki bachi you interrupt class and then want my notes
Suhani: sorry di and I wasn’t daydreaming I was just thinking when my perfect guy will come
Ishani: ohhhh perfect guy huh
Suhani: shut up ishani
Sanam: accha then tell me if you were thinking about a guy then you probably were singing in your head too right
Suhani embarrassed asks di how you know
I am your sister sanam desai I know everything
Suhani: yes di I was
Sanam and ishani burst out laughing
Suhani confused: what?
Sanam: ishani took a video of you singing in class
Suhani shocked: what ishani let me see
Ishani runs with the phone and suhani runs after her sanam shouts stop and then ishani shows the video
Suhani is singing:
Inhe kaho ki naa chhupaaye
Kisne hai likha bataaye,
Uski aaj main nazar utaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye saawar loon
Sawaar loon, sawaar loon!

Hawa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye
Gulon ki shokhiyaan jo bhanware aake loot gaye
Badal rahi hai aaj zindagi ki chaal zara
Issi bahaane kyun naa main bhi dil ka haal zara……
Suhani: ishani this is not fair how could you! You know how much this is embarrassing
Ishani: I had to di it was so funny and you weren’t even in your conscious and everyone in class was laughing
Sanam: okay guys let’s stop now (still laughing)
Suhani: di you stop laughing too
Sanam: okay baba I stopped happy
Suhani: very and hugs her

Doctor comes out
Varsha: how is ranveer?
Doctor: he is okay now but if he doesn’t wake up in the next 1-2 hours he might slip to coma
Varsha maa, aahil, and yuvraj shocked
Varsha screaming at doctor: how can you say he will go to coma he has to be fine he is my son
Doctor: listen I can understand your feelings but you need to control yourself
Yuvraj: doctor if anything happens to my brother I will not spare you
Aahil: we will sue you and this hospital do you understand
Doctor: you need to be strong and hope only to god to save him
Varsha maa, aahil, and yuvraj shocked and crying
After an hour ranveer moves his hands a bit
Varsha sees it
Varsha: yuvraj! Aahil! Call doctor ranveer moved his hands a little
Yuvraj: doctor! Doctor!
Doctor comes and says what happened
Aahil: doctor our brother just moved a little can you please check him
Doctor: please move let me go see you guys wait here I’ll be back
Doctor checks him and comes outside
Varsha: how is my son
Yuvraj and aahil worried
Doctor: it’s a miracle he gained conscious but
They get happy but the hear the doctor said but so they ask
Aahil: but what
Yuvraj: doctor what’s wrong
Varsha: please tell us we’re scared
Doctor: because of the height of the cliff ranveer fell from I am sorry to say that his both legs are paralyzed
Varsha, yuvraj, and aahil shell shocked
Yuvraj: paralyzed! What are you saying doctor how is this possible
Doctor: this is the truth
Aahil: how long will he take to recover?
Doctor: it’s hard to say it could be months or even years
Varsha maa cries hard
Aahil: doctor I think there is some misunderstanding can you go check him again
Doctor: this is the truth and nothing can be done I am sorry and doctor leaves
Varsha maa breaks down and yuvraj and aahil handle her
Varsha: I want to see ranveer take me there
Yuvraj: we’ll take you come
They go to see ranveer
Ranveer: maa why are you crying and tries getting up
Varsha: stay there don’t call me maa
Ranveer shocked
Ranveer: why maa
Varsha: I told you not to drive then why did you
He looks at yuvraj and aahil a little angry
Ranveer: maa I’m fine see and tries getting up but falls off the bed
Aahil and yuvraj in unison: BHAII
Ranveer a little confused why he can’t move his legs
Ranveer: maa, bhai why can’t I move my legs
Yuvraj and aahil don’t know what to say but go to help him get up
Ranveer asks again maa why can’t I move them
Aahil: actually
Ranveer: actually what
Yuvraj: ranveer the doctor said both your legs are paralyzed and they don’t know how long it would take to be normal again
Ranveer shocked and says what paralyzed but what about my career and all
Aahil: ranveer we told doctor but he said nothing
Yuvraj; but don’t worry ranveer I’ll ask the doctor again
Ranveer starts crying
Varsha: beta don’t cry everything will be fine
Ranveer: how maa? I’m a burden on all of you now you guys will have a handicapped at home
Varsha: beta don’t say that
Yuvraj and aahil in unison: yeah ranveer don’t say that I’m going to ask the doctor if anything can be done and both leave while ranveer is still crying

@doctor’s cabin
Yuvraj: doctor isn’t there any treatment for this
Aahil: yes doctor we want our brother to be fine can you tell us what we can do please
Doctor: there is one way
Yuvraj and aahil happy ask what
Doctor: I know good doctors that can treat him well but you guys will have to go to Mumbai for that
Yuvraj and aahil in unison: Mumbai but…
Doctor: I know it’s sudden but you will have to go there because there are a lot of good doctors there and they can treat him well there
Yuvraj: okay we’ll go to Mumbai
Aahil: but what about maasi
Yuvraj: we’ll convince her come let’s go and thanks doctor

@in room
Varsha: what did doctor say?
Ranveer listening carefully
Aahil: doctor said we have to take him to Mumbai to treat him since there are good doctors there
Varsha: no beta we can’t go to Mumbai how will ranveer travel
Yuvraj: I know maasi but we have to for ranveer
Aahil: yes please let’s just go
Varsha: okay
Ranveer: maa your sure na I will be alright after going there
Varsha: yes beta
Aahil and yuvraj scared and worried for ranveer
Scene shifts back to desai’s

Suhani: maa can you serve food
Maa: sure come
Their dad comes home
Suhani: papa you came come let’s eat together
Dad: sure call sanam and ishani
Suhani: yes dad
They all are at the dining area
Dad: I have something to say
Sanam: yes dad tell us
Dad: I got transferred….
Sanam, ishani, and suhani happy
Dad: to Mumbai
Their smile vanishes
Ishani: Mumbai
Dad: yes
Suhani: but what about our friends
Dad: I know beta but we will have to shift to Mumbai for now I don’t know how long we’ll be there
Sanam: okay dad
Ishani: our studies
Sanam: we’ll finish them in Mumbai
All say okay and say goodnight and leave

Precap: all reach Mumbai….. And first meeting of….
Let’s see how their paths meet and destiny brings them together……what else is in store for them?

Guys how is it? Good or bad please tell me and I am so sorry the precap I gave in last episode I didn’t show it in todays I am so sorry but I promise I will have it in my next fanfiction sorry about the same precapbut thank you all for your time and affection please feel free to leave any comments/feedbacks from you guys I am always happy to hear them and read them

Credit to: zoya

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  1. No abhigya meeting??
    But d epi was nice 😉

    1. I know varsha I am so sorry but I’ll have them meet in the next episode but thanks!

  2. Good yaar…

  3. Please don’t make his legs paralyzed ???

    1. Sorry:( I don’t like it either but it’s necessary for the story:(

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I am just crying reading ur ff.y Ranvi’s legs made paralyzed? Pls change that.

    1. I felt bad I but it’s important for the story sorry:(

  5. Nice yar… if ranveer will not be paralyzed means how he come to Mumbai yar… his angel also coming na… anyway all are reached Mumbai finally…

    1. That’s a surprise and yes everyone will be in Mumbai finally haha:)

  6. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Ranveer legs are paralysed.
    Surely he’ll be fine soon.

    1. Yes he will keep reading thanks!

  7. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    ranveer paralysis nahi….I can’t tolerate this….he is ranveer the chocolate boy yarrr…..ishveer’s first meeting should be like naughty one…..please show him as recovered soon

    1. I know I thought the same but then I thought to make everyone’s meeting different you know:)

  8. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    ya i agree with pranjali dear . the word when he says now u have a handicap in ur home tears came in my eyes but urs very good dear keep rocking

    1. Thanks so much! I have him paralyzed for the story sorry:(

  9. Nice but Waiting for abhigya meeting dear…

    1. Sorry kutty I will have it in my next episode but thank you!:)

  10. awesome but plz first meeting of abhigya plzz & one ques… pragya have chashma

    1. Thank you and I will tell later whenever abhigya meet its a surprise:)

  11. Post the next one soon plz

    1. Yes I will post it by tommorrow:)

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