khatti meethi love story pt 11


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 11 let me start by telling you all that I felt so honored and so much happy that so many of you all were eager to read the next part thank you all for your kind and amazing feedbacks I will not prolong this much longer because I know you guys are eager to read the next part so let’s get started
Recap: Thakurs reached Mumbai
Precap: someone else comes to Mumbai for sanlak and abhi….

Abhi: sanlak isn’t it windy here
Sanskar: bhai what are you saying I don’t feel any wind it’s hot
Laksh: yeah bhai me too I don’t know why you’re the only one getting the breeze (teasingly)
Abhi: haha very funny you both now keep walking our home is almost here
(Scene shifts to pragya, swaragini, Aliya, and purvi’s college)
Ragini: swara I don’t know why but I’m getting this feeling of someone around me
Swara: what do you mean ragini?
Ragini: I don’t know it’s so weird
Pragya laughs: oooooo ragini ko pyar ho gaya kya? (Did ragini fall in love huh?)
Ragini smiles and says: you wish di I am the prettiest girl in this world na
Purvi, Aliya, swara, and pragya start laughing hard and say in unison YOU WISH
Ragini makes a fake anger face and says haha I know I am right and pragya di I don’t love anyone but when you fall in love then tease me
Pragya shows her big eyes to ragini and says don’t say that you know na your pragya di won’t ever leave you
Everyone get emotional and say I know but you will have to get married some day
Pragya: I know but only when you all are mature especially you both swaragini
All laugh and have a good time and then after some time purvi says
Purvi: shit di its 6 pm we need to go home now
Pragya: yeah let’s leave
Aliya: wait di lets go after sometime
Purvi: are you mad Aliya it’s getting dark and the weather is getting bad too we’ll be stuck if we don’t leave now
Pragya: yeah Aliya purvi is right let’s go
Aliya makes a face and says okay
Pragya sees that and says who wants ice cream
Aliya’s big smile appears and says ICE CREAM ME DI PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DI
Pragya laughs and says I knew you would agree haha okay I’ll get you some ice cream now come lets go
They all walk a few distance away and see an ice cream cart Aliya runs to it like a little baby and says bhaiyya one chocolate ice cream please
Pragya tells others you guys can go get some too if you want
They all go there and eat ice cream and have a good time
1 hour goes by
Pragya: guys did you all finish let’s leave now I felt raindrops I think it’s going to start raining soon
Swara: just a minute di let me finish na
Pragya: okay
Few minutes later a car is approaching them and winds start blowing again….
Pragya: guys see wind got faster
Swaragini, Aliya, and purvi confused say what wind di
Pragya: just now wind came
Purvi: di wind hasn’t started yet
Pragya is confused as to where the wind is coming from
The car comes closer and inside the person starts feeling the wind too and its none other than abhi

Abhi: sanlak see wind started again
Sanlak so confused say bhai there is no wind chill
Abhigya are so confused as to what is happening to them (separate places)
The car comes and goes past pragya and they both feel something like currents abhi looks out the car window but can’t see pragya because they are a bit ahead only the back of her and then pragya turns and sees only the car color and how it looks
They both are so confused they feel like they are close to someone but still far and can’t see them both of them don’t know what’s happening to them
Pragya (in mind): what are you thinking? It’s probably just the direction of the wind
Abhi in car: (in mind) shut up abhi’s head you don’t know what you’re thinking

@ice cream cart
Pragya: guys done
All together: yes di let’s leave
They reach home
Pragya: guys now go sleep another day at college tomorrow
In unison: yes di we know goodnight and they all leave
Pragya in her room thinking
Pragya: where was the wind coming from after all? Swaragini don’t know and purvi and Aliya also then why was I only feeling the winds? I felt like I knew that person the car that went past me I felt like I had some connection with that person some deep connection as if I know that person
Ugh forget it pragya it’s just your imagination go to sleep
At abhi’s place same thing happens

Purab: Nikhil I feel like we have no one in London anymore I mean when abhi and sanlak were at America we could’ve met them quicker and easier now there all the way in Mumbai
Nikhil: I know and now I want to go to Mumbai but I don’t want to leave dad
Purab: same let’s do one thing lets tell dad that we want to go to Mumbai to study so we can be with sanlak and abhi
Nikhil: wow what great idea
Their dad is standing and hears everything
Raj: beta you guys want to go to Mumbai
Purab and Nikhil nervous what to say
Nikhil: y..y..yes dad
Raj: okay I’ll send you but can I know why
Purab: dad actually abhi and sanlak live there now and we want to stay near them and study with them
Raj: good thought beta I’ll book your ticket to the next flight
Purab and Nikhil: aww thanks dad I love you

Raj: beta flight tickets are set you guys can leave tonight
Purab and Nikhil: tonight what time
Raj: 1 am
Purab: what no way dad we still need to tell our principal
Raj: don’t worry I told him he said its fine
Nikhil: dad you come too
Raj: I will beta let me wrap up my work here and then I’ll shift to Mumbai with you both but until then stay with abhi and sanlak okay
Purab and Nikhil so happy and say thanks dad we love you

@in the plane
Nikhil: bhai I miss dad already
Purab: it’s okay Nikhil he says he will join us soon for now we need to surprise sanlak and abhi
After a few hours they reached Mumbai
Nikhil: bhai we finally reached but one problem
Purab: what
Nikhil: how do we know where abhi and sanlak live?
Purab laughs and says: simple check the address book of Mumbai they have all the names registered
Nikhil: wow bhai what an idea come let’s go
They reach a shop
Purab: bhaiyya can we check the address book please we’re looking for our friends
The person: sure beta here
They go to section T and find Thakurs and it says Thakur ap
Purab: found them lets go
Nikhil: thanks bhaiyya
They reach the place and knock on the door and then hide
Ap opens the door and says who is it
Purab and Nikhil jump from the sides and say surprise
Ap shocked says arrey beta you guys here
Purab: we came to know you guys moved here so we told dad and its fine
Ap: wow this is great
Purab: aunty if you don’t mind can me and Nikhil stay with you guys for few months until dad comes back
Ap: arrey there is nothing to ask you guys are like my sons come in and of course you both can stay for as long as you guys want
Nikhil: aunty don’t tell sanlak and abhi we’re here we want to surprise them
Purab: yeah aunty where are they
Ap: upstairs and I won’t say anything
Purab: okay we’ll be back
Nikhil: let’s knock on their door and scare them
Purab: okay
They both knock and then hide behind the curtains
Abhi: who is it?
No answer
Laksh: I’ll go see
He opens the door but doesn’t see anyone he closes the door
They knock again
Abhi: who is it?
No answer
Sanskar: I’ll check and sees no one so closes the door
After a while purab knocks
Abhi was so fed up he yells ARREY KAUN HAI YAAR (oh my god who is it man)
He goes to check and sees two people holding vases in front of their face
Abhi: who are you?
They slowly take down their vase and abhi screams in joy tum! (You)
Purab and Nikhil: yes us
Sanlak come and see them and also get happy and says oh my god its Nikhil and purab what are you both doing here
Purab: we heard you moved here permanently so we decided to join you guys and study with you three here in Mumbai
Abhi: wow this is awesome it’s like our childhood again I am so happy
All five hug and screen freezes on their happy faces
Let’s see what destiny has in store for these 5 guys and those 5 girls……

Precap: first meeting of……

Guys I hope you enjoyed this episode please keep those feedbacks coming I really enjoy reading them and tell me what was good and what was bad about today? 

Credit to: zoya

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  1. OMG too confusing……. but i enjoyed it alot

    1. Sorry about that but thank you I think you missed my previous episode I posted a day ago but if you do get time for it please read it maybe it’ll be less confusing but I am so sorry:)

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  3. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice… The wind scene, it’s just so cool to read.

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  4. Superb yar… specially wind please bring abhigya first meeting

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  5. Yeah.,. Wind scene was awesome yaar..
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  6. awesome plz dont forget pageli nazar mein hona abhigya ka pragya ka pata nhi but abhi should & last question pragya have chashma if she have remove it or she not have its better

    ab tum kahogi mujhe love mein believe hai lar aisa vaisa kuch nhi mein sirf abhigya keliye crazy hu. & if u can understand na hindi

    1. Haha I was joking last time mrunal and I’ll think about it but keep reading to know what I do but thanks!

  7. i mean love paheli nazar mein

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