khatti meethi love story pt 10


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 10 I know guys this is really late I am so so so sorry please forgive me and forget it please I hope you guys enjoy this episode and I will keep everyone’s comments and ideas in my head and will try using them in my story but please forgive me this time now let’s get started
Recap: revelation disclosed
Precap: the Thakurs reach Mumbai…

Varsha maa: aahil and yuvraj you both should have called me and told me about ranveer’s accident right
Yuvraj: sorry maasi but we were scared
Varsha: it’s okay beta but next time please tell me if something like this happens again and never let ranveer drive again do you both understand
Aahil and yuvraj in unison: yes maasi
She hugs both of them

Sanam: yaar ishani today went good in college na
Ishani: yes di but I’m getting this weird feeling since morning
Suhani: what do you mean ishani? What kind of feelings
Sanam: haan ishani what are you trying to say
Ishani: I don’t know di it’s like a restless feeling as if someone very close to me is in some trouble some one who I know
Ranveer is shown in the hospital bed
Suhani laughs: ishani I think you have gone mad I mean everyone is with us here sanam di, maa, papa everyone then who is this you are missing huh? Wait wait wait is it some guy hmmmm
Ishani: shut up di you know na I don’t know any guy here and I don’t even talk to guys
Sanam: offo suhani stop teasing ishani and you everything is fine I think you’re just tired of a long day come let’s go home
Suhani and ishani in unison: yeah let’s go

Dadi: abhi beta everything is set na we will leave in a few minutes
Abhi: yes dadi even sanlak are ready let’s leave we don’t want to miss the flight you know
Ap (from downstairs): sanlak! Abhi! Come fast we’re getting late
Dadi from upstairs: bahu we’re coming and dadi tells abhi and sanlak let’s leave
All reach downstairs and leave
They all take a step forward but then stop
Ap has tears coming
Sanlak and abhi in unison: maa don’t cry we’ll come back after a few years anyways we’re just going there for our studies
Ap and dadi look at each other and say no to them
Ap: beta we will not be coming back
Sanlak and abhi shocked say what but why
Dadi: beta because we will not come back after a few years we’ll just settle there because it’s too much stress to move back and forth
Ap: haan beta and you guys will make new friends there and you wouldn’t want to leave them na
Abhi and sanlak in unison: point to be noted maa and all have a family laugh and they leave

Laksh: maa you stay here with dadi and abhi bhai and sanskar I’ll check if they got our tickets ready
Ap: okay beta
After a few minutes
Laksh: maa come they got our tickets let’s leave
They all get into the plane

Purab: Nikhil I’m missing abhi and sanlak can we go meet them
Nikhil: bhai I am too but let’s just wait until our holidays and then we’ll go until then you want to call their home
Purab: yeah Nikhil great idea let’s call them
They call and on the other side a servant picks up the phone
Purab: hey this is purab abhi and sanlak’s friend is abhi or sanlak home
Servant: sorry sir but they don’t live here anymore
Purab shocked and says what where are they
Servant: they left for Mumbai to study there sorry
Purab: do you know when they will be back? A year or what
Servant: sorry sir but they permanently moved to Mumbai they will settle there
Purab: oh it’s fine thank you and hangs up
Nikhil: what happened bhai what did they say
Purab: Nikhil they moved to Mumbai and won’t come back they will settle there
Nikhil: what but why
Purab: I don’t know we’ll facetime them or skype them after a few hours and ask them
Nikhil: yes I think that’s fine

@Mumbai airport
Ap: beta wake up we’re here
Abhi and sanlak wake up and see the place
Laksh: wow so beautiful
Sanskar: right laksh
Abhi hits sanskars head and says: duffer he means the girls
Sanskar embarrassed says: I knew that
Everyone laughs
Abhi: laksh please don’t be so flirty here this is Mumbai not America
Laksh: I know bhai but just look around such fine girls
Ap holds laksh’s ears and says we know but don’t break any girls heart ever
Laksh: haha I know maa chill and hugs her
Ap: come guys lets go to our new house
As abhi starts walking winds start coming from different sides and he feels like someone is already waiting for him here in Mumbai…..
Screen freezes on abhi and sanlak’s faces where abhi is shown puzzled after coming to Mumbai

Precap: someone else reaches Mumbai in search of abhi and sanlak….

Guys I really hoped you loved this episode please forgive me for adding a lot of characters in this one I am so sorry but please tell me how is it? Good or bad?

Credit to: zoya

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