Khamusia- teri meri (episode 5) by samaira


Sorry guys for late. I think every one is counfiused. Let me tell u
swara n laksh love each other. Laksh feels shy to tell swara but also fair to lose her. Swara has a dark past so for that she dont tell to laksh.for that past trow her out from house. So her chaddy friend ishani’s father dp took her .There is a professonal murderer who is very dangarous. Sanskar who’s surname is hidden hate girls think they r the think to use. Later adithy roy the murderer is none other but sanskar reveled.
So i think none is counfuse n asthu sorry for wrong link hehe i also checked “no page found” i hope u understand.

precape: swara took ishani’s outfit to wear. Laksh angar n fear to lose swara.

Ishani was waiting for swara in her room
” peep peep” swara’s phone rings
ishani pick the call
(they both mind by holding each others phone)
ishani: ….. Hel..
Op: hello snona doll howr u . Y u didnt call me lasr day hello swa…
Ishani: ranveer clam down m ishani
Ishani: r u there ranveer.
Ranveer: ish ishani thom i mean
ishani: ranver y r u blushing (ranver was actually sock coz he was blushing) n u always blush with me
ran: coz i lov ya ya i mean mean ha lost ur number na
ishani: ha ha ur r imposible ok i will tell swara n bye.
Ran: thank u bye.
Call cut
ishani to herself: oh god he took it as a compliment.
” ishu”
swara calls ishani

ishani look at swara
ish: swaraaaaa
swara was wearing a black jeans white plane knee leanth dress n black skarcf n glases . But the glases were brand latest new
Ish: oh good swara u will naver change na
swa: naver lets go
they went down
laksh who was waitting for swahani. A smile come to his lips after seeing swara.
Laksh to himself: thank god swara u proved me wrong.
(to them) lets go.
They all leaves.
Sanskar was driving . He was lost in past.
Flash back
3 kids are shown . 1 was girl n other two was boys
girl: hi am swara
b1: m sanskar
b2: m laksh
swa: u know ishani says her brothers are very cool they wll be my friend esily so i want to make u both fiends ( foward two hands) friends.
They hug her
sanlak: friends

Sanskar was lost in past when a truck comes from front n stat to horn
sanskar comes to sence n controll the car.
Samskar pov
i was lost in past when i hear the horn n control the car . After like 15/20 i found myself infront of clg.
I enter the clg there i sow something that i leaves my jow.
Sanskar pov ends

swara was standing infront of sanskar. She was looking very nice. Her angelic face was shaining in sun light. All boys was loking at her .
Sanskar to himself: oh god this much chaniges to her in one day.

Swara come to sanskar
swa: how rae u mr bander.
San ; fin.. Wait

precape: wait

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