Khamusia- teri meri (episode 3) by samaira


Hi friends . Hmm 10 coments . I really lost the intrest of writting every time. I guess this also the story will go blur. Acha leave now plz last time all coment silent reader too coz now u guys have to scelect coupels .
1. Swasan
2. Swalak
3. Ragsan
4. Raglak
5. Ragini with some one else
6. Laksh with some one else
i think after chosing couples one will be angry at me.
Lets srart the story:
***** flash back countinuce *****
swa: that means u like that when girls droll on u bander.
San: how dare u too say this (angry) i hate girls
swa: why ????? Then y are u talking with me .
San: that was my fualt that i talked with u. I was wrong all girls are same like u.
Swa: lacky was right . Thats why he said to stay from.
San( hurted n tears in eyes): ya thats its better for u to stay from me.
Saying this he leaves.
***** FB ends *****

san: u dont know miss chashmis who m i n my past.
Sence changes
ragini was sitting in bed n was loughing like mad.

A fb shown
ragini was going in cainten n a group comes to her.
A boy : hello
ragini: hi laksh
(ha ha he is laksh)
lak: how di u know me
rag: ab sanskar ki itni badi dushman ho
kavya: ooo lucky i was about to tell that isse thore ahsan task dena but ab now u know what m telling.
Laksh was smilling eveil
ragini also smile same
laksh’s friend was really scared n they steped back.
Lak: look at that black doogy u have to put him behind some one.
Rag: (over act) ooooommmmgggg he is so means so dangarous.
She goes near laksh n speaks: just wait n watch
syaing this she moves to the dog n silently do something.
Laksh was really cunfused but soon his his cunfusion washed away.
Lak: hey sho sho dogy dond come near me hey whatver do something
rag: enjoyyy bhaiyaa.
Saying this she vanished
the dog jums on laksh
lak: hey sho sho
dog puts his mouth more close n n he kised laksh on his lip. That kiss was so lusty. Ragini comed from back.
Rag: see how much he loves u . See his eyes .. Oo so cute.
Laksh jarks up
rag: ha ha dont dare to ha ha do this again
lak: thats my wish n u dog just leave from here.
The dog leaves with sorrow.
Laksh also leave.
*** fb ends ***

sence scanges
laksh was moving here n there with angar
when swara comes
swa: laksh
lak(lost):see whatever dont talk with me
swa: what
lak: swara oo thum kab aye
swa: what
lak: no no i mean
swa: clam down n take rest i will talk to u later
she was about to leave but lak hold her hand
swa; kya
lak : looking tense
swa; no nothing like that
lak: ok then good night
swa: good night

precape: first chose couples ok

so plz vote the couples .

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  1. Ragsan

  2. raglak r ragsan

  3. Samaira

    Omg so much mistakes cutesy sorry to all.

  4. Raglakholic

    I want raglak nd swasan
    Nd it’s awesome update

  5. Awesome dear….. Please make Swasan n Raglak.

  6. Swasan nd raglak plzzzz

  7. Hi,I want swasan.

  8. Soujanya

    Awesome… Swasan

  9. Nice update
    Want Raglak nd swasan

  10. Samaira

    Tu i didnt put my name. Kiss na kaha ki 1 to 3 epi mera nam dal ne ki liye. Ajab gajab.

  11. my vote goes to swalak

  12. Aasthu

    loved what Ragini did to the dog……hehe……..can u give me the links to prev epis???? I want it to be raglak and swasan……….

    1. Samaira

      Maja aya na. That i did with a boy n his gang of my couthicng class. He he muje aj bhi wad hai.
      Link of privious parts:
      2nd promo: teri-meri-khamusai/promo-2/adithy-roy/

      for mistake after promo 1 i wrote tri meri khamusia so can read promo 2 after intro.
      Ok bye.

  13. Samaira

    He i did a problem i na updated 4 part with angar that time i got only 3 coments. Ok winer is swasan raglak.

    1. Anniya

      Wow you announced result also…

  14. Swasan and raglak

  15. Srusti

    Thanks samaira for making swasan &raglak continue it dear it was very nice nd loved it a lot

  16. awesome swasan raglak

  17. Raglak swasan

  18. Didn’t get anything properly

  19. Mica


  20. Raglak and swasan pls

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