Khamusia- teri meri (episode 2) by samaira


Hello freinds i hope that not just two peoples r reading it. N if none are liking it then this is 2 n last epi. N i writed a big cappy but that washed away for mistake so m writting small one.

a boy is walking on road. Its raining. His face is seen. He is none other than sanskar. Pointing a gun to red crossed mark. He shot n the did not bullet tuched to main point.
” no no it cant happend in shoting my bullet naver tuched wrong place hen now how?” he shout
” no ADITHY ROY ki nisana khabhi chok nahi shak ti after all i am ADITHY ROY the profisonal murderer. Trainer of all big shoter” he shout more
then he sit at floor
a flash back was disturbing him

*** flash back ***
sanskar was entering clg (he is last year MBA student. I told na he is secrately killer)
two girls come toward him
girl 1 holding his shouler: hi sanky babe looking nice today also
girl 2: whats ur todays plan
san: tum se matlab
girl 2: dont be angry bp high ho jaige.
San: stay away from me que tum logo ki chote se dimag me ye fit nahi hote i hate girls damn.(shout)
after barking he leaves from there.
2 person was seeing this that was swalak.
Swa: lucky how can someone becomes rude
lak: leave it swara iss bander ki dimag me crack hain u just dont talk to him.
Swara: really i will surely talk.
Lak: swaarrraaaaa uff acha ab tum ek kam karo laibary jao.
Swa: good idea bye lucky
saying this she leaves while jumping.
Laksh was lughing

sence changes
sanskar was drinking a cold drink
swara was coming with losts of books.
” bhhhoooommm”
” are cant u see” sanskar shout
” o hello that was not my fault that u are drinking cold drink”
” well its not soft drink but…”san
“whaaaaatttt” swara shout
” sanskar relax miss chasmiss”
“dont call me this”
” so what itni badi chasma lage ek ankhe buttun bane ke rakh de upar se itni books se apna sara face chupa rahg ho ge tho aise he tho gido ge na ” sanskar
” swara dekho bander” swara
“hey m not bander m haerthrobe of the clg” sanskar was glad that only one girl is really diff
“so it means u become happy when girl droll on u”

precape: how dare u???????

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  1. Anniya

    Awsm chap, don’t dare to stop it. Sometimes it happens na. Did you completed your previous ffs ?????
    And sry for not cmnting on previous parts I didn’t knew about this story.

    1. Samaira

      Hmm h di m very impaitent. No di didnt wrote my previous stoty for some less coments. Intezar ki haadd hoti hai. Ok bye

    2. Samaira

      No di i didnt completed.

  2. Rabia

    Awesome dearr ???

  3. AshaHope

    Nice ??

  4. AshaHope

    I like your word bndr

  5. awesome

  6. Soujanya


  7. Samaira

    Thanks to all n i am really for not repleyng.

  8. Srusti

    Very nice

  9. Nice

  10. Mica

    too much hindi

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