Khamushia – teri meri (intro) by samaira


its a love story of diffrent diffrent hearts.

sence 1
a girl talking to a photo: u know i love u very much but u also know that which type i am. I cant tell how much i love u. Just fear to lose u.
Other side
a boy is talking to a statue
” i love u i love u i lov…. I tell this every one to clg. None left only u. Why i feel scared to tell u and fear to lose. YEH KHAMUSHAI TUMHARI AUR MERI BEACH RAHE GI.
He sleeps huging the statue.
Scence 2
a drunken boy is shown
ha ahhhh ra
bottie was on his hand . He fell on floor. A girl come and snatch the bottle.
“enough u cant drink more”
“no no i will” he took bottle but lost his sence
the girl somehow manage to put him on bed.
Sence 3
a boy is seen full in black
a man is standing infront of hom apple on his head.
Boy shoted n the bullet reached at middle of apple n the apple divited in two peaces.

Main charecters
swara singhania
a richest girl in mumbai but naver has ego n dont even wast money. Tradisonal, sky, chashmish,love studies. She hate her sis and parents. She leaves separety.1 year mba student.
Ishani maheswari (matsh): bubly cutsy girl . Swras bestie. Morden n one n only sister of lakhs maheswari.
Lakhs mahewari
smart, fiirty, hansome boy. Love……. Very much. Very rich. Life of clg n have a bigest enemy sanskar.
better to not asking his surname coz none know about that. Dashaing,smart, rich n heartrobe of clg. Girls dies on him but he is least intrested. Thats y lak n he is enemy.
Ragini singhania
morden smart gal. Hate her parents but not sis. Love her sis n bro vrey much.
Ranveer singhania
study at usa. Loves his both sister n also hate his family. Wants to come back india but swara dinaied striectly…
So thre is much us n down .
So stay turned
Hello does some one know me.
Acha sr is going of air . Think me mad but i m really mad on swasan. So i only start this ff to imagine them. So plz dont lough at me n if u want then can coment.

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      1. Mahavir

        hey sammy cool i m laa we both are u using this account dont get confused…iit just her name is also samaira so i said sammy…and ya mahi came to know that u say like this she will die. then u ll be the reason for her death. love u

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