Khamoshiyan ( SWASAN) Episode 7

*Leap of two days*
It was the meeting day
Maheswari Group Of Companies
Sanskaar was pacing here and there and was very restlessness. Swara entered.
Swara- Sir maybe—
Swara saw Sanskaar moving here and there. She went towards him and tried to pacify him.
Swara- Sir relax everything will go good
Sanskaar- relax? R u serious? Aisi situation mein main relax Karun
Sanskaar sits down and keeps his hands on his head. Swara unknowingly goes towards him sits on her knees keeps her hand on his.
Swara- Sanskaar Sir m sure sab theek hoga aapne itni mehnat ki hai u have done so much everything will be fine(squeezes his hand).
Sanskaar- Sirf Maine nahi tumne bhi bohot kuch kiya hai, sara credit Tum mujhe hi de rahi ho.
They had an eyelock. (Bolna plays) There moment was spoiled by Kavya.
Kavya- Sanskaar chalo—
Kavya irked seeing SWASAN lost in each other. She cleared her throat. Swasan moved away.
Kavya- Sanskaar aaj meeting hai Hamaari( stressed on it) aur tum ho ki apna time waist kar rahe ho( eyed Swara).
Sanskaar- Kavya pls…leave it m coming, lets go Swara.
Kavya- iski kya zaroorat hai? Meeting humaari hai toh kisi tessere—
Sanskaar-(mocking) Kavya Sara hardwork Swara ka hi to hai, aur mere hissab se is project main teesri Tum ho.(to Swara) chalo Swara
Kavya stamped her feet and followed.

They entered the conference room.
Sanskaar- a very good morning to everyone I am indebted to Mr. Fernandez for giving me second chance and I promise that I’ll do my best.
Swara kept the files on the table. Sanskaar saw her. Kavya was standing next to him.
Sanskaar- so now I introduce u to the mastermind of this project (Kavya was coming forward)
Ms. Swara, it’s her hard-work and diligence that has made me to complete this project in time.
Swara was startled at first bt then greeted everyone with a smile.
Kavya’s Monologue
Tumne sahi nahi Kiya Swara I’ll nt let u take my place in Sanskaar’s life.
Monologue Ends.
The meeting was in full swing. Swara showed the presentation confidently and answered all the questions intelligently. Sanskaar was just observing her.( coz swara was speaking so much that he got no chance to speak?) The meeting was over and the delegates said that they want to have some personal discussion.

Sanskaar’s CABIN
Sanskaar was sitting on his chair and biting his nails while Swara was seeing her presentation. Swara noticed Sanskaar.
Swara- Sanskaar Sir kya hua unhone bola to ki wo kuch discussion kar rahe Hain.
Sanskaar- last time aise hi discussion kar rahe the.
Suddenly the intercom rang. Sanskaar picked up. Sanskaar listened. He kept the phone and turned towards Swara.
Sanskaar- Swara they have decided to………….. give us the project(shout)
Saying this Sanskaar hugged Swara(first hug?). Swara was startled at Sanskaar’s hug and did nt reciprocate. Sanskaar also realised what he was doing and moved away. He cursed himself in mind.
Sanskaar-(sad) oh m sorry…..(bt then happy) yes I got the project
He got so excited that he stood on the chair and started jumping like a child. Swara was dumbstruck as to what was happening in front of her. She even began laughing. Sanskaar came down held her hand and started twirling. He left her. Sanskaar picked up his phone and dialled someone’s no.
Sanskaar- Mota bhai jaldi se mere cabin mein aa jao jaldi aana.
After sometime Laksh came, Swara was not facing him coz she was settling the files.
Sanskaar-Lucky bhaiyaa mujhe project mil gaya.
Laksh- kya? Sacchi? ( Laksh hugged him) congratulations!!!
Sanskaar- aur pata hai ye sab possible kiski wajah se hua hai? Swara meri PA *wo nahi Hoti to pata nahi kya hota*(echoes) Swara idhar aao.

Swara comes.
Sanskaar- he’s Laksh Maheswari my elder brother and Bhaiyya she’s Swara.
Laksh was even shocked to see Swara as she greatly resembled Ragini.
Swara- hello Sir.
Laksh- hi Swara. and thanks for handling my crazy bro
Sanskaar- Bhaiyya aap to aise keh rahe ki *meri shaadi hogayi hai isse aur ye meri wife hai*(echoes).
Laksh raises his eyebrows while Swara widens her eyes. Sanskaar yet again curses himself *kuch bhi bol deta hai*.
Sanskaar diverts the topic.
Sanskaar-bhaiyya abhi to aap Jaa rahe ho Na main Baad mein aaunga
Laksh- sure sure tu thodi der reh le yaha par(sees Swara)
Sanskaar shows him his fist. Laksh leaves laughing. Swara turns.
Sanskaar- Thank you so much Swara it’s because of u that I gt this project.
Swara- Sanskaar Sir it was my duty
Sanskaar was amused.
Sanskaar- what did u say? SANSKAAR sir? Till now u used to call me only Sir. It’s ok u can call me that it luks gud from ur mouth.
Swara- Sir it’s late I’ve to go.
Sanskaar- sure! I’ll drop u
Swara-(scared) no no sir it’s ok
Swara ran outside while Sanskaar stared her going away.
Swara’s home
Swara was washing the utensils. Swara recalled Sanskaar hugging her, saying *ye meri wife hai*. Her Dadi called she was passing by the mirror, by chance happened to see herself and was shocked coz she was blushing. She smiled a bit bt then again her dadi called.
Dadi-thare ko sunayi nahi deta k kabse bula rahi Hun kathhe Rehti hai tu.
Swara- wo dadi main bartan dho rahi thi.
Dadi-jo bhi ho ab jaldi aa maalish kar mahari.
Outside Swara’s house
Sanskaar was standing staring the name plate (actually Sanskaar followed her)
Sanskaar Monologue
*Parvati Gadodiya* a name with a surname but why Swara has no surname. I knew something is wrong.
Monologue Ends

Maheswari Mansion
Laksh- Ragini I swear she is exactly like you, nd u knw I felt like she’s ur sis
Ragini was shocked
Ragini- oh come on Laksh it’s just a co-incidence.
Only then Sanskaar came lost in thoughts.
Laksh- kyun chote kaisi rahi Teri date?
Sanskaar-(seriously) Bhaiyya pls
Ragini- kya hua tum itne serious kyun ho?
Sanskaar- aaj main Swara k ghar gaya nd u knw what uske ghar ki nameplate pe Parvati Gadodiya likha tha…ab I can’t understand ki if her surname is Gadodiya then why doesn’t she puts it.
Ragini felt as if she heard this name somewhere.
Laksh- yaar tu apni ek PA ke upar itni research kar Raha hai…have u fallen in love?
Sanskaar-(back to original form) Mota bhai aapko kya lagta hai ki Sanskaar Maheswari apna Dil kisi Ko itni jaldi Dede ga?
Ragini- arey hum to bhul hi gaye. Heartiest congratulations to u for getting the deal.
Sanskaar- Thank you Bhabi! Accha ab main fresh hoke aata hun.
Sanskaar leaves.
Laksh- Ragini today I can sleep well the anxiety of the deal ki kahin ye deal Maheswari Enterprises k pass Na chali jaye ne mujhe sone nahi diya.
Ragini got sad hearing Maheswari Enterprises. Laksh sees Ragini
Laksh- Ragini pls forget it it’s nt worth remembering.
Ragini- Laksh main bohot guilty feel Karti hun ki meri wajah se maine aapko—
Laksh puts his hands on her mouth.
Laksh- no it’s nt ur fault if actually I was worthy to them….arey yaar hum log bhi kya baatein kar rahe hain change the topic….(lightening the situation) lets talk abt romance.
Ragini makes faces while Laksh laughs.
Sanskaar’s Room
He was lieing and thinking abt Swara.
Sanskaar’s Monologue
Bhabi says silence have secrets and yes it’s true Swara’s silence too has secrets. Us ki khamoshiyan mujhse kuch kehna chahti hai bt main samajh kyun nahi paa raha hun
Monologue Ends
He luks around the room only to find Swara sitting next to him. He gets startled.
Sanskaar- Swara is that u? Or my hallucination?
Swara- sir that’s me…btw weren’t u thinking abt me?
Sanskaar- haan bt how do u knw?
Swara- bcoz Silence speaks more than words.
Sanskaar- aisi baat hai to main tumhari khamoshi Ko kyun nahi samajh pa raha hun…kya kehna chahti ho Tum mujhse
Swara-(smiles) ye to aapko khud pata lagana padega
Sanskaar- m trying to by nahi I can’t(he luks towards the window for sometym bt then realises something and turns towards her direction bt doesn’t finds her) Swara .. Swara where r u?
He then gets up from his trance saying Swara… Swara where r u?.
He luks around and finds that it’s was just a dream. He smiles at his own actions.
Hola Everyone!? How’s the part? Thank You for the response at the previous one?. So guys what’s the secret behind Swara nt having a surname and what’s the Rift between Maheswari Enterprises and Maheswari Group Of Companies? Keep guessing until then Sayonara?

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