Khamoshiyan ( SWASAN) Episode 6

Swara’s home
Swara-Dadi aaj bohot zaruri hai jaana pls dadi maine sara kaam kar liya hai bas is hafte pls dadi
Dadi- Na Mai thare ko na Jaan dungi ghana Kam hai
Swara- dadi maine sara kaam kar diya hai pls dadi bohot zaruri hai
Dadi-(after thinking alot) theek hai Lekin ek Sharat (condition) hai Jo ki Mai thare ko Baad mein bataungi
Swara- thank u so much mujhe aapki sari shart Manzoor hai
Maheswari Group Of Companies
Sanskaar was talking on phone.
Sanskaar- Mota bhai kya hai tumhe man Kiya weekend pe aane ka aagaya
Laksh- kuch to gadbad hai aisa ho hi nahi sakta ki tu weekend par office mein ho
Sanskaar- Bhaiyya change is inevitable so main bhi change hogaya hun mere andar bhi sense of responsibility aagayi hai
Laksh- itni responsibility to tujhe 18 years hone pe nahi aayi thi
Sanskaar- aacha accha Abhi mujhe bohot kaam hai bye. ( Call ended)
Swara entered
Swara- sir u called?
Sanskaar-ya pls Luk for some samples for the cover of the magazine infact yahi mere cabin me hi karlo maybe tumhe koi guidelines chahiye ho.
Swara- ok Sir let me bring my laptop.
As Swara left Kavya barged inside SANSKAAR’S CABIN.
Kavya- how can u do this Sanskaar tumne is company ki itni imp monthly magazine ki responsibility kisi Ko bhi Dedi?
Sanskaar- Kavya sab Ko opportunity milni chahiye
Kavya- oh really? Aisa to kabhi tumne Kiya nahi
Sanskaar- ya I know Maine nahi Kiya bt I felt like doing it. M sorry if u felt bad I’ll give ur job back to u
Kavya- listen Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari Kavya ne kisi Ko koi cheez dedi to phir wapis nahi leti.
Only then Swara entered
Swara- sir actually— (after seeing Sanskaar talking to Kavya) oh sorry I’ll come later
Sanskaar- no come meet her she’s Kavya nd Kavya she’s Swara
Kavya-( taunting) oh so she’s the job stealer, hi
Swara-(nervous) hello
Kavya goes giving Swara disgusting luk. Swara went towards Sanskaar’s table.
Sanskaar- ya Swara u were saying something.
Swara- wo sir my laptop isn’t working so can can I use urs? (Stammering)
Sanskaar- hey hey don’t mind Kavya’s words she’s like that I m sorry from her side
Swara- no sir it’s okay (faked a smile) can we proceed?
Sanskaar- ya sure
They discussed for sometym. After that they decided to take a break
Sanskaar- u know what Swara sumtyms I feel “what wud I have done widout u”(echoed) I mean my PA
Swara-(smiled) thank u
Sanskaar- m hungry lets go eat sumthing
Swara- no sir u go I dnt want to eat
Sanskaar-(sarcastically yet funny) kyun puri city ka khana k aayi ho?
Swara-(smile) no sir it’s nt like that bt
Sanskaar- no ifs and buts chalo(holds her hands and takes her out)
Swara became nervous. They reached the parking lot. Sanskaar was still holding her hand.
Sanskaar- kaha chalogi?
He say Swara luking here and there nervously and then realised he was holding her hands. He immediately left it.
Sanskaar- m sorry I didn’t realise pls dnt mind
Swara-(scared) no ssir it’s it’s okay
Sanskaar-(diverting) ok to chalo
Swara- no sir I am—
Sanskaar- Swara
They left to reach XYZ restaurant. Sanskaar ordered his food and was insisting Swara to do the same.
Swara- sir pls dnt do this m full nd I m least interested in falling ill meeting bhi hai sir pls.
Sanskaar- ok I won’t do this.(his order came *to the waiter*) thank u
Swara was yet again pleased with his gesture
Sanskaar- ok I won’t force u to order bt pls ye le lo na bohot zyada hai aur main bhi bimaar nhi hona chahta.
After a lot of insistence Swara finally gave up and ate. Some girls were sitting adjacent to them.
Girl- aww how romantic are they eating from the same plate. How cute.
Listening this Swasan lukd at each other leading to a cute eyelock. Swara averted her gaze and quickly dropped the spoon.
Swara-(luking here and there) sir m done u finish the rest.
Sanskaar-(clearing his throat) ah yes. (While eating+normalising the situation) u knw why ye meeting mere liye itni imp kyun hai? Because mera Jo tumse pehle Personal Assistant tha uski negligence ki wajah se sab kharab hogaya nd seriously I had to beseech the delegates to give me another chance or else wo log ye deal Maheswari Enterprises Ko dedenge.
Swara-(remembering Kavita) they r ur rivals?
Sanskaar- Haan wo Wahi samjho
Swara-(confused) samjho? Matlab?
Sanskaar- kuch nahi… change the topic.
Swara was confused as to why was Sanskaar behaving like that. Sanskaar waving his hands in front of her brought her back to reality.
Sanskaar- kya hua?
Swara- no nothing I think it’s late we shud go back.
Sanskaar-ok chalo
Sanskaar was driving when he saw some poor boys playing cricket. The sudden halt of the car surprised Swara. She saw Sanskaar getting out of the car and heading towards the boys. She was perplexed as to what he was going to do.
Swara- Sir where r u gng?
He didn’t answer so Swara followed, then she saw Sanskaar taking the bat frm the boys. She was spellbound to see Sanskaar playing with the boys. He was playing with them in such a way as if he was one of them.
Swara’s Monolouge
How can this be possible a business tycoon like him is playing with these poor boys. His humility is just mind-boggling.
Monologue Ends
Swara was just observing Sanskaar when he called out to her. At first Swara denied as she didn’t knew how to play cricket bt then on those boys request she went. First she bowled then it was her turn to bat.
Swara- I seriously dnt knw how to bat.
Sanskaar- no problem main sikhata hun
Swara held the bat Sanskaar stood behind and held the bat too. Sanskaar was very close to to her which was making Swara sweat. The bowl was coming towards them bt Swara couldn’t handle it and stumbled leading her to fall along with Sanskaar. Sanskaar was on her. They were lost in eachother and didn’t realise that they were approaching for a kiss. The shout of the boys brought them back to reality. Swara after understanding the situation pushed Sanskaar and gt up. She composed herself bt couldn’t believe what was she gng to do. Sanskaar also gt up.
Sanskaar- ok baccho ab main chalta hun.
There was complete silence in the car bt then Sanskaar broke the silence.
Sanskaar- m really sorry Swara I really.. umm I accept it was my mistake pls dnt take me wrong.
Swara- no sir it was my mistake I should have…
Sanskaar- no it was my mistake
Swara- no it was mine.
Sanskaar- it was mine
Swara- pls no it was my mistake
Sanskaar stopped the car
Sanskaar-i said it is my mistake so it is mine.
Swara- why who r u ki Jo aapne bol diya Wahi hoga.
Sanskaar- Ur boss, whatever happens it was my mistake.
Like this they kept on arguing that it was their mistake. People began surrounding them making them realise what were they doing. They apologized. There was complete silence until they lukd at each other for sometym nd burst into laughter.
Sanskaar- that was a pity quarrel, haha nd u knw what ispe ek film banai chahiye kiski galti thi? Haha?
Swara also laughed.
Sanskaar- btw it’s late let me drop u
Swara was horrified.
Swara- no sir pls drop till the auto stand.
Sanskaar-no it’s late.
Swara lied that she has some other engagements.
Sanskaar- ok as u wish.
After dropping Swara he drove towards his house.
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