Khamoshiyan ( SWASAN) Episode 5

Next day
Maheswari mansion ( Sanskaar’s room)
Sanskaar was getting ready reminiscing all the moments spent with Swara. He took his phone and watch bt was shocked to see the time
Sanskaar- oh no m too late
He rushed downstairs informing Ragini that he will have his breakfast in office

Maheswari group of companies
Swara was luking at the files intently when Sanskaar entered
Sanskaar- good morning Ms. Swara
Swara was startled bt then composed herself
Swara- good morning sir. Sir why did u come u must have called me.

Sanskaar- ( ignoring) hmm it luks like u r doing sumthing imp
Swara- yes sir I was gng through all the files once again rechecking for any mistakes
Sanskaar-( taking the file) I have already checked them so no need btw I came to inform you umm m sorry to say bt as this meeting is very important I want u to come on this weekend dnt worry I’ll pay u extra for that
Swara- no sir no need of xtra money it’s an employee’s responsibility to help one’s boss in times of need I’ll definitely try to come
Sanskaar- no no no tries u have to come it’s really important

Swara thought abt how will she convince her dadi.
Swara- ok Sir I’ll come bt sir can I come a little late?
Sanskaar- sure I can atleast give u that much liberty
Suddenly a peon entered an informed that someone wants to meet Swara. Swara excused herself and was going bt stopped in middle. Her face went ash white coz her duppata gt entangled in the chair bt Swara assumed that it was Sanskaar who was holding her duppata. Swara turned slowly closing her eyes bt was relieved to see the actual situation. She forwarded her hand to take it out bt accidentally Sanskaar touched her hand as he was also doing the same. Swara quickly removed her hand.
Sanskaar- wait I’ll do it

Swara- thank You
Saying this she walked away hurriedly whereas Sanskaar was staring his hands.
Sanskaar’s Pov
she has sumthing different in her her touch her smile everything is different. M seriously sorry Swara bt I actually had no imp work to do on this coming weekend yet I have called u. I don’t knw why m doing this bt it’s kind of involuntary action.
Pov ends
Swara went towards the reception nd was happy to find Kavita standing there
Swara- Kavi tu?

Kavita- Haan main Tum to mujhe bhul hi gayi Na nayi job k chakkar mein
Swara-nahi main to bas kaam mein busy thi infact I even planned to meet u this weekend
Kavita- Haan Haan mujhe pata hai ki tujhe meri yaad tabhi aati hai jab mujhe aati hai aur waise bhi main weekend pe busy Hun
Swara- chalo accha hai bt pls do min ruk main Sir Ko inform kardun.
Kavita nodded. After informing Sanskaar she went to a coffee shop wid Kavita but unknown to Swara Sanskaar was following her.
At coffee shop
Swara- to bata kaha busy hai weekend pe?
Kavita- Teri job lagi hai meri nahi samjhi. Interview hai.
Swara- kahan pe
Kavita- Maheswari Enterprises
Swara- what? Maheswari enterprises?

Kavita- Haan what’s wrong?
Swara- Kavi tu theek hai na? Ek hi naam ki do companies kaise?
Kavita- pata hai mujhe. Bt ppal say Teri aur meri company Wale rivals hai
Swara- wo to lag Raha hai. Btw us aspect se hum dono bhi rivals hue
Kavita- ( coming close to her) haan wo to hai isliye Maine Teri coffee mein kuch Dala hai
Swara- ( making fun) Haan wo mujhe pata hai ki isme sugar,milk etc cheeze hain haha
Kavita -(sarcastically) shut up.

Sanskaar was seeing Swara laughing from the window pane making him mesmerized.
After exchanging promises to meet again the best friends said goodbye and went on their way. Sanskaar left quickly without being noticed
Maheswari group of companies
Sanskaar was thinking something
Sanskaar- Maine use bula to liya Lekin use kaam kya dunga?

Only then Meera entered
Meera- sir actually we have to publish the next issue of our magazine bt u haven’t reminded Kavya Mam to do that.
Hearing that Sanskaar eyes twinkled.
Sanskaar- no need this issue will be published by someone else
Meera- bt sir—
Sanskaar- no further questions.

Sanskaar immediately called Swara through intercom.
Swara knocked.
Sanskaar- come in….oh Swara you come have a sit. Actually I had to tell you that every month we publish our magazine and for this month’s issue I want you to handle it. is that okay?
Swara- ok Sir I’ll do it. Thank you for the opportunity.
Sanskaar- my pleasure.
Someone’s cabin in Maheswari group of companies

Girl- what? How can Sanskaar do that? Are you sure Manjari?
Manjari- yes Kavya Mam Meera herself told me.
Kavya-( rage) I’ll nt let this happen.

Hello all m really sorry for late and ya I knw this part is nt up to the mark. I had to inform u that maybe MAYBE I’ll nt be able to post for the next few days as m travelling since last few days…..ok till then bye?

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