Khamoshiyan ( SWASAN) Episode 4

Maheswari Mansion
Laksh- Sanskaar come fast.. we are getting late ( to Ragini) Ragini pls bring snacks fast m getting late
Sanskaar- accha beta.. you woke up late and now telling Ragini bhabhi to hurry up
Laksh- chal hat bhabi ka chamcha
Sanskaar- she is not my bhabhi.. she’s my sister
Laksh- yaar don’t call her sister.. that way she’ll become my sister too
Ragini- excuse me Mr. Laksh Maheswari, I don’t want brother like you anyway
Sanskaar smirks and side hugs Ragini
Laksh- accha to Mrs. Laksh Maheswari aapko mere jaisa pati to chahiye Na( putting her hands around her neck)
Sanskaar- yippee main invisible hogaya?
Raglak- kuch bhi?
Sanskaar- accha agar main invisible nahi hota to aap dono aise romance nahi karne lagte
Laksh- chal hat kabab mein haddi ab chal der ho rahi hai
Sanskaar- haww bhabi dekho Mota bhai aapko kabaab bula Raha hai
Laksh- tu hamari ladayi karwayega ab chal. Laksh drags Sanskaar making Ragini laugh.

Swara was completing the files as
Sanskaar knocked
Swara-( unknowingly bossy tone) Come in
Sanskaar was quite surprised and entered. Swara was startled.
Swara- wo Sir m m…
Sanskaar- I know “sorry” ( sarcastically) btw I appreciate ur concentration.
Swara- Thank You Sir
Sanskaar- so aaj humein presentation banana hai so Tum sari equipments lekar mere cabin mein aa jao ok?
Swara gathered everything and followed Sanskaar
Sanskaar- before starting the presentation I want to knw what it all abt( actually Sanskaar wanted her to converse with him)
Swara- ok Sir ( taking a deep breath) so this a project related to the crisis of 2000 rupees( sry guys I dnt what actually happens so just writing) which has greatly affected the local, common people though demonization was done to extract black money frm corrupted ppal….she kept on speaking confidently and Sanskaar was observing her smilingly. Swara’s voice made him come back to senses

Sanskaar- oh ya um that was a good one well done keep it up now m pretty confident that we’ll excel in this meeting .
Swara smiled which made him mesmerized leading to a cute eyelock. Suddenly Swara began coughing which diverted Sanskaar and immediately picked the glass of water and made her drink with his own hands. Swara too held the tumbler in a way her hands were in Sanskaar’s. He felt some sensation inside him.
Sanskaar- are you okay? What happened?
Swara- nothing sir something got stuck in my throat m okay
Suddenly Swara realised that Sanskaar was very close to her.
Swara- sir presentation( reminding him)
Sanskaar moved away from her while Swara breathed in relief
Soon it was time for evening break
Sanskaar- thank u so much Swara tumhare bina ye bina kaam nahi ho pata I appreciate ur diligence.
Swara- My pleasure
Sanskaar- I just hope this project is a success btw lets have tea together today if u dnt mind

At first Swara reminisced her Dadi’s statement ” boss just want their employees attention” but then thought it’s just a matter if cup of tea no big deal
Swara- as u wish sir
Sanskaar- great oh hear cames Raju Kaka he’s one of the oldest and eldest employee of Maheswari group of companies ( Raju Kaka) Kaka she’s Swara my new PA
Swara-(smilingly) Namaste Kaka
Swara never thought that the owner of such a huge company wud respect his peon so nicely
Raju Kaka- Namaste Mam(to Sanskaar) arey baba ye sab to aapki badaulat hai waise aaj main aapki manpasan adrak wali chai laya hun
Swara- Kaka swara beti Mam nahi pls
Raju Kaka smiled and kept the tea and snacks on table. He left
Sanskaar- btw Swara Tum zyada kuch bolti nahi ho kyun?
Swara was surprised at his question but composed herself
Swara- no sir it’s it’s nt like that I just feel to keep quite
Sanskaar- ok everyone has different personality
After tea everyone left the office except Sanskaar
Swara’s home
Swara was cooking dinner
Swara’s Pov
Sir is so humble and to be honest he has broken the stereotypical image I had abt aristocrats. He’s such a kind hearted person. Kavita says that external Beauty is more important than internal bt I dnt agree with her on this point. I’ll meet Kavita this weekend and fill her up with all the gossips.
Pov ends
Maheswari group of companies
Sanskaar was sitting in his cabin and was kinda in a trance
Sanskaar’s Pov
Why is Swara enticing me so much what’s special in her maybe Bhaiyya bhabi is saying right m falling in love . No Sanskaar kya tu bhi pyaar Sirf filmi batein Hoti hai. It’s just a mere infatuation now jst leave it.
Pov ends
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