Khamoshiyan ( SWASAN) Episode 3

Next day

Sanskaar’s Pov
I was going through some files when I heard Swara’s melodious voice “may I come in Sir?” I permitted and informed her that next week I have a meeting and she has to complete some files till then she nodded and was going out when I told her that her cabin was next to mine. At first I thought she’s gonna ask the reason but yet again she nodded making me annoyed bt I kept quiet.
Pov ends
After sometime a man came inside SANSKAAR’S cabin
Man- hello Sanky kya kar Raha hai?

Sanskaar- achaar daal Raha Hun? kya yaar tubhi Sahil faltu ke sawal puch Raha hai
Sahil- accha chod ye sab mujhe kuch batana hai
Sanskaar- farmaiye janaab
Sahil- u know what 2 days back I met a girl or say bumped into her accidentally.( Remember the prologue part?) Though it wasn’t her mistake still she apologized and I have decided ki I’ll find her and marry her

Sanskaar (Lukin up from his file)- Hain?? Tu pee kar to nahi aaya hai? Tu aur shaadi oh come on Sahil
Sahil- m serious
Sanskaar (widens his eyes)- she just apologized for a mistake she didn’t commit and for that reason u want to marry her like seriously?

Sahil- (lustily)nahi yaar uska figure uff and uski Beauty ( Sanskaar narrowed his eyes) Mera matlab ki aa acchi thi
Saying this Sahil left. Sanskaar got a little suspicious but then shrugged it off. He felt to check on Swara and went towards her cabin. As he was about to go inside the door suddenly opened making Swara and Sanskaar hit each other which led Swara to fall in Sanskaar’s arms. First time Sanskaar saw her innocent and doe eyes which was literally doing some magic on him. Swara came out of his grip and composed herself. They entered inside.
Swara- SSS…sorry
Sanskaar- it’s okay bt can u ask u a question?
Swara nodded

Sanskaar- Tum naagin serial dekhti ho?
Swara shook her head
Sanskaar- then why do u hiss so much and one more tumne PhD ki hai sorry bolne mein? Galti ho ya na ho sorry boldiya( suddenly he members Sahil’s statement)
Swara- Sorry( Swara closed her eyes) um aa wo main main
Sanskaar ( keeping his hand on his head) seriously I can’t understand kabhi naagin ban jaati ho to kabhi baacha. Tum Insaan ho?
Swara- wo sir I was coming to um ask u sthng
Sanskaar- Haan ya aise hi karna hai yeah right.

In the process of explaining her they both didn’t realise when it was time to go home
Sanskaar- it’s enough for today and yes I forgot to tell you that v need to make a presentation too for the meeting so let’s plan it for tomorrow okay?
Swara- okay
Sanskaar was driving back home
Sanskaar’s Monologue
She’s so much lyk Ragini bhabi but ya quite different from other girls who just knw how to flirt wid their boss. She is so simple and doesn’t even glances at me properly itni funny baatein kar raha tha Lekin use hasi hi nahi aayi *his mind snapped him* u want her attention? No aisa hoi nahi sakta Sanskaar Maheswari Ko sab attention dete hai use kiski attention ki zaroorat.
Pov ends

Swara’s home
Swara was resting after dinner( guys m nt showing dadi’s taunting in this part)
Swara’s Monologue
Dadi says these bosses just want attention bt I dnt think Sir is like that he’s funny and pleasant natured. (smiled recalling his jokes) I have to complete all the files before hand and I’ll make sure ki koi gadbad Na ho
Pov ends

Hello sweeties what’s up? How’s the part and sorry guys I m nt able to thank all of u personally but i really read all ur comments and feel blessed… thank u soo sooo much for all ur love which encourages me to write better….and ya Kakali pls tell me why did u thank me in ur comment?

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