Khamoshiyan ( SWASAN) Episode 25

Next Day
Swara opened her eyes due to the sun rays falling on her face. She found herself in Sanskaar’s embrace. She smiled and tried to get up bt due to her movements Sanskaar’s sleep got disturbed. He saw Swara fumbling. He pulls her as a result she falls on him.
Sanskaar- kahan ja rahi ho?
Swara- Sanskaar it’s late I have to go down
Sanskaar- dnt worry today is ur first day
Swara- Wahi to aaj mera first day hai is ghar aur main already late hun let m go
Sanskaar- first day hai that is why I will spend time with me today
Swara- Sanskaar Baad mein Abhi nahi abhi I have to go
Sanskaar- okay go
He leaves her and she immediately leaves for the washroom.
All were standing in front of the God’s idol while Ragini was doing the Arti. After the Arti they all sat for breakfast.
Sujata- aaj to sabse pehle main apni bahu k haath ka khaungi… Swara kya banaya hai tumne apni pehli rasoi mein?
Swara- mom it’s kheer
AP- hmm kheer.. Sanskaar ko bohot pasand hai
Swara- ha? Sacchi?
Pari- Haan bohot.
Sujata- lo Sanskaar bhi aa gaya..(to Sanskaar) ae Sanskaar jaldi aa Swara ne Teri favorite kheer banayi hai
Sanskaar was coming to the dinning table bt listening to Sujata’s statement he stopped.
Sanskaar- Arey mom aaj mujhe jaldi office Jana hai…main Wahi kha lunga
Saying this he goes making Swara sad. Sujata luks at AP. Swara leaves to the kitchen Ragini follows.
Ragini- Swara all okay?
Swara nods.
Ragini- accha then come for breakfast
Swara- m coming you go
Swara was sitting in her room and continuously trying to call Sanskaar bt he was nt picking. She had been trying his number since morning bt he never picked. Tears escaped her eyes.
Swara-(monologue) pata nahi Sanskaar has eaten something or not I hope he had
Swara’s eyes were shut when she felt someone’s presence in her room.
Swara- Sanskaar (gets up) Sanskaar apne kuch khaya? No? Wait let me cook something
Sanskaar- mom! Pls cook something for me
Swara- Sanskaar mom ko kyun pareshaan kar rahen hai aap? I will cook
Sanskaar-(sternly) I want to my Mom’s cooked food
Swara- par Sanskaar—
He leaves without even listening to her. Tears escaped her eyes bt still she goes down. Sanskaar was eating.
Swara- Sanskaar do you want water I will bring
Sanskaar-(coldly) I will take it myself..
Swara- arey no problem I will bring
Sanskaar- I said no…I don’t need you
The latter statement hurt Swara very much. She stood there until Sanskaar finished his food. She followed Sanskaar to their name.
Swara- may I bring coffee?
Sanskaar- no I had it in office..
Swara-(hopefully) so how was ur day?
Sanskaar- Swara I have to work don’t disturb me
Swara- aap to Abhi aaye office se nd now again u r working
Sanskaar- so? You have any objection?
Swara- at least talk to me for sometime
Sanskaar- nt interested
It was enough for Swara. She knelt down in front of Sanskaar nd kept her hand on his.
Swara-(sulking) Sanskaar why r u ignoring me?
Sanskar- kyun ignore karne ka haq sirf tumhe hai?
Swara-(almost crying) when did I do that?
Sanskaar- kyun what did you do in the morning?
Swara- Sanskaar main late thi us waqt I had no choice bt no I didn’t ignore you
Sanskaar- mujhe kuch ni sunna
Swara-(crying) ok theek hai I accept I was ignoring you and aapko jo bhi saza deni hai dijiye bt pls talk to me
Sanskaar-(didn’t see her crying and smirks) ok then kiss me (pointing towards his cheeks)
Swara was desperate to talk to Sanskaar that she immediately kissed him bt Sanskaar felt wet on his cheeks. He luks at Swara only to find tear rolling down her eyes.
Swara- I did it now talk to me pls
Sanskaar worriedly cups her face
Sanskaar- Swara tum rone lagi? I was just joking…m so sorry I didn’t know u will begin crying…I did a prank with you..m not angry with you and was just acting
Swara didn’t say anything and just crying
Sanskaar- I understand ki aaj u were late u were not ignoring me…chalo now get up sit on the bed (makes her sit on the bed) m very sorry I didn’t want to hurt you
Swara- no it’s it’s my mistake pls for forgive me
Sanskaar- Swara what is this? It was jst a prank and why are you it was ur mistake no kisi ki mistake nahi thi
Swara- Sanskaar it’s my mistake
Sanskaar- Swara agar tumne ek aur baar ye bola na then I will seriously not talk to you
Swara- Sanskaar bt—
She was interrupted by Sanskaar’s kiss. She turned crimson red after getting her first kiss from her husband. Sanskaar released the kiss.
Sanskaar- ab tum chup hone ko tayyar nahi thi so…hey hey don’t blush or I won’t be able to control myself
Swara began blushing more. Sanskaar leaned towards her bt then Swara gt up and went towards the window facing her back. Sanskaar hugged her from behind and kissed her on her neck. Swara was losing her balance bt before Swara could fall Sanskaar picked her in his arms nd carried her towards the bed nd made her lay on the bed. He was seeing her intensely as if asking for permission. Swara closed her eyes nervously and agreed. Sanskaar came on top of her and pulled the blanket on them.
Next Day
It was a beautiful morning and a more beautiful morning for Swara and Sanskaar as now they were one. Swara was sleeping in Sanskaar’s embrace with a smile on her face. Sanskaar’s sleep gt disturbed because of continuous banging on the door.
Uttara- bhaiyya kab tak so ge it’s very late get up
Sanskaar-(sleepy) kya yaar itni jaldi kyun utha rahi ho
Uttara- jaldi? 10 baj rahe hain
Sanskaar- haa haa we r coming
Sanskaar turned and sees Swara sleep and smiles.
Sanskaar- thank you Swara for coming in my life I m really blessed to have u (kissed her cheeks)
Swara- no Sanskaar thank you for coming in my life and changing a monochrome television to a coloured one for me
Sanskaar-(startled) u are awake?
Swara- ha…btw Sanskaar what is the time?
Sanskaar- 10 o’ clock
Swara immediately gets up.
Swara- what? 10 baj gaye how could I sleep so long? I have to go
Sanskaar- aaram se jao
Swara and Sanskaar came down bt Swara was nervous as she was really very late.
Sujata- arey Sanskaar katthe reh gaya tha tu aur Swara tu aaj itni der?
Laksh- Arey chachi they’ll get accustomed
Ragini widens her eyes while SwaSan blush. All smile.
Ragini- Laksh.. humein check up k liye jaana hai
Laksh- ha ha chalo
After Raglak’s exit Kavita and Shomi come. They greet everyone.
Kavita- Swara u getting prettier day by day is it post marriage asar?
Swara- Kavi shut up
Only then Kunal comes.
Kunal- Hi Swara!
Swara- Hi Kunal!
Kavita’s expressions change seeing him.
Kunal- how are you?
Swara- m fine u tell?
Kunal- m gng to Ahmedabad
Swara- Ahmedabad? Vacationing?
Kunal- no…forever (sees Kavita)
Swara-(surprised) forever? Why?
Kunal- nothing is left to live here (again sees Kavita)
Swara notices his gaze on Kavita.
Swara- I guess Kavita will be very happy knowing this (chuckles)
Kunal- isiliye ja raha hun
Swara senses some anomaly.
Swara- u will be missed bt ha remember to be connected…
Kunal- I’ll miss everything too (sees Kavita emotionally… kavita averts her gaze)
Swara furrows her eyebrows.
Swara- um…chalo let me accompany u to the airport..what say?
Kunal- hmm grt
Swara- chal Kavita tu bhi chal
Kavita’s expression changes
Kavita- arey wo mujhe Abhi kuch kaam hai I won’t be able to come…(her phone beeps) luk I m getting continuous calls…ok bye will catch up later
Swara- arey Kavita… (Sees Kunal intently)
Kunal- it’s ok let’s leave
Swara- ruko
Kunal- m getting late
Swara- tell me?
Kunal- kya?
Swara- u know what I am talking abt
Kunal- ….
Swara- kya? I asked something…better tell me the answer or u’ll miss ur flight
Kunal- kya yaar?
Swara- flight or Answer?
Kunal sighs.
Kunal- I dnt knw when where how—
Swara- kya?
Kunal- I fell in love with Kavita
Swara- what?
Kunal- I was afraid whether she loved me or not bt thought maybe the case is same with Kavita nd me as urs nd Sanskaar
Swara- then
Kunal- I confessed my feelings bt
Swara- bt what?
Kunal- we dnt have mutual feelings…it’s one sided love
Swara thought something nd after silence of few moments
Swara- ok now let’s go or u’ll be late
Kunal was confused as to why Swara didn’t console him.
Hello peeps! At last m back. Hope you like it? guys I have an announcement m gng to end this ff I know that’s sad bt there is no aspect left. I promise I will come up with a new concept soon?

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