Khamoshiyan ( SWASAN) Episode 21

Next Day
Swara and Ragini were at the Maheswari’s entrance.
Ragini- Swara I can’t go inside… pls try to understand
Swara- Ragini dnt worry come with me.
She pulls Ragini inside.
Swara- Sujata Aunty…AP aunty!

A man comes. He does not recognise Swara bt recognises Ragini
Man- Ragini
Ragini- Adarsh Bhaiyya..
Adarsh-(happily) maa look who is here..
AP, Sujata, DP and RP come.
AP- Ragini, Swara
Swara- aunty will you not call your DIL inside?
AP- oh ha come na Ragini
Ragini was reluctant bt Swara forced her to go.
Swara- btw when I came here yesterday no one was present so let me introduce myself. I am Swara Ragini’s sister.
DP- Ragini’s sister? jahan tak humaari jaankari hai Ragini does not have a sister
Swara- uncle it’s a long story you can ask AP aunty and Sujata aunty
Sujata- Ragini
Ragini- ….
AP- Ragini beta…pls forgive us. I know we realised our mistake very late….we really want to accept you as our DIL.
Sujata and RP nods.
Ragini- aunty pls you are elder don’t ask pardon infact I should ask for forgiveness coz of me you were separated from your son. Sujata aunty m really sorry to separate your son too from you.
Sujata- na chori na we should have given you a chance bt that time we made the society out first priority.
RP- Ragini hum sab sharminda hai
Ragini- Ram uncle pls no.
Saying this she hugged AP followed by Sujata.
Ragini- accha ab no maafi mangna
Swara smiled.
AP- tumne Hume maaf kiya na?
Ragini- bohot pehle (smiles)
Sujata- we got your forgiveness bt I dnt think Sanskaar and Laksh will forgive us
Swara- they will…
Adarsh- wo kaise
Swara- (tells something)
RP-(happily) we are ready to help our children…haina bhaisa?
DP nods while Swara and Ragini smile.

Maheswari Mansion
Swara- accha di now I have to go
Ragini- arey andar to aao
Swara- no I have some work
Ragini- dekho I alone will now not be able to convince Sanskaar and Laksh
Swara- Di u can
Ragini- no I’ll convince Laksh you convince Sanskaar
Swara- what? No.
Ragini- why?
Swara-(luking here and there) bas I dnt want to…m tired
Ragini- Swara dnt lie u have to come
She pulls Swara inside.
Ragini- suno m going to my room u go to Sanskaar’s okay?
Swara was in a dilemma whether she should go or not.
Ragini- go why r u standing here?
Swara nods reluctantly.
Sanskaar heard a knock on the door. His back was facing the door. He was reading some files.
Sanskaar- bhaiyya why are you doing all this formalities? Come na… accha bhai I went through all the files again—(he turns back and was surprised to see Swara standing there) Sss… Swara?
Swara- ….
Sanskaar-(stammering) u u here? Had any work?
Swara- kyun? Main aise nahi aa sakti?
Sanskaar- no you can come
Swara- Sir…
Sanskaar-(avoiding eye contact) ha say?
Swara- (she closed her eyes tightly) don’t do this marriage
Sanskaar-(startled) what? Why?
Swara- Kavya is not a good girl
Sanskaar-(fake anger) and how can you say that?
Swara- then why did her parents force you to marry her without considering your will?
Sanskaar-(turns around) it’s nt against my wish
Swara- ye baat aap mujhe dekh kar bhi keh sakte hai
Sanskaar- (turns around, fake anger) look Swara now you don’t have any relation with me or my family nd i’ll not like the interference of any stranger in my personal matters.
Swara- who is your family?
Sanskaar- Bhabi and Bhaiyya
Swara- aur Sujata aunty?
Sanskaar was shocked hearing Sujata
Swara- AP aunty, Dp uncle Adarsh bhaiyya, Uttara?
Sanskaar- how do u know them?
Swara- I know every part of your past
Sanskaar- how?
Swara-(ignored his questions) they want your and Laksh bhai’s forgiveness
Sanskaar- tumhe kisne bataya?
Swara- ok I’ll tell you (tells him everything) they will help you to escape Kavya’s trap.
Sanskaar- kyun kar rahi ho ye sab?
Swara- it’s payback time…u helped me now it’s my turn
Sanskaar- I don’t want your payback
Swara- bt I want to give.
She goes towards him holds his shoulders.
Swara- kya proof hai ki shaadi k Baad wo log tumhe aur Laksh bhai ko pareshaan nahi karenge… Sir an opportunity is knocking at your door.
On the other side
Laksh- (anger) Ragini have you gone crazy? I can’t take their help
Ragini- Laksh they are really guilty pls forgive them nd look the are ready to accept as your wife. Laksh it’s been 3 years. I also want the love of my in laws…my MIL. It doesn’t mean your love is not worthy bt Laksh aapka pyaar ek taraf hai aur sasural wala ka ek taraf… Laksh jst ponder upon it it’s gonna savs your brother’s life from being ruined
Laksh was silent.
Ragini- ab decision aapke upar hai I am exhausted
SWASAN’s side
Sanskaar- Swara mere manne se kuch ni hoga bhai needs to be convinced.
Swara- I hope Ragini would have convinced him
Suddenly they heard Laksh screaming from downstairs
Laksh- Sanskaar… Sanskaar
SwaSan go down. Swara questions Ragini through eyes “what happened?”
Laksh- Swara must have told you everything?
Sanskaar nods
Laksh- tu kya chahta hai?
Laksh- tell the truth do u want to marry Kavya?
Sanskaar luks at Swara and slowly shakes his head
Laksh- Sanskaar tu mera bhai hai nd I will not destroy ur life for my selfish reasons…. Ragini I am ready
Swara and Ragini smiled.
Sanskaar- Bhabi what’s the plan?
Ragini- (tells something)
Sangeet Ceremony
Kavya- Sanskaar on which song should we dance?
She clutches his hands making Swara jealous.
Sanskaar- whatever you like Kavya
Kavya- ok so—
Only then they hear a voice from the entrance. Everyone turns around. It was DP.
DP- thero! (Wait) ye shaadi nahi ho sakti
Mr. Shetty- Durgaprasad ji..
Kavya- why this marriage cannot happen?
RP enters
RP- because we have merged our companies
This statement came as a shock for the Shetty family.
Mr. Shetty- bt aap log—
Laksh- ji ha Shetty ji we were rivals..were not are…um I think you can have a look at this document.
He gives him the document. It read that Maheswari Enterprises and Maheswari Group Of Companies were merging on the condition that Sanskaar will marry the girl Durgaprasad selects.
Durgaprasad- and i don’t want Sanskaar to marry Kavya Sanskaar will marry Swara.
The Shetty family luk at Swara.
Kavya- Sanskaar look they are doing the same thing which they were gng to do 3 years back with Laksh. Sanskaar tell them you love me not anyone else.(eyes Swara)
Sanskaar- I never said that I love you. I was just protecting my company by marrying you. Infact I love Swara…I didn’t want this forced marriage coz iski koi manzil nahi hai
Swara was happy to hear “I love Swara” from Sanskaar’s mouth but she knew that it was just for the drama. She came forward and clutched Sanskaar’s hand.
Swara- I fell in love with him that time only when I got to know he was protecting me from Sahil….Kavya I really don’t have any bad intentions for you agar ye shaadi hojati to yours nd Sanskaar’s life would have been ruined coz Sanskaar would have never accepted you as his wife…..I will only say that you deserve a better person than Sanskaar who would love you forever.
Kavya- no Sanskaar is mine and will remain mine
Ragini- shut up Kavya agr ek aur shab bola to you will make me helpless to slap you….(to the Mr and Mrs Shetty) ab aap jayenge yahan se ki dhakke maar kar bahar nikalwaun.
Mrs and Mr Shetty takes a shouting Kavya with them
Kavya- Swara I won’t leave you I’ll take my revenge.
After the Shettys exit Swara immediately left Sanskaar’s hand. Durgaprasad and Ramprasad come to SanLak.
DP- Laksh…beta humein maaf kar do we are really guilty of our deeds. Sanskaar pls forgive us
Sanskaar- bade Papa..
RP- Sanskaar
Sanskaar- Papa
DP-(happily) u forgave us?
Sanskaar- jab ma baap baccho ko maaf kar sakte hai to bacche kyun nahi haina Bhaiyya?
Laksh nods smiling. They hug DP and RP. SwaRagini smile. AP, Sujata and the whole Maheswari family comes.
Laksh-(teary-eyed) ma
Sanskaar- mom
They hug them. They hug Adarsh and Uttara. AP comes to Swara and Ragini.
AP- thank you so much Swara Ragini aaj tum dono ki wajah se I got my sons back
Ragini- aunty credit goes to Swara uske bina shayad main karhi nahi pati
Swara- no Credit doesn’t goes to me credit goes to Swaragini (Swaragini plays)
Everyone smiles.
Hola Everyone! How’s the Episode? I know my ff is lacking Swasan scenes bt guys Swasan scenes ke liye u have to tolerate the melodrama. Thanks for the response at the previous part..keep loving❤

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