Khamoshiyan ( SWASAN) Episode 2

Maheswari Mansion
Sanskaar- Swara (melodiously)
Ragini – Ahan itne pyaar se koi ek candidate ka Naam to nahi leta Haan?
Sanskaar- nahi Bhabi wo baat nahi hai but her voice was quite similar to yours
Laksh- kya yaar tu bhi filmi batein kar raha aisa thodi Na hai ki wo Ragini ki bichdi behen ho chal ab so Ja chalo Ragini
After hearing “Ragini ki bichdi behen ho” Ragini starts seeing some flashes(will be disclosed later)
Laksh- Ragini kya hua chalein?
Ragini-(coming back to reality) Haan let’s go

Next day
Swara wakes up with puffy eyes seeming like she had cried a lot she gets up nd stares at the floor for sometime tears welling up in her eyes again bt suddenly she realises today is the result yes the result will decide whether she’ll get some peace or her life will be all the more slaughtered she rushes towards the washroom.
Swara calls her dadi for breakfast and informs her abt leaving
Dadi- mahare Ko pata hai ki thari Naukri Na lagni lagni hai….ye le paise aur aate aate sabzi le aana aur faltu ka kharach mat karna paidal Jaana paidal aana
Swara nods and leaves hurriedly

Maheswari group of companies
Swara was waiting at the entrance of the auditorium seeing thousands of candidates intently waiting to be called in. Some flirtatious girls were gossiping that SM is so handsome cute and s*xy
Random girl- luks like some kaam wali Bai hai come to attain the job of SM Sir’s pa m sure she will be rejected kaha Sanskaar sir itne modern aur kaha ye suit pehni choti bandhi behenji
Swara became concious and started fumbling with her dress. Swara had a definite thought that she won’t get the job but suddenly she felt her name being announced. At first she thought it was her imagination but then again she heard Ms. Swara where are you? She couldn’t believe that getting this job wud be such a walk in a park. She entered in the auditorium shocking the girl who was bad mouthing abt her. Swara climbed the stage but still Sanksaar couldn’t see her face as the orator was acting as a barrier. The function got over

Sanskaar was in his cabin until he heard some chaos outside he got up and saw that the receptionist was saying or u can say scolding a girl.
Sanskaar- what’s the matter Manjari
Manjari- sir Ms. Swara is claiming to be appointed as your PA but when I asked her surname she is saying she does not has any surname
Sanskaar- it’s ok Manjari she does not want to tell her surname let it be. (To swara) so Ms. Pls come to my cabin
Swara turned towards Sanskaar and he was shocked to see her and their eyes met leading to a cute eyelock. Sanskaar whispered “Swara” ( actually Sanskaar did not hear her name when Manjari said and he also did not remember that Swara was his PA *short term memory loss?*) Swara became uncomfortable coz Sanskaar was staring her and started fumbling which brought Sanskaar back to really and told Meera to instruct Swara’s job. After that Swara was informed that from tomorrow she’s gonna start her job. She left for her home.

Ragini enters Sanskaar’s cabin
Ragini- kya hua Tum itne philosopher Wale expression leke kyu Khade ho?
Sanskaar- apni niece ka naam soch Raha tha?
Ragini- phir Tum shuru ho Gaye?
Sanskaar – ok ok jokes apart aap Ko yaad hai Maine apko Swara k bare mein bataya tha aaj Maine use dekha nd u knw what shayad wo meri imagination thi ya sach mein…
Ragini- kyaaa?
Sanskaar- she exactly resembled u
After listening Sanksaar’s statement Ragini again started getting some flashes.

Swara’s home
Swara reached home and her dadi as usual began taunting her that she knew she won’t get the job etc etc but when Swara announced that she has got the job her dadi was left opened- mouth
Swara- dadi ye sabzi le lijiye main kapde change karke aati Hun khana banane.. Swara left leaving her dadi as a statue
Dinner time…
Dadi- sun ladki apne boss se zyada chipakna mat ek duri banaye rakhna kuch bhi agar tohfa wofa de to Lena Na mahare Ko pata hai ki je sab bade Aadmi apni kaam wali k pass aane k liye karte Hain samjhi?
Swara nods

Hello all how’s the part? I know I haven’t given proper SWASAN scenes till now but I promise I’ll start giving from the next episode as the next episode’s focus will be on Swara’s first day at Maheswari group of companies till then byee?

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