khamoshiyan : manan (one shot)


The story is about an orphan girl nandhini who live with her Mama,Raj malhotra &Mami, neyonika Her nick name nandhu She is a kind girl Her mama always support her but her Mami doesn’t like her

She has a support Manik Malhothra ,her cousin and son of his mama She loves him even Manik does but both don’t express it to each other they called each others as Monster Manik and nandhuAs day passed there love grow.
One day her mama tell her that he has fix Manik and her wedding Ishita very happy but her happiness was for short time when she came to know that her wedding is fixed with Dhruv and Manik with Soha ,their cousins She respect her Mama and his decisions and think the decisions were always good for him so she accept the proposal and Manik think nandhini doesn’t love him and also accept the proposal

Afterwards the wedding preparations starts, a twists come when we came to know Dhruv and Soha love each other secretly and wants to stop their marriages Dhruv and Soha have no courage to tell their families so they tell Manik and Nandhini. Manik and Nandhini who don’t want to get married decide to help them Dhruv advise to change bride at wedding day the two get shock Nandhini and Manik object this but after Dhruv and Soha much request they accept it

The wedding day came as per plan Soha and Nandhini get exchanged, Manan and Soruv get married But both families were not happy as they think they disrespect them Rajwas upset with Nandhini but slowly they accept it even Manik and Nandhini realize their love for each other for them

So Manik decided to purpose Nandhini Manik plan a surprise for Nandhinibut their car met with an accident Nandhini fall from cliff and died. Dhruv and Soha went for holidays Dhruv fall from stairs and died too

So both families ask Manik to be with Soha as they both are alone.So for the sake of their families they got married They both show as they are happy but they are broken from inside after their love ones death

It is shown that Nandhini survive the accident and go through a plastic surgery because her face got damaged She was saved by a rich business tycoon Raaj Singh Bedi but when she return to their life she see them happy She got misunderstood that Manik betrayed her and always love Soha

She planned for revenge and enter their life as Raaj’s daughter Ayesha Singh bedi because Raaj and Manik had become business partner Manik feels attraction to her
She start her revenge with making Manik feel that he had betrayed Nandhini which cause Manik start drinking and see this Soha got hurts Manik also feels the pain of losing his love of life Ishita and Ayesha want to see them in pain
Soon she realized that she was on a wrong path When she and Manik get stuck in a room Manik told his to story to her from his childhood till Soha and Manik marriage
She felt guilty for her sins So she decided to pay for it by bringing Manik and Soha close They get close but he still feel something strange about ayesha
Soha fall in love in Manik She propose Manik which was witness by ayesha After she leave Manik say no to her Ayesha reaches home She told everything to Raaj who was also shocked

Ayesha tell Raaj she did not want to hurt Manik anymore and want to see him happy with Soha and want to end the chapter of Manan love story So she decided to go to London

Finally the day came She was leaving for London Her whole life was running in front of her eyes but she was determined Raaj did want to see manan love to be uncompleted So he goes to meet Manik and told him everything about why nandhini turn into Ayesha Manik was in tear that his love was near to him but he couldn’t felt it
Manik had decide to stop On the other hand Ayesha is seen sitting in airport waiting for her plane to arrive Manik goes to stop Ayesha from going but he get stuck in traffic he start running Ayesha plane arrive she was going manik came their and stop her He said he is incomplete without her He love her . Ayeha was in tear she came and hug him.

The end

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