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Pyarasa ristha (LOVELY RELATION)
Par (BUT)
Ek galathi (ONE MISTAKE)
Ek majboori (ONE COMPULSION)
Thod diya us atoot bandhan ko (BROKE ALL BOND)
Kya sab kuch katham ho gaya (WHETHR ITS FINISHED FOREVER)
Ya phir … kismath unko ek our moka dhega…. (OR ELSE WILL FATE GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE)

Pragya: maa….. huhhuuuuu
Sarla came running : beta.. wat hap…
Pragya: huuuhhhh (she was coughing)
Sarla: oh no… wait I ll get ur tablet…
She searches for it./ but couldn’t find…
Pragya finds the tablet on table and takes it…
Sarla: I didn’t keep this in table…
Pragya searches for someone… here and there…
Kushi outside the room…. Gets relieves tat pragya stops coughing…

Kya hua in dono ke beech ki… pyaar hothey hua bhi jatha nahi rahe hain… (wat hap tat even though they had love.. they r not willing to share )
On the other side

Abhi: I wont call mamic here… he s happy there
Nyonika: I m dying to see my son
Abhi: but by seing ur party invitations.. it doesn’t seem so

Nyonika goes to asr
Asr: don’t worry mom… I will talk to bhai…
Abhi was reading some books…
Asr came
Abhi: I m busy
Asr: bhai vo…
Abhi: manic will come tmr..
Asr to himself: he didn’t even let me speak to him…. Y bhai.. wat have I done…
Abhi turns his face as if he hears his mind talk….

Raman holds asr.. and asks him to leave the room….

Raman: what the hell is this abhi… u r hurting him .. and I cant take it…
Abhi didn’t pay attention to raman…
Raman: one day ur ego will kill urself…
Raman also left
Aise kya hua ki pyar jathane ko mouka hi nahi dena chahtha hai…(wat happened… even though he wants to show love .. he don’t get any chance)
Ishu s standing outside having red roses and greetings having I LOVE YOU…
Raman: hey body builder… wats up?
Ishu hididng those : nothing … and why r u calling me body builder every time…
She pouts…
Raman came close to her: bcz…
She looks at his eyes lovingly
Raman: bcz… u r body builder..
Saying this he pulls her hair and runs..
Ishu: I wont leave u ravan kumar…
Raman: hahah… to hold raman is not only tough its impossible… (raman ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi naa mumkin hai)
both run

Want to know more… just follow my ff… kaamoshiyan… and it will be coming soon.. by end of this month of October….. stay tuned guyz…

Hope it will get uploaded in all pages.. kyy .. kb.. yhm.. ipkknd… fingers crossed

  1. Nivedha

    Arshi… I am waiting

  2. Arshi

    here s first prologue

    it didnt get posted in other pages.. tats y i posted aanother prologue

  3. Arshi

    here s first prologue

    it didnt get posted in other pages.. tats y i posted aanother prologue…. do see that also..

    1. there any update by ananya

      1. Arshi

        No yaar….

  4. Nice yaar…

  5. Excellent yaar… I am waiting for ur new ff now itself… it seems different n more romantic n more funny n cute bonding between our love birds…

  6. Superrrrrrr…… Waiting for it……

  7. Siddhi


  8. Awesome yrr…. Eagerly waiting for this one…
    God bless you…
    Take care….
    Always be happy & keep smiling….
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe….
    Achieve all the success in life….
    Love you….

  9. Oh….. Yaar. I can’t wait till october. That’s so interesting. I’m so much curious to read it.

    1. Thank U so much for the birthday treat. Belated birthday wishes Arshi. May ur all dreams come true in this year.

  10. Veronica

    Awesome diiiiii

  11. Nida


  12. Shalu

    Nice very touching akka…….and I am also waiting……😎😎

  13. Superb Sisy…I read ur first prologue too
    It is superb..This story is different, waiting to read and imagine more😍😍😍😍😃

  14. Awesome dear

  15. Saranya24

    Seriously an awesome diff story rockng dear waiting fr it😍😘😘😚sry i dnt read ur frst ff but wil read tis fr sure😊

  16. Make long dear

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