Good mrng guyz… hope u all liked my story till now… lets peep into next chappy.. before that I wish to clear one thing to all…. If u r a fan of any one couple… I m soo sorry.. I couldn’t make up to ur expectation… my story is all about friendship and love… it has eight characters while a single incident changed all their lives…. How they are facong aftr that…. That’s it… and I cant give all couple scenes daily…. In prev ff I gave almost imp to all couples.. here I can assure that…. So read it as a story not as a fanfiction of particular couple it will give you disappointment …

And one more thing… my actuall ff starts only in flashback… like who are all they//.. how they met for first time… and how they eventually fall in love with and what made them to take this drastic step.. and all.. so obviously fb epis will be long long and long….. and hold on I will soon start fb scenes…. As of now u may have many questions regarding the story….. so a small description….
Pragya Kushi (sisters.. but have oone issue btwn them,, )
Nandhini murthy(adopted child of srala… plus.. she is sarla’s sister’s daughter.. after their death srala adopted nandhu… )
Asr manic and abhi brothers… abhi and Arnav from first wife of oam malhotra.. and manick from second wife nyonika and oaam malhpotra….
Abhi acts rude to Arnav… but Arnav don’t mind that… abhi and Arnav share a precious bonding… they knew that they care for each other but something compe;s abhi to act rude to asr…

Nandhini is a cute innocent girl … even though she tries to get angry at manic.. her inner soul fall for him… she is madly in love with manic… no matter what but she wants to be his side.. manic on the other hand…. Cares abt nandhu.. but masks his feeling with a angry costume…
Raman ishu abhi are childhood besties…
Pragya abhi is madly in love with each other…. They show asif they hate each other but fail to hold that for long….
Kushi Arnav have nothing but hatred towards each other…. They care for each other… but their hatred is oogling their care…

Here s next chappy… in short,,, ishra meeting.. one more co incidence,… in my last ff also… in 5th epi only ishra met.. haha….

Recap: all couples fights like hell and reached home… ishu and raman thinking of each other and slept….
All the boys were very much stressed and disturbed due to the accidental meet with our cute girlz….

Raman calls them in conference
Raman: aabhi manic Arnav
Abhiniav: yeah.. why this early wake up call?
Raman: we have been invited for a grand party today evening,… remember??
Abhiniav: we r not interested
Raman: I m not asking you idiots.. get ready I will be there to take you all…
Abhi: raman… I have imp..
Raman: I m hanging up
Abhi: ok fine… give a tight hug to ruhi from my side..
Raman smiles and hangs up…
Ruhi came running
Raman: what hap sweetheart.. it seems you did some mischievious things?
Ruhi nods no: haan papa….
Raman laughs at her antics
Ruhi: vo actually i… i…. was playing outside… and and,,..
Raman: what??? Tell me princess..
Ruhi: vo…. I didn’t do anything knowingly…
Raman: ruhi… tell me directly….
Ruhi s about to say…. By then door bell rings…
Raman gets up to open.. ruhi pats her head saying she s gone…
Raman looks at ruhi amd opened the door…
Raman still looking back: yes…???
Opposite side: RAMANNNNNNN
A soft voice touched his ears… his lips didn’t loose this opportunity to smile… instant tears came in his eyes… he slowly turns to see his ishu standing there with messy hairs and eyes full of tears…
Yeh lamha jo thehra hai
Mera hai ye tera hai
Yeh lamha main jee loon zara
Tujh mein khoya rahoon main
Mujh mein khoyi rahe tu
Khudko dhoondh lenge phir kabhi
Tujhse milta rahoon main
Mujhse milti rahe tu
Khud se hum milenge phir kabhi
Haa.. phir kabhi

idhu thaana
idhu thaana
ethir paartha annalum ithu thane

Toshiji from behind: arrey oh… raman bhalla… is this the way u teach ur daughter/… see what she had done…. ??? her naughtiness is crossing the limits nowadays… what she id thinking of herself.. she is equzl to my last finger.. and dancing above my head… ?
Toshiji was cont scolding raman.. and ruhi…. Ishu and raman changes painful glares to each other…
Ruhi came behind: I m sorry…
Her cute voice attracts ishu’s eyes… she looks at the cute innocent girl standing next to her raman….
Ishu touches her cheeks : no problem dear… (still crying)
Ruhi turns her head: I m not talking with u madarasan…. I m asking sorry to my papa….
Toshiji: see how ill mannered is she??
Ishu was frozen to hear papa from her mouth…. Her world is stopped at one second….
Raman was still looking at ishu covering his mouth with his hands….
Thu safar mera
Hai thu hi mera manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ey dil hai mushkil
Kanne kannil kannai vaithu ennai kollathey
Innum unnai nambuven endru penna ennatha
Kangal moodi kadhal seiya katru thanthaye…

Toshiji shakes raman: raman…. Wat hap??? Will u teach some manners to ur daughter???
Raman came to senses and looks at ruhi
Raman: ruhi… …
Ruhi : sorry papa…. I was only playing .. this madarasan came .. and by mistake the dustbin fell from my hand … and she was standing in down floor…
Toshji: oh by mistake?
She asked with fire eyes… ruhi pokes her tongue out and starts fighting with toshiji with tingue and eyes..
Toshi ji gets angry : not even equal to my feet…. U r fighting with me???
Ruhi: even a Himalayas mountain is not equal to you…
Toshiji widen her eys with ruhi’s reply…
Ishu coulnt stand there for long…. She ran away from there.. which helps raman to come out of the shock… he looks at his daughter who is fighting with toshiji… he grabbed ruhi and went inside,..

Raman was very much angry at ruhi
Ruhi: sorry papa…. i just..
Raman: don’t u know that was wrong?? U r figting with that lady.. who is elder than u
Ruhi with pout fce: yeah no one is here to teach me good and bad things…
Raman grabs her into a hug while ruhi smiles as her trick is finally paid off….
Raman smiles broadly atlast he found his ishu… whereas ishu locked herself inside the room crying badly….

Ishu takes her bag and grabs a photo in which she was pulling raman’s shirt.. ad raman struggling to get freed//// she hugged the pic and cried a lot….

Aftr sometime she looked herself in mirror: why should I cry for this man who have never cared for me…..
ITS YOU WHO WENT SOMEWHERE WITHOUT INFORMING ME” a voice came from behind… ishu turns…. To see raman looking at her with teary eyes….
Saraala: kushiiiiii,,,,,,,,
Kushi: mom pls… don’t try to control me…. I don’t need breakfast…
Sarala: what will I do with this girl
Kushi goes on denying her breakfast while a hand tosses a bread inside her mouth
“use the time to eat rather to argue mis.kushi kumara gupta” said pragya after feeding a piece of bread…
Kushi with angry glare: maa…. Ask her to give interview properly atleast today
Pragya rolled her eyes and pushes the whole bread inside her mouth… which made Kushi to run for water.. and pragya left in her cute blue crop top and jean …..

Sarala: kushi pick pragya and nadhu too for that party
Kushi: no need mom…
Kushi pulling her into a small hug: achha baba.. ok.. nw let me go…
Sarala smiles… .
Nandhu reaches her college.. and her eyes start searching for something,..
“he said je joined this college…. But why didn’t her yet started attending …. Its been 1 week he joined this college….” Said nandhini while pouting her face…
Just then her gaze fell on manic who enter the college with his white SUV… he feels some gaze over him… and turns to find nandhu who is starrign him like anything…
Manic gets down from his car.. and walks towards her
Nandhu gets tensed and about to turn… by then he pulls her forcely which ends up her falling in his arms…
He jerks and holds her shoulder: listen nandhini… don’t use your old tricks to play with me.. stay away from me…
Nandhu though gets hurt f his rude behavior smiles a lil seeing him soo close to her… manic by one sec lost his control seeing her innocent smile…. After her innocent smile is the one which made manic to fall for her..

Ishu suddenly wipes her tears. And turns..
Raman: ishu…
Ishu: its ishita iyer…
Raman gets hurt… and covers it suddenly
Raman: u look soo different…
Ishu: yeah now I m not at all that old ishu who gets influenced easily…
Raman: I have searched you in all places… but
Ishu: nothing is impossible for the raman kumar bhalla.. then how come I can belive that he could nt find his frnd in these 4 yrs…
Raman: may be his frnd is too smart to hide herself…
Ishu: yeah unlucky frnd not even invited for her frnd’z marriage…
Raman controls his tears: there s many things which I want to share with u…
Ishu moves forwards towards him and gestures him to leave… which couldn’t help raman to burst out his tears…. But the only thing which ishu cant bear is his tears…
That’s it… ishu pulled him into a hug… afterall he is her childhood frnd.. and she met him after 4 dam years… the hug longed for few minutes…
Which didn’t broke by neither of them.. they cried their heart out .. to forget this 4 yrs separation….

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    1. Arshi

      Yeah…. ruhi is his daughter nah???

      Will start fb soon….

  3. It’s superb and very interesting…finally ishra 1st meeting and ishra hug that was awesome…and precap was exciting…

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  5. Superb episode

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  6. nice update
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