Khamoshiyan (chap-9)

Arpita here. I hope you all didnot forget me. Actually I was suffering from typhoid and dengue so I was hospitallised from last 2 month. Please pardon me for my absentness…….

So Lets start….

Recap- Raglak reception party and accident.

At accident spot,

Swara was lying in pool of blood. Her eyes were supposed to close. In last, these words came from her mouth ‘I’m soorry Sanskarrr’……..

After sometimes, In SM hospital,

Everyone were present outside OT including Nikhil parents. They came to give surprise but destiny gave them surprise.

Dr. Awasthi came outside from OT. Sanskar went to him having tears in his eyes.Dr. Awasthi bows down his head.Shekher went to him.
Shekher- ???????
Dr.- I’m sorry. We tried a lot but we could not save Nikhil and Kavita.

Everyone become dumbstruck.
Sanskar hugs Laksh and starts crying.

Scence shifts to crematorium,

Kavita and Nikhil’s last rites was happening.
Sanskar and everyone shown having tears in their eyes.

After sometimes,

Sanskar was shown standing infront of Kavita’s photo showing his back. Dp and Ap came just then and consoles him. Sanskar phone rang. He composes himself and took the call.
Sanskar- Okay. I’m coming.
Dp &Ap-?????????
Sanskar- She regain consious.

Scene shifts to hospital inside cinni’s ward.

Dp, Ap and Sanskar were present there.
Sanskar gave side hug to cinni.

Cinni- papa where is mamma?

Tears came in Sanskar’s eyes.

Sanskar- Actually Mamma has gone somewhere.
Cinni- okay
Sanskar- You rest now.

Scene shifts to Swara’s room.
Shekher was sitting beside Swara and Raglak was standing there.

‘How is everyone’ said swara indicating towards Kavita, Nikhil and Cinni.

‘Actually Swara, Kavita and Nikhil is no more’

‘What??’ said swara with shocked expression.

She starts crying. Now Dp & Ap also came. Ap hugs her and consoled. After sometimes she become normal.

Swara- Hows Cinni?
Ap- She is fine and resting. You too rest. We will come after sometime.

Everyone went except Ragini.

Ragini- Swara you sit. I’m coming with soup.

Swara nodes. Ragini went.

Swara POV,

How can I do this?? I took Sanskar’s life. I killed them. I killed my Nikhil and Kavita. When everyone know they will hate me. And Cinni… What is the fault of that innocent soul of 6 years. I snatched her mom. I have to tell Sanskar. I cant hide this truth. I cant live in this guilt.
POV ends.

Swara starts getting up. Nurse tried to stop her but she did not stop. She came outside and passes by Cinni’ ward. Tears escape from her eyes. She wipes them.

‘Where is Dr. Sanskar??’ asked Swara to a Nurse.

‘In his cabin’

Swara went ditectly to his cabin. There were dark inside. There a man was showing his back.

Swara- I want to say something. I know it cant be forgivable. But I cant hide this truth. You have right to know. Yesterday Night that person who was driving the car was me. I was drunked but I drive the car. My childlessness took two innocents life( she starts weeping). I know Everyone will hate me. You will put me in jail. But I’m sorry. I never wanted this……..

That person-………..

Swara- say something please……

That person turns. Swara become shocked to see him.

Precap- *Cinni got to know about Kavita and 6 month leap*.

Who is the person??
Who listened Swara confession??

I know Its rushing but I ‘m sorry. I’m weak so I cant type more.

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