Khamoshiyan (Chap-8)

Hi guys. I made a blunder I mentioned previous episode as chap-5 but that was chap-7. Sorry for that.

Story starts.

Sanskar:- what!!
Okay I am coming.

He went to kavita.

Kavita- Is everything okay? Where were you?
Sanky:- yeah… actually I have to go to hospital for some emergency. So Nikhil will drop you both.
Cinni:-good night papa.
Sanskar:- you too.
kavi:-bye take care.
Sanky:- you too…. go and sit in car… Nikhil will come.

Kavita nodes and went to car with cinni.

Sanky went to room. There he saw swara playing with fingers. On seeing her ‘I love you’ echoes in his mind. He ignores her.
Swara saw him and starts smiling.

Swara:-You came again… Dr. Khadoos Hitler.

A smile came on sanskar’s face but he hides before anyone catch him.
Nikhil starts laughing.

Nikhil:- Dr. Khadoos Hitler!! What a nick name sanskar!!
Swara too laughs.
Sanskar gave death glares to them. They became silent.

Sanskar:- Nikhil….. I have to go to hospital…. can you drop kavita & cinni.
Nikhil:- dont worry…. I will….
Sanskar:- take care of swara.

Sanskar went. On his way He was thinking about swara’s world.
Sanskar:- I dont know I felt so attracted to her words. By the way I have to call Nurse that I am coming.

Sanskar checks his pocket.

Sanskar:- ohh shitt!! Phone fell somewhere.

Sanskar went.

In hotel at parking area,

Kavita was in car checking her phone and cinni was sleeping in her lap.
Nikhil and swara came.

Nikhil(to swara in her ear):- Behave like good girl. Swara should not doubt you.
Swara(pouts):-okay but I have a condition I will drive.
Nikhil(angry):-are you out of mind? You are drunked. I dont want to take any risk.
Swara:-please….. I will not do any mistake.

Kavita saw them.

Kavita:-What are you both talking lets go. Its too late.
Swara:- Kavita….I want to drive.
Kavita:-then lets go.

Now nikhil have not any option. He know if he will refuse. Swara will do more drama. After all I am with her so nothing will happen to them.

He gave keys to swara. Both sits and swara starts driving. On their way. Swara feels dizzyness. Kavita saw her.

Kavita:-are you fine?
Swara:- yeah….dont worry….

Nikhil was seeing her.

Swara(in mind):-please god help me. Anyhow we reach home safely.
Nikhil:-I think You are not fine… I will drive….

Suddenly A truck came and clashed with swara’s car.


Precap:- Some one last rites happening. Sanskar is shown crying.
At home,
Sanskar phone rang.
Sanskar(on call):-I am coming.
Sanskar:- she gain consiousness

who died swara or kavita??? who gain consiousness swara or kavita???

Bbye take care.

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