Khamoshiyan (Chap- 6)

Hi guys Arpita here. Sorry for my irregularity. Actually I was busy in my admissions so. Leave it. I hope u all r fine. By the way thanks to all of you for ur lovely comments.

Lets come to the story

Episode starts,

Next day at 3 pm,

At RAGLAK home,

Laksh- Ragu I want to give a party.
Ragini:-ohh..when and why??
Laksh:-today… for our marraige…
Ragini:-what!! It is not possible. I didnot do any preparation.
Laksh:-Dont worry I did and invited everyone.
Ragini:- Ohh I booked a club.
Ragini(angry):- you are telling me now?? Go I will not talk to you.
Laksh(holding his ears):- Sorry.

Ragini starts smiling.

Ragini:- okay.

In Evening At party venue,

Everyone are coming including Swara, Shekher, Nikhil, Sanskar’s family. Host of the party went to stage and greets everyone.

Host:- Ladies and gentleman. Today’s party is for our newly wed couple Ragini & Laksh Khurana. I request to both of them for a danced. Give a big hand to them.

Raglak went to stage and music was on. Swanikh and kavisan also join them later
After dances. Everyone are enjoying party.

Swara was chating with Kavita & Ragini.
Sanskar was with Laksh and Nikhil.

While talking with kavita swara’s phone rang.

Swara:- excuse me.

KaviRag noded.

Swara went to a corner. Just then a waiter passes by having whisky in his tray. while talking Swara sign waiter to stop. She took a glass and dranked thinking that colddrink before waiter could say anything.

Precap:- Sanskar was holding swara.
Swara:-I love you.

I know its too short. I am sorry. Because of my headache I cant write anymore. I am feeling sleepy. Next part I will post in some hours.

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