Khamoshiyan (Chap-7)

Hi guys. I have fever today but I did not want to disappoint you so I am writing. Please ignore any spelling mistake.

Epi starts,

Swara finished whole tray. Waiter ran away having fear of scolding. Phone fell of from swara’s hand. Her head was spining. Just then
sanskar came and become shocked to see her state. He went to her and feel the smell of drink. She stumbles. Sanskar hold her. On seeing
sanskar Swara starts smiling. Sanskar felt that she drank with her own wish. He is unaware of truth so he become angry on her.

Sanskar:-What is this?? You are careless already and now?? You drunk. How could you?? And this much? If you will become ill then everything
have to bear Sir but who cares. You only think about yourself. You know why I hate you? Because you are such a irresponsible doctor ever I have seen.

Swara(pouting):- Sorry.

Sanskar:-put your sorry(angry).

Swara also became angry.

Swara:- I am listening you this does not mean you give me lecture. One thing I drank by mistake.

Sanskar:- ohh… by mistake whole tray?? wow…what a speed! Just shut up.

Swara:-you shut up. I did not completed and you again started. What you think of yourself. If you scold me next time I will break your face.

Sanskar:-you are drunked.

Swara:- but I am telling you trurh. You are khadoos hitler (bol swara bol. Mauke pe chauka)

Sanskar was surprised to see her boldness.
Swara became normal. With smile swara holds sanskar’s cheek.

Swara:- By the way you are so cute Dr. Khadoos Hitler.

Sanskar was like what is this.

Swara:- I love you……(sentence was incomplete)

Sanskar became numb on her sudden expression.

Swara:- I love you Nikhil.

(Guys what you thought she will tell that I love you sanskar…hehehehe…not so soon…what will happen to that kavity)

Nikhil was just behind Sanskar and holds swara. Sanskar understands.

Nikhil:- Is she drunk?

Sanskar:- yeah before she create any issue you take her to a room.

Nikhil:- okay… lets go to room swara

Swara:- okay

They both went.

Sanskar too went to laksh.

Sanskar:- listen laksh you drop mom, dad & shekher sir.

Laksh:- what happened?

Sanskar:- I will tell you later.

Laksh:- okay.

Laksh went with Ragini.

Sanskar got a call.

Sanskar:- what??

Precap:- same as teaser.

Sorry I can not write long. I am so busy. My classes are 9:00 am to 5:00pm so please forgive me and enjoy.

Bye take care.
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