Khamoshiyan (Chap- 4)

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Lets go on story……..

In showroom,

Lakshya, swaragini are selecting dresses….

Ragini: finally shopping is done.
Lakshya: okay now I’m going to pick mom & dad (guys laksh calls ap & dp, mom&dad)
Rags:okay bye.
Swara(teasingly): anything else you want to say him??
Ragini: shut up okay.

Laksh smiles.

Rags: by the way laksh someone is going to come tomarrow.
Lakshya: who??

Swara blushes. Laksh understands seeing swara.
Laksh(pointing swara): someone is blushing.
Swara:shut up guys…..laksh now u r not getting late??
Laksh:yeah…. bye…..

Laksh went. Swaragini also went to swara’s home.

In night, at sanky’s home,

Kavi(shouting):mom……..sanskar….cinni…..dinner is ready…….

Everyone came on dining table including sanskar.Kavi serves food to everyone….

Dp(after finishing food): sanskar… everthing ready. Tomarrow is sangeet.
Sanskar: yes dad…dont worry.
Ap- by the way where is our groom.
Kavi- he called me. He have sm imp work. He will come after 1 hours.

(Laksh is alone so he lives in sanskar’s home. He bought his own home too. After his marraige he is going to live in that home)

In swara’s home,

Swaragini ,shekher are doing dinner.

Shekher- Did u both enjoyed ur shopping?
Swaragini: yeah…

Trio finished their dinner and went to their rooms. Swaragini went to swara’s room.

(Guys whole story is focus on swasan. Raglak mrg is necessary for further story. But I will not drag Raglak marraige and scene so dont be upset Raglak fans)

In morning at swara’s home,
Doorbell rang.

Its 8 am. Servent opened the door. Some one came.

In swara’s room,

Ragini came after taking a shower.

Ragini: swara…wake up…

Swara waked up, went to washroom.
Ragini went to living area where she the same person who came just sometimes ago and became shocked.

Ragini: you!!!!!when came???
Otherperson: sometimes before.
Rags: swara will be surprised to meet you.

Otherperson smiles.

Just then swara came & became shocked to see that person. She run to hug him.

Swara: Nikhil….
(That person is none other than Nikhil. He is swara’s childhood friend and love whom she is going to marry. Nikhil lives with his parents in london.)
Swara: you didnot told me that u r coming in morning.
Nikhil: I want to give u surprise.

Then Shekher came. Nikhil went to touch his feet.
Shekher: Nikhil….go&freshen up then we will do breakfast.
Nikhil: okay.

Nikhil went to guest room.

Swara: Dad you r not surprised?
Sheker: I knew that he will come in morning to give u surprise.
Swara: and u didnot telk me.
Shekheer: It was surprise and I promised Nikhil.

Then Nikhil came. Everyone seated for breakfast.

Shekher: Nikhil…. ur parents didnot come???
Nikhil: actually dad have some imp work so he will come in next week with mom.
Shekher: hmm…..okay….

Everyone started to doing their brekfast.

Precap: Raglak marraige.

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