Khamoshiyan (Chap-16) Swasan ff by ArpitaKrish

Hyyyy guys. Sorry I know I’m much late. It’s 2 month of previous one. Actually I was busy in my studies and I wrote 5-6 times this epi but got deleted cz of many reason then I became frustrated. Okay I’m holding my earz now….. Cholly….. Guys one thing more I started a ff named ‘Love story of Shah sisters & Kapoor brothers’ Its swasan kanchi ff. I know some of you dont like kanchi but once try to read prologue & if you like the concept then give your reviews by liking or commenting. I really need your support. Please its request. Okay now lets move towards next chapter.

Khamoshiyan (Chap-16):

Recap- (I’m giving summery of this ff to recollect old one). Sanskar & Swara is doctor & partner of SM hospital. They had love-hate relationship. One night Sanskar’s wife & Swara’s boyfriend Nikhil died because of Swara’s mistake. About this incident only Lakshya, Sanskar’s best friend & brother knows. To repent Swara married Sanskar & took care of his family & 6 years old daughter Cinni. Their life were moving farword. They came close to each other between their love hate relationship. In previous chapter, they got intimate with each other. Let’s see what turn their life will take.


In morning, Swara’s eyes open. She get up & did not find Sanskar.

“Where is Sanskar?” She thought & looked at herself. She remembers last night moments & blushes.

“I think now everything will be fine between us. Swara….. You are insane” Swara thought and went for shower.

In Raglak’s room,

“I love her Lakshya” Sanskar blurted while Lakshya was in his sleep.

“Lakshya wake up” Sanskar was shaking Lakshya.

Lakshya waked up being frustrated.

“What happened to you suddenly? Whom you love?” Lakshya asked.

“Swara…..” Sanskar smiled.

“What??? Did I hear something wrong?” Lakshya was surprised.

“Yeah….. I love Swara” Sanskar was blushing.

Lakshya hugged him.

“I’m really happy for you. Go & tell her then” Lakshya suggested.

“No…. I want to surprise her by taking her on a date” Sanskar shared.

“Not bad” Lakshya teased.

Scene shifts to Kitchen,

Swara came while Ragini was making coffee.

“Sorry…..Sorry….. I’m late today” Swara fumbled.

“It’s alright. Why are saying sorry?” Ragini consoled.

“Okay….. Go & sit there. I dont want my champ to be in trouble beacause of you” Swara made Ragini sit on a chair comfortably.

“Okay baba…. My day will also come one day” Ragini teased.

Swara blushes.

“Ohooo……Someone is blushing.” Ragini teased.

“It’s nothing like that. You are thinking too much” Swara pretends.

“Okay….Now you started hiding things from me. You have forgotten me” Ragini pretends like crying.

“Dramaqueen….. Stop now. You are still same. Overdramatic…..” Swara laughed.

“I love Sanskar” Swara shared.

“Wow….” Ragini jumped.

“Be careful” Swara holds her.

“Ohh…. Sorry. But I’m so happy.” Ragini hugs Swara.

“Did you confess?” Ragini asked.

“No. I don’t know if he still love Kavita. I don’t want to lose him. If he himself will tell me then I will confess my feeling” Swara shared her fear.

“Okay. As your wish. I’m always with you” Ragini consoled.

Scene shifts to break fast table, Everyone were doing their break fast. After finishing, Sanskar said, “I’m going somewhere for a meeting with Lakshya so will you drop Cinni to her school while going to hospital?”

“Okay” Swara blushed. Sanskar saw & smiled.

Lakshya & Ragini also smiled seeing seeing Swasan. Dp & Ap were surprised seeing their behaviour.

“Papa….. Where you are going?” Cinni asked.

“For a important work.” Sanskar replied with smile.

“But I want to go with you only” Cinni said.

“It’s only about today. Go with mommy” Sanskar said.

“Okay Cinni. Why are you troubling Papa. We will go” Swara said.

Swalak went.

“I’m also going. I have to make some important call” Dp also went.

“What is going on behind my back?” Ap asked.

“Nothing Mom” Swaragini replied & went.

Whole day passed, In evening Swara came out of OT after doing surgeory. Nurse came & gave her a parcel.

Swara opened. It was a beautiful gown.

“Wear it & Come to love birds cafe.” A msg was written by Sanskar.

After 1 hours, Swara came to Cafe wearing that black colour gown with simple make up & matching earrings.

It was dark there.

She enters inside the venue.

“Sanskar, I know you are here. Come infront of me. My heart beats are increasing” Swara blushed.

Light turned on. Sanskar came infront.

“I have to say something” Sanskar said.

“I know what you are going to say but I will confess 1st” Swara blushed.

“Okay……” Sanskar holds her hand.

“I love you Sanskar” Swara confessed.

“But I hate you Swara”

To be continued…..

I hope you liked. I will come soon with next. Dont forgot to read Prologue of ‘Love story of Shah sisters & Kapoor Brothers’

Take care. Bye. loads of love.

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