Khamoshiyan (Chap-13)

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Recap: A small misunderstandings happened between SwaSan.


Sanskar was eating and Cinni was playing game. Swara silently went to stairs. Cinni saw her.


Sanskar turned. Swara also turned.

“What happened Cinni” asked seeing toward Cinni.

Both SwaSan felt awkward bcoz of today incident.

“You did not took your dinner” said Cinni jumping from chair.

Sanskar gave shocking looks and Swara lowered her head.

“Woh……I’m not hungry”
“Mamma……this is not fair. You make Papa to eat his Dinner and You himself is doing this”
“Oops…….” Cinni keep her hand on her mouth.

Swara see Cinni and then Sanskar.

Sanskar was also looking towards both of them.

“Sorry Mamma….I blurted….but please eat your Dinner” Cinni said pulling Swara’s head towards dining table.

“Okkkkk……”said Swara.

She sits there. Cinni served her Dinner. Swara was looking towards Sanskar nervously. Sanskar finished and stood.

“Papa…..wait a minute. Mamma will finish then you both go”

Sanskar nodes and sit down.

After Sometimtimes Swara finished her dinner.

“Okay now I’m going. Bye…..Good night….” Cinni said while kissing both.


SwaSan both are going to their room. There is a pindrop silence.

“Is he read msgs…….why he is not saying anything?? He is still angry??” Swara was thinking.

“What I did? I think I should say Sorry…….Hmmm” Sanskar also mumbles.

“I’m sorry Swara” said Sanskar keeping her hand in his pockets.

“It’s okay” Swara smiled.

Sanskar also smiled.

Both reached to their room.

Next Morning:

Sanskar was getting ready in his room. Swara was in kitchen. There is knock on his room door.
Sanskar turned. Ap came inside.

“Maa ??? Is anywork for me??”
“Hmm….I want to talk abt something”
“Yeasterday what you did with Swara was not fair. There was no mistake of her. She was unaware about bangles”
“I know Maa….I said sorry to her”
“This is not about bangles. See…..I know you love Kavita but she was your past. Swara is your present. After that incident Swara took care of us and specially Cinni. She marraid you for us and Cinni. She did not ask anything in return. She also lost her love. Nikhil was her love but she forgot everything for us. She also need love and care, that love which only you can give her. She deserve it”

Sanskar was thinking something.

“You should give her chance…..”

“Okay Maa….” Sanskar nodes.

Ap went hopefully.

Scene shifts to Dining table. Swara was serving breakfast including Sanskar.
Today Swara is going hospital too.

“Swara sit and have breakfast. You have to go hospital” Ragini said.

Swara nodes.

After breakfast,

“Swara I’m waiting for you. You go and get ready” Sanskar said.

Swara went. RagLak looks surprised that he is talking normally with Swara. They gave questioning looks toward Ap. Ap nodes positively.

In Room:

Swara was wearing Kurta and jeans. She was sitting infront of mirror. She was struggling with her Mangalsutra which was stuck in her back of kurta.


“Papa……You signed my diary???” asked Cinni holding her school bag.
“Ohh……I forgot. It is in my room. I’m coming” Sanskar said.

Sanskar went upstairs.

In Room:

Sanskar went inside. He signed the diary.

“Swara are you ready?”

Swara turns. Sanskar was mesmerised seeing her.

“Woh…..Sanskar……My mangalsutra” Swara said indicating towards her back.

Sanskar came in sense.

Sanskar went to her. She turns. He put her hair aside. Touched her neck. A current went through their bodies. Both are seeing eachother through mirror. Sanskar made her wear.

Music plays in bg……….


“I’m getting late Laksh chachu” said Cinni.
“Hmm……” Laksh starts thinking.
“Cinni….will you go along me. Coz I have some work so I’m not going hospital directly. They will come in other Car” Laksh said giving Ragini a thumbs up.

Ragini smiles.

Laksh and Cinni went. SwaSan came downstairs.

“Where is Laksh and Cinni?” asked Sanskar.
“Jiju Actually Cinni went with Lakshya. Laksh has some work at her school side” Ragini explained.

Swasan nodes and went.

In Hospital:

“Dr. Swara today you have important surgeory with Dr. Lakshya. Sanskar sir said to told you” Rajesh said giving her case file.

Swara took. Rajesh went.

It is the first time after Laksh confrontation Swara is going to do surgeory with him. After that incident Laksh do not talk to her. Swara tried but failed. Noone know about this coz infront of everyone they behave normally.

“I hope One day Laksh will forgive me” tears came in Swara’s eyes remembering Lakshya and her moments.

Scene shifts to OT. Both SwaLak was doing surgeory. Surgeory comleted but what is this. Blood starts coming out of Swara’s hand. Mistakely she touched knife tightly thats why. Lakshya see this


Chapter ended.

To be contuied to know next. Will Laksh forgive Swara?

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