Khamoshiyan (chap-12)

Here is Arpita with next chapter….

Recap- Swara’s 1st Rasoi. Dp gives bangle to Swara for polishing.

Chap Starts,

In Kitchen:

Swara was cutting vegetables. Ragini was sitting at a chair beside her. Swara was on other chair.

“Swara I want to ask something” Ragini asked.
“Hmm..bolo” Swara said while cutting veg.
“Do you still love Nikhil? Its okay if you dont want to say” Ragini asked giving a sorry look.
“No its not like that. Nikhil was my past. Sanskar and Cinni is my present. I love Cinni so much…….”
“And what about Sanskar” Ragini asked cutting her.

Swara become silent and stop cutting vegs.

Ragini:- Sanskar also lost Kavita. He does not show but He also deserve love and Care. You take care of him but love? Do you love him?
Swara:- Ragini He still love Kavita. For him only I’m mother of Cinni. I dont want to hurt him.
Ragini:- So what? You can try na?

Swara starts thinking.

Ragini:- Okay I’m going.

Ragini went.

In SwaSan’s Room:

Sanskar came out from washroom and saw the bangles.
He pick up.

“These bangles are of Kavita. I gave her on our 1st date”

He starts reminiscing that moments.

Flashback Shown,

Sanskar was giving that bangles to Kavita.
“I love you Sanskar”
“I love you too Kavita”

Fb ends.

Tears came in Sanskar’s eyes.

“What these bangles are doing at Swara’s table”

He became angry holding bangles in his fist.

Swara came to room to see if Sanskar want something.

“Sanskar kuch chahiye aapko (Do you want something)??”
“What’s this” Sanskar asked showing bangles.
“Oh….These bangles…….”

He suddenly holds her hand tightly so Swara stops due to sudden pain in her hand. Tears came in her eyes.

“Leave my hand. Its paining Sanskar”

“You are not my wife. You dont dare to touch her things. Dont try to take her place.”

Swara starts weeping lowering her head listening his words.

Sanskar leaves her hand and went in anger.

Three storng pair of eyes are watching them. They felt so bad. They are none other than Ap and Raglak.

Trio went from there leaving Swara alone for sometime.

Swara went to washroom. She stood infront of mirror. She was crying seeing her hand.

“I’m worthy of it. I took Kavita from Sanskar.”

She starts washing her face.

She came out from washroom and stood infront of mirror.

“I’m looking presentable now. Everyone will be waiting for dinner”

Swara went downstairs.

Some talks are happening in Ap’s room so lets go there.

Ragini:- What Sanskar did was not okay.
Laksh:- I agree with you but How those bangles came to Swara.
Ap:- I gave to Swara for polishing. She was unaware abt that. Leave it. I will talk to Sanskar. Now lets go downstairs.

Raglak nodes and trio went.

Swara was setting dining table. Dp, Ap, Raglak were sitting. Cinni came.

Dp:- Where is Sanskar?

Everyone become nervous listening it.

Just then Sanskar came.

“I’m not hungry. You all eat” saying he went upstairs.

Swara become sad.

Swara:- Its okay You all eat I will fed him later.

Everyone finished their food and Ap, Raglak saw toward Swara helplessly. Ap decided to talk to Sanskar in morning.

Everyone went to their room except Swara.

She stops Cinni.

“Cinni You sit I have a work for you. Just coming in 5 min”

Cinni nodes and sits on chair.

Swara quickly went to kitchen. She took her phone and starts msging Sanskar.

In msg,
“Sanskar I’m sorry I did not know that those bangles was of Kavita. Maa gave me for polishing. I took from jewellers and thought to give back to maa in evening. I have not any intension to hurt you. That time I was trying to say but you holded my hand cutting my word.
I know my limit. I came in your life only for Cinni.”

Tears came in her eyes. She kept phone down and wipes her tears. She take food in a plate and went to dining table and keep that.

“Ohh Mamma….. You are going to eat. For this only you stopped me. My stomach are already full.”

“No….. Its not for you” said Swara pouring the water in glass.

“Ohh…. So you will eat alone. I understand now, You are scared of eating alone so you stop me” said Cinni keeping her fingers on her cheeks.

“Scared of whom?” asked Swara not understanding her talks.

“From ghosts” said Cinni showing her big eyes.
“Really? Btw I’m not hungry So I’m not going to eat” said Swara while smiling on her talks.

“So it is for ghosts” said Cinni jumping from chair in fear.

“Now stop. Its for Sanskar. Go and call him. You say him to eat if you convince him to eat and he will eat then You will get what you want” said Swara dealing with her.

“I want a new teddy” said Cinni excitedly.

“Okay go and dont take my name”

Cinni nodes and went happily.

Scene shifts to Sanskar’s Room. He read Swara’s msg and felt bad for her. He was guilty now.

“I will say sorry to her. I did not do right. I should have listen her” his thought was broken by Cinni who come and sits in his lap suddenly.
He hugs her and smiles.

“Papa I want something. Promise me you will not say no to me”
“Okay promise” said Sanskar holding her hand.
“Please eat your dinner” said Cinni requesting.
“I’m not hungry” said Sanskar.

After much pleadness Sanskar agrees.

Downstairs Swara was standing thinking something.

“He will come na. Of course will come. Cinni has went to call. He cant deny Cinni.”

Her thought were broken by footsteps. She ups her head and saw Cinni and Sanskar Coming. They are talking so they did not notice Swara. She hide behind Stairs.

Both went to Table and sits there. Cinni was opposite to Sanskar. She saw Swara and gives thumbs up to her. Sanskar turns back and did not found any one. Swara was hinding behind a table kept there.

“Whom You showed thumbs up” said Sanskar.
“No…. I was practising to thumbs up” said Cinni again showing thumbs up.
“Btw I’m not going to eat. I’m full. You eat. Give your phone I will play game”

Sanskar gave his phone and starts eating. Swara was seeing them ,ears came in her eyes seeing them and reminiscing today bangle’s incident.

Screen freezes to Swara’s emotional face along with Sanskar and Cinni’s face.


Sanskar- Sorry Swara.
Swara- Its okay
Ap- Sanskar You should give a chance to Swara.
Sanskar starts thinking.

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