Khamoshiyan (chap-11)

Arpita here……
Previous chap was chap-10 but it posted as 109. Sorry for that…….

Recap- Cinni got to know about Kavita. 6 month leap. Swasan mrg.

Epi starts,

Next morning,

Swara wake up and smiles to see Sanskar sleeping peacefully. She went to washroom for shower. Swara came out from washroom wearing blue anarkali. After combing her hair and doing some simple makeup she went out.
Sanskar waked and went to washroom.

Swara went to Cinni’s room,

Cinni was sleeping. Swara went to her and starts waking her.

“Cinni wake up baby. You have to go school.”
“5 min more” said Cinni pulling her blanket.
“Please wake up otherwise I will not talk to you”
“Cinni you go for fresh up. I’m going to make breakfast”

Cinni nodes and Swara went downstairs.


Ragini and Ap were present there.
“Sorry I’m late”
“Its okay Swara” said Ragini with a cute smile.
“Swara Its your 1st Rasoi So you have to make something sweet” said Ap.
“Okay Maa. You both go. I will come in sometime”
“Okay. If you want any help then tell me”
“No Maa. I will do”

Ragini and Ap nodes and went.
Swara starts preparing bf.
Time skipped and everyone was ready for breakfast on dining table.
Swara came with breakfast and kept on table. Everyone was there except Sanskar.

Dp- where is Sanskar??

Just then Sanskar arrived.

“Sorry I’m late”
“Its okay Papa but dont repeat again” said Cinni putting her hand on hand on her waist with a serious look.

Everyone starts laughing seeing her antics except that Khadus Hitler (Which name was given by Swara only).

Sanskar gave ‘what was that’ look Cinni.
Cinni become silent and starts blinking her eyes.

“Mamma only say me when I do a mistake” signing towards Swara.

Sanskar saw toward Swara. She lower her eyes and to divert the topic start serving everyone.

After finishing breakfast. Sanskar, Lakshya went to Hospital with Cinni to drop her school.
Swara went to Kitchen. Ap,Dp and Ragini went to their rooms.


Swara was in her room folding the cloth. Just then Ap came.

“Yes Maa” seeing toward Ap.
“Take this bangles. It became dull. Can you give to jweller for polishing??”
“Okay Maa”

Ap went. Swara call jeweller ang gave him for polish.

Sometimes later,

Swara went to Ap.

“Maa I’m going to pick Cinni”
“Okay and dont forget to bring bangle”

Swara went.


Cinni was waitnig outside. Swara came. Cinni went and sit in car.
“How was your day” said Swara while hugging Cinni.
“Awesome” said with a cute smile.
“So lets go”

Car stops at a jewellery shop,

“Cinni I’m going inside. You sit. I will be back in 5 min”
“Okay but I want Kinderjoy”

Swara went inside ,took the bangle and came out. Outside she bought kinderjoy for Cinni. Both went to home.

In her room Swara kept the bangle on her dressing table.

“I will give Maa in evening”

Time skip. Its evening. Swara was in Cinni’s room helping her in her HW.

Sanskar and Laksh came from Hospital. Both went to their room.

In Sanskar’s Room:

Sanskar went to his room and went to washroom to take shower.

Cinni’s room:

“Mamma my HW is finished”
“Okay I’m going to make dinner. You go to Dadu.”

Swara went out.

Precap: Sanskar- You are not my wife. So you dont dare to touch Kavita’s thing. You cant take her place.
Swara was weeping lowering her head and three strong pair of eyes are watching them.

Its little short. Forgive me for that.
Bye take care. Do comment.

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