Khamoshiyan (chap-10)

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Recap- Kavita and Nikhil died. Swara’s confession.

Epi starts,

That person turns.

‘Lakshya’ Swara said surprisely.

‘How could you do this Swara? I cant believe this. Sanskar always said that In your
carelessness you will do some stupidity but I denied him and supported you. You proved this.
You took his happiness.’

‘I’m sorry Lakshya’

Swara was weeping.

‘Dont worry I will not say anything to sanskar or anyone because I dont want to hurt them but I will never forgive you’

Lakshya went.

Swara- I took happiness of Sanskar and Cinni. I will give them happiness. They are my responsibilty now.

She wipes her tears and went.

After 2 days, at Sanskar’s home,

Cinni was in her room lying on bed. Everyone is present except Shekher.

‘Where is Mamma? Its 2 days I didnot see her. I want Mamma’ Cinni said in sad voice.

Swara- come with me.
Cinni- where?
Swara- come na.
Cinni- okay.

Swara consoles Sanskar through her eyes.
She came with Cinni infront of Kavita’s photo.

Swara- Cinni, You Mamma went very far from us.
‘Where’ cinni asked innocently.

Tears come in everyone eyes including Swara.
But she composes herself.

‘Woh…..To god’

Cinni starts crying.
Swara hugs her.

‘Stop crying Cinni. God ji is alone. He want someone. Your Mamma was too good So he took her. With you Papa, dadu, Dadi is here and I’m also. Stop crying Otherwise Mamma will be sad’

‘Okay’ Cinni nodes and hugs Sanskar who was present there with teary eyes.

Everyone smiles incuding Swara.

6 month leap,

Author’s POV,

In these 6 month everthing is changed. Swara forgets about Nikhil.She is not that stupid
Swara. She only concentrate on her work and Cinni. She never gave any chance to anyone to miss Kavita. She took care of everyone.
Sanskar also change. He was too engrossed in his work but never leave chance to pamper Cinni.
Swasan have no feeling for eachother. They hardly talk about each other. They talks only about Cinni and family.
Ragini is pregnet so Raglak live in Sanskar’s home.

Yeah I forget to tell you guys Today is Swasan mrg. They are marrying only for Cinni.
Niether they are friend nor Husband wife. They are only going to be parents of Cinni.

Lets go to Swasan mrg at Shekher’s home,

A well decorated Mandap is shown. Two person were taking pheras. They are Our Swasan. Everyone were present Dp, Ap, RagLak, Shekher and some close friend and relatives.
Ofcourse Cinni was also cheering.

Scene shift to a room where two person was shown standing. They are Swasan.

‘I cant love you. I only marraied you for Cinni. I’m sorry Swara.’

‘Its okay Sanskar Sir. I also did this for Cinni. I love her so much. I cant leave without her. For world we are husband wife but if you dont mind
for us Can we be friend’ said with smile.

Swara farword her hand. Seeing no response her smiles fade away.

Sanskar saw her. He too farword and shakes.

‘Okay’ said Sanskar in his usual khadoos serious way.

‘Okay you go and change’ sanskar said.

Swara went to change her bridal dress. Sanskar went to other room to change. Swara came out and took the pillow.
Sanskar came.

‘Swara, where are you going with pillow?’
‘Woh…… Sir, I’m going to sleep on couch’
‘No need Swara. Its long size bed. We both can sleep comfortably here’

Swara nodes.

‘And one thing more Swara.Now I’m your friend and for world husband so dont call me Sir say only Sanskar’

Swara nodes smilingly.

Sanskar too smiles and went to sleep.

Swara become surprised.

Swara in mind- He is smiling. Wow……

Soon both slepts.

Precap- I did not think yet

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