Khamoshiyan 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Khamoshiyan 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 6th February 2013 Written Update

Rajlakshmi bullies Gauri for sometime and finally gets her to take her blessing. Garv is looking amused at the spot he has put his wife in! Btw, he introduces her to his mother as ‘Gauri Vikram Gaikwad’!

Gauri is making tea for her in-laws (after being ordered to do so) and Garv’s sister-in-law comes in and there is a silly comedy scene, between Nandita and her.

The Gaekwads are sitting together and b*t*hing about the B Family, whereby Rajlakshmi tells Garv to focus on his revenge and not fall for his wife’s beauty. Garv convinces her but doens’t sound very sure about his own words, about not falling for Gauri.

Asavari and Appa Saheb have the same conversation about outsing the G Family, while Asavari keeps calling him Buddhe in her mind! (Have these two actors been signed on a contract that they have to be shown every day?)

Garv and Gauri in the bedroom, where he puts his bed on the floor (poor Garv) and plays on his mobile while Gauri is elegantly reading a book. He feels that he hasn’t annoyed her enough, so he goes and switches off the light, which she comes and promptly switches off. They keep playing with the switch till it fuses, making Gauri laugh and Garv embarassed!

Next morning Rajlakshmi walks into her son’s bedroom (how weird is that?) and sees him sleeping on the floor. She wakes up Gauri and tells her to freshen up and make tea for her. And tells her that from now onwards, she will be sleeping on the floor while her son sleeps on the bed. Gauri keeps quiet but looks annoyed.

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