Khamoshiyan 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Khamoshiyan 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 5th February 2013 Written Update

Episode beings with Asavari and Nandita decorating GG’s Suhaagraat Room. Nandita does some tomfoolery and Asavari scolds her. Waste of a scene…Nandita dreams about Prithvi as a groom and herself as a bride!
Asavari scolds Nandita to stop daydreaming and sends her to fetch Gauri. Nandita fetches Gauri who comes and looks scandalized at the decoration(What was she expecting?) and throws away the flowers. Asavari taunts her, as Garv walks in looking at the strewn flowers and then exchanges a look with his wife and gives a cold stare to Asavari.
Asavari and Nandita leave the newly married love-birds in their room.’Pahuch hi gayi thi hamari kashti kinare, is kashti ko abhi hi aana tha…’ Garv utters this dialouge and goes to close the door, scaring the living daylights out

of Gauri and then advances towards Gauri, pushing her on the bed (not physically, but she falls down trying to back off from him)She closes her eyes in sheer terror at what her husband might attempt!
Garv tells her that closing her eyes is not going to help her escape from reality. And tells her that he knows she is remembering Siddharth or something along those lines…I missed his dialouge here!
OMG…Garv tries to kiss Gauri! She pushes him with such force that he falls back and hits himself on the wall and his forehead bleeds.Garv looks furious but controls his anger and tells her that he knows she hates him but to remember that whatever happens in their relationship will be due to his will…whether he touches or her not and he chooses not to, as of now. He then tells her that the brides in his family don’t do Karate and Boxing! (Lolz…I think that is for the shove she gave him!)
Hum sabki prediction galat nikli. Garv takes his pillow and bedsheet and leaves Gauri alone in the Suhaagraat Room! Gauri breaks down crying and wonders why her Siddharth has left her alone to face all this.
Gauri takes off all her jewellery and tries to pull off her mangalsutra but remembers her mother telling her that a woman is born to sacrifice. She keeps crying, clutching her mangalsutra (Mrunal was good) but doesn’t take it off.
Next Morning
The B Family is assembled in the living room and wonders who called them.
They look at Hottie standing on the Balustrade (top of the stairs) and telling them that the house now belongs to the Gaekwads and they better start behaving like the owners of the house want!
The Gaekwad Family has arrived…Cartoons ki toli hain! Sab Koliwaadi ke fisherman and fisherwoman lag rahein hain. Garv’s mom (Utkarsha Naik…welcome!) is arguing with the autorickshaw and they look really rural and terribly loud and down-market! (This should be fun!)
Garv looks mightly pleased and greets his family in Marathi, hugging his brother, greeting his Vahini (Bhabhi) and touching his mother’s feet. He seems to share a very warm relationship with his family and welcomes them to their house. Garv’s Aai looks pleased at coming back to her home but angry when she sees AS and shouts on him when Appa Saheb asks Garv where he has got this Bhikariyon ki Fauj! Garv’s Aai shouts on him loudly…Asavari ki bhi maa lag rahin hain!
Garv’s Aai insults Appa Saheb and says that he used to be on road and does he remember who she is, ‘Rajlakshmi Suryakant Gaekwad’. AS and the others are speechless, he tries to make them go out, but she gives him back and says that its her house and he made it into a jungle raaj filled with animals. She says that she has also raised a snake and scorpion (Garv is snake, btw!) and then introduces her daughter-in-law…who goes onto abuse AS (The dialouge writer needs to change…asap)
AS and Rajlakshmi have a face off, while Garv smirks in the background. Rajlakshmi then does a sort of dance (Don’t ask me, watch it yourself!) around AS while the B Family look in utter shock. Even Asavari is speechless. AS vows to get the entire family out of this house in 30 days else he will leave Kolhapur.
Rajlakshmi calls Aaji Sahib as ‘Safed Khargosh’and says that she is surpised that the woman is still alive! And then goes to insult Sumitra, but our Atto Aaji answers back saying the house belongs to her father!(AS is her father)Rajlakshmi insults her saying that she has been left by her husband, making Sumitra leave the room…and then insults Asavari saying that she looks like belonging to ‘Nagin ki biradari’ and calls her husband, Bhediye ki dum! Oh Lord…the Gaekward Family seems to have run away from a circus…can’t believe Garv belongs to them!
Gauri looks gorgeous in her post-wedding look…simple salwar kameez, no jewellery or gaudy clothes, only her mangalsutra and sindoor. Rajlakshmi looks at Gauri and asks Garv who she is and he says her Sunbai (Daughter-in-law). She looks amused while Gauri looks both shocked and slightly disgusted at her in-laws!

Pre-cap : Rajlakshmi tells Gauri that she needs her morning tea at 5 and Gauri looks shocked!(I think this is one expression that Gauri will have to practice on a daily basis now) Asavari is thinking that one more enemy of AS has come to the house and his enemy is her friend!

Update Credit to: soapie

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