Khamoshiyan 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Part 1
The episode starts off with Asawari getting angry on Nandita. Sumitra comes to her and says to her ”why are you so angry? Nandita has not done something so big thing” Sumitra also adds ”I know something is going on in your mind and the day i’ll get to know about it. It will be the last day of your in this home.”

Scene switches to, Sumitra and Amutra talking about Asawari. Amutra remembers the talk of Ranjeet and Asawari. She says to Sumitra ”I wanna tell you something” but Shivangi comes and force Amutra to put oil in her hairs and takes her away.

Scene switches to, Guari and Pratiksha in Pratiksha’s room. Guari says to her ”you have magic in your hands.” Pratiksha says ”you also have magic in your hands.” Guari says ”I got this magic from you.” And Pratiksha says ”And Ashwini helped you to recognise the magic in your hands.” Guari becomes quite! Nandita comes to them and gives them coffee. Nandita leaves and Guari says to Pratiksha ”don’t drink this coffee.” Pratiksha says ”why?” Guari says ” I’ll make coffee for you.” Pratiksha says ”Okay”

Scene switches to, Guari going and Sumitra coming to her. She says ”what happened?
you seems to be tensed.” Guari tells her everything about the coffee and the medicine thing. Sumitra says ”we will find it out soon and don’t tell this thing to others.”
Part 2
Scene switches to, Pratiksha in the temple. She asked Amutra that ”where is Guari?”Amutra says ”she has gone to Devi Ma’s temple.” Pratiksha says ”she is weird. She can do anything.” Amutra says ”why?” Pratiksha says ”Guari told me that she wanna see my hand made Rangoli and now she went to the Devi Ma temple.” She says to Amutra to ”give Prasad to everyone. I’ll make Rangoli” And leaves.
Amutra to herself : ”I’m sorry Pratiksa. I can’t tell you the truth where Guari is.”

Scene switches to Sumitra standing outside of the hospital and waiting for Guari. Gauri comes her and tells her that the doctor told this medicine is to affect for brain. Sumitra says to her ”nothing will happen to Pratiksha come let go home.”

Scene switches to, Amutra giving Prasad to everyone. Some ladies comes and tells them that they are from social women leaders and Kolhapur ladies wanna give award to Asawari. Asawari becomes happy and the ladies leave. Aaji Saheb says to her ”thats all because of somebody’s ‘shubt kadam’ Asawari becomes angry. Everybody leaves. Ranjeet congrats her but she shut him up and says ”all everybody care is for Guari and Pratiksha. She says today will be the last day of Pratiksha” and laughs!

Scene switches to, Nandita going to Pratiksha’s room and giving her glass of juice. Guari and Sumitra sees this and runs but the time they reach Pratiksha drank the juice.

Part 3
Guari going to Pratiksha and hugging her, telling her nothing will happen to her. Pratiksha is confused. Amutra comes over there and says ”Guari is just joking.” Amutra says to Pratiksha ” Aaji Saheb is calling you.” Pratiksha leaves. Amutra tells them that last night she went to Asawari room and she changed the tablets into sugar tablets. Guari and Sumitra becomes relax and Guari says to her ”do you have that tablets with you right now?” she gives Guari the tablets and Guari leaves.

Scene switches to Asawari who is saying to herself ”till now Pratiksha must have drank that juice.” Guari goes to her and throws the tablets infront of her. She says ”I’ll not ask you the reason for doing all this. But I’m here to tell you that you can’t do anything with my Aai.” Asawari becomes angry and says ”your speaking alot these days.” Guari says ”enough of this cat mouse game. Do whatever you wanna do and I’ll do what I wanna do.”

The End

Precap : Guari searching for Pratiksha and Asawari to Ranjeet ”tomorrow is a birthday of Pratiksha and it will also be her dead day.”

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