Khamoshiyan 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Khamoshiyan 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 4th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins from a stunned silence in the wedding hall.
Prateeksha questions AS regarding the truth and he lies again saying that he has done nothing wrong. But Prateeksha is not ready to believe him this time and declares in front of everyone that she ruined her daughter’s life by trusting a man like AS. Gauri is crying helplessly and runs away, while Garv is giving dirty stares to everyone in B Family.
Garv and AS have a war of words and when Asavari tries to intervene, Garv calls Asavari as ‘Pootna’ …for those unware Pootna was the demon who was sent by Kansa to kill Lord Krishna.
Garv shows the property papers to Appa Saheb who tears them and Garv tells him that they are just a xerox copy. AS takes Garv to his room and shows him some other

papers and tells Garv that the property is in his name. Garv pretends to agree and says that if the property is indeed in AS name, then he cannot do anything and he will have to go. AS is shown smiling triumphantly while Asavari who is eavesdropping is also happy. But then Garv being what he is drops the bombshell and tells her that he name in the property is of Gauri Bhosle and not Appa Saheb.
(I was right…I was right. )The property is in the name of Gauri! Garv tells Appa Saheb that since Gauri is now his wife, her property is now also his! AS and Asavari are stumped and speechless! Asavari is pissed off with AS and wonders that he hid such a huge truth from her and now she vows to let AS and Garv fight with one another and she will benefit from it.
Asavari and Ranjeeth have a talk where she is fuming with anger that she was used by AS and tells Ranjeeth to finish off Gauri and end all the problems once and for all.
Gauri is standing in some balconey and thinking about Garv telling her about the truth regarding AS and how she was bargained between both the men.
(IOoh…what a romantic scene.) Ranjeeth tries to push Gauri from the balcony, but hubby comes and catchs her at that very moment, pushing Ranjeeth out of the way before Gauri can see him! She tries to get free of his hold but he doesn’t let her go! Gauri gives him nasty stares and they both have a fierce argument. He calls her Mrs. Gaekwad and she tells him that she is Ms. Bhonsle. Garv tells her that she has too much attitude and she tells him that he is no one to speak and that he has married her only to get the property. Garv is amused at his wife’s spirit and tells her that whether she likes it or not she will have to live with him now that they are married. Gauri tells him that she will live with but not as his wife rather as the daughter of this house.
Garv tells her that he likes her challenge and says that he will see how she lives with him day and night and she answers back that she promises to live and die with him, but on her own terms. Gauri storms off looking like thunder while Garv looks very amused and pleased with his wife’s temper!
Ranjith is looking like an idiot from the shadows and Garv is smiling at his wife as she storms off. (Such a passionate scene…finally the PH is getting things right!)
Asavari and AS have a conversation and he agrees that he made a mistake by marrying Gauri to Garv. Asavari is cursing him in her mind and tells him that Garv has shown AS his real aukaad. A savari and AS have a silly conversation where he challenges her that he will teach Garv a lesson. Asavari meanwhile vows to teach AS a lesson for ditiching her and using her get Gauri married to Garv without telling her the truth about the property being in her name.
Gauri and Prateeksha are having a conversation where she is trying to convince her daughter, Ranjith is spying on Gauri when Garv catches hold of him and says a doha…(he was too, too good…OMG…am falling in love with Manit / Garv) and twists his hands badly and threatens him that if he even dares to touch Gauri, he will cut him into small pieces and spread it all over Kolhapur. And tells him to convey this message to his Lomdi Bai (Fox) that is Asavari (Garv is not only good-looking, chivalrous but also extremely witty! Manit was SUPERB in this scene and wow do we love Garv for standing up for his wife, even though he teases and fights with her in private…I think Anu and Koel need applause for guessing this perfectly)

Prateeksha gets milk for Gauri and forces her to drink some milk and just calm down. Asavari comes and tells both the mother and daughter that tonight the bride should be with her husband and not with the mother. Asavari tells Nandita to decorate Gauri’s room for the bridal night and tells Gauri to accept whatever has happened and to convince herself to live and die with Vikram Gaekwad.

Gauri totally gives it back to Asavari while Prateeksha silently conveys Gauri to not argue with anyone. Asavari taunts Gauri some more on the Suhaagraat thing and goes away to decorate her room. Gauri is left weeping along with Prateeksha lamenting that her every night has now become a black night (Why sweetie? Have you seen your HOT husband or not?)

Pre-cap – Gauri in her room which has been decorated by Asavari, she throws all the flowers away shocking both Asavari and Garv who enters and looks at both the women, in a partly confused, partly shocked manner!

Update Credit to: soapie

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