Khamoshiyan 3rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Gauri,Adi and shivani force nandita to enact gayatri and she does so so but unfortunately gayatri sees this and gets angry at all of them and tells them to leave.Gayatri goes to see nandita and nandita apologises to her.Gayatri says she’ll forgive her but she’ll have to do one work for her.Nandita agrees.

Here Gayatri is tensed and ranjeeth asks her the reason.He tells her that there’s nothing to worry as prithvi will win the elections for sure just wait till appa sahib is back.Gayatri says that appa sahib gave her the responsibility of the house and had told her separate gauri and prateeksha and even try to send gauri back but all of her plans are backfiring.

Here Gauri,shivani and adi are busy in the kitchen preparing special food for aai sahib.Nandita comes there and when nobody is watching she adds some powder to brinjal curry which is aai saheb’s fav.

Gayatri is unsure if nandita would be able to do her work.Nandita comes there and tells her that she has successfully done the work.she says She has always done whatever gayatri wanted now she should consider about her.Gayatri tells her not to worry as she’ll set everything right between her and prithvi.

Everyone is at the dining table.aai sahib is happy to see her fav. Food.Firstly she says she can’t eat the brinjal curry whick upsets gayatri and nandita.Poor nandita forces aai sahib to eat it which surprises everyone.Later nandita drops the curry while serving it.Gayatri gets angry that she can’t do one thing properly.

Precap : Sumitra tells gayatri that she knows there’s something in her mind and once she gets some proof against her that day would be her last day in the house.

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