Khamoshiyan 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Khamoshiyan 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 28th January 2013 Written Update

The ladies of Appa saheb family are sitting and discussing when Gauri and Sid walk in looking terrified, The tensed women seek clarification and are told about the near miss they had while driving.

There is a face off between Appa Saheb and Garv with Garv threatening to reveal the real, wretched face of Appa Saheb..Not just this, Garv also reveals that he is the SON of the business partner whom Appa saheb cheated * 70’s -80’s film anyone, Garv seems to be the yengry young AB * … Vikram narrates the trickery played by Appa Saheb and gloats at the fact that Appa Saheb committed a foolish thing by letting him alive..Appa Saheb promises to rectify that omission and theatrically pulls out a gun and aims it at Vikram/Garv’s head ..Garv/Vikram sneers down at Appa Saheb and points out that he has left all evidence of Appa Saheb’s black deeds with a lawyer which will fly its way to the police if anything were to happen to him.. Appa Sahebs seeks to know the price of his silence.

Gauri is applying Mehendi on her hands prior to wedding, the Mehendi artist wants to know the starting letter of Gauri’s Prospective hubby , Gauri says Sidharth and S is the letter but due to artistic and contrived manipulation of director Mahashay, it is made to turn into V akVikram alias Garv!

Garv Demands Gauri as his trophy, Appa Saheb is shocked but he is willing to sell off his own blood to secure his status… Appa saheb comes to Asaveri , informs her of some plan , Asaveri is shocked but wanting to get back into Appa Saheb’s good book, promises to fulfill it ..

Asavari and Ranjit are planning their steps through when a voice demands to know the drama they are going to put up , The voice turns out to be Appa saheb’s sister’s … She is suspicious about Asaveri’s activity and decides to keep an eye on them during the marriage…Just then, she hears the alarmed voice of Gauri, rushing towards the source of the sound, , Buaji discovers Gauri staring in alarm at Sid’s foto which has cross on it .. Gauri decides to go and see for herself the well being of Sid.. Appa Saheb stops Gauri and proceeds towards the place where Sid resides but a timely message from Sid averts the journey of Appa Saheb * Very courteous of Sid jaan and a extremely strong telepathic link at work here, Airtel , Vodafone should invest in this field too * ..

Ranjit approaches the sleeping Sid with a dagger while Sid slumbers on..

PRECAP: Asaveri is dressing up , alternately lamenting and praying for the successful completion of task while Gauri is taking Sid to task for not calling her from past 2 days, her face changes on hearing something ..

Update Credit to: tanthya

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