Khamoshiyan 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Khamoshiyan 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 25th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Guari saying to Ashwini that you burned this Saree. Ashiwni says her no that I didn’t do it but Guari doesn’t listens to it and on top of that Nandita comes and adds more fire that she was Ashwini burning the saree and all. Guari leaves and Asawari is watching the whole drama and becomes happy. Ashwini comes out of the room and sees Asawari. Asawari says to her that, see Guari gives more importance to Pratiksha than you.

Scene switches to Guari crying. Sumitra says to her that Ashwini can’t do this. Yes, she do get jealous sometime but she can never do this. And tells her may be Asawari have done this. But Guari says that Nandita was ‘Mama’. Sumitra says to her may be we are mistaken. Guari says that I should go and say sorry to Mama as I have hurt her alot.

Scene switches to Ashwini packing her stuff. Pratiksha comes to her and stops her that don’t go. Guari also comes and says sorry to Ashwini for understanding her wrong. Ashwini forgvies her and the three of them hugs eachother. And our Asawari sees this

Scene switches to Asawari becoming angry on seeing Guari, Ashwini and Pratiksha together. She says she have to plan something bigger now!

Scene switches to someone under Sid’s car and is doing sometime! Sid and Guari sits on the car and leaves. Sid tries to apply brakes but the brakes gets fail. Sid with very much difficulty stops the car and the car hit the tree and lucky both of them are saved!

Scene switches to Guru Mother, who has come to give her Ashiward to Guari. She asks Aaji Saheb and Sumitra about the wedding date and gets shocked when she gets to know the date. Asawari is listening to all this and becomes happy. Guru Mother says to both of them that stop this marriage as the day is not right. If SidRi gets married after 2 days then a big storm will come. Sumitra talks to Sid’s parents but they didn’t listen her.

Scene switches to Appa Saheb getting a call from someone and that person is saying that he knows Appa Saheb’s secret.

The End


Update Credit to: BurningDesire

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