Khamoshiyan 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Khamoshiyan 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 21st January 2013 Written Update

Appa saheb is returning in his car in obvious discomfort when not just his Body but also his car’s wheels get punctured in sympathy, the driver checks the standby wheel and discovers that even the replacement wheel is punctured , as if to lend support to the second wheel, Appa Saheb’s health deteriorates further. The great Appa saheb falls to the ground, away from his the middle of the street, with none for company apart from a flustered PA…Cars whiz past while Appa Saheb sweats ..Just when it appears that Appa saheb might ight his Maker, Garv drives by, stops the Jeep , hurries Appa saheb to the hospital where the doctor informs Garv that Appa Saheb was brought in nick of time * as if the Doc would say , You had all the time in the world, Garv..what was the rush to admit AP, Huh*

AP recovers consciousness, Garv goes in to meet AP, The wily politician and the fire brand exchange in a duel..with AP asking Garv to name his prize for saving his life, Garv assures AP that he will seek his prize when the time comes.

Chai – Biskoot time !! Gauri is serving Tea to the assembled family members who are discussing the venue for marriage..Sid’s relatives insist on South Hampton over riding Gauri’s wishes of being married right in Kolhapur. The eavesdropping Asaveri gloats as she does a mental calculation of her own * hope THIS TIME, She has got her MATH right* Asavari assures a insecure Ashwini that Appa saheb’s word is final and that Appa Saheb wants the wedding in South Hampton. A petulant gauri is telling her mom, that she will appeal to AP to reverse his decision , Just then AP who had come in, over hears Gauri’s words and informs Gauri that her wedding will happen in Kolhapur …AP looks at Pratiksha, tells her that he is happy to hear that she has begun to move about freely but issues a veiled threat commanding her to keep her mouth shut, A scared Pratiksha nods her head in agreement.

Appa Saheb berates Asaveri for letting things slide in the absence of Men, derides Asaveri saying that all the years of subjugation and controlling of Pratiksha has come undone in a span of few days, due to her foolishness, warns her that if Pratiksha leaves the house , then it is Good Bye to Asaveri too..Asaveri who had considered herself as the Queen bee is stunned .

AP is worried that Pratiksha who seems to be knowing all his dark secrets might open her mouth and might spell doom to his future reign.AP vows that if need be he will not hesitate to kill Pratiksha to secure his kingdom.

AP’s sister is bolstering Pratiksha’s morale while Asaveri is demoralizing Ashwini and increasing Ashwini’s insecurity

Pratiksha offer’s Prasad to Ap and is sternly told to keep all the secrets locked within herself else Gauri will meet the same fate as Pratiksha’s.

Update Credit to: tanthya

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