Khamoshiyan 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Khamoshiyan 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 18th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Guari shouting and calling Ashawari. Asawari comes and others also comes. Ashawari becomes angry and says to Guari ”don’t shout whats the matter?” Aaji Saheb asks Guari ”what happened?” Guari tells her the everything about the photo frame and all. Ashawari says ”how can you be so sure that I did it?” Guari says ” she has a proof.” And then she shows her the handkerchief with written ”A” on it. Ashawari says ”how can you be so sure that its my handkerchief?” Nandita says ”Haan, sasuma is right. There are other people also whose name starts with A! For example : Asawari, Ashwini, Adi, Aaji Saheb.” Ashawari becomes happy with Nandita’s answer. Aaji Saheb says to Ashawari ”everybody knows how you are. The day you will get red-handed that will be the last day of yours in this home.” And everybody leaves.

Scene switches to Asawari beating Ranjeet for leaving the handkerchief on Pratiksha’s room. Nandita comes over there and gets shocked when Asawari hugs her Asawari says to her ”that she did chamatkaar today and she is really proud of her answer.” she leaves. Nandita shows face to Ranjeet

Scene switches to Asawari and Sumitra facing eachother. Asawari says to her be ready for a new war and all .

Scene switches to Asawari going to Ashwini and saying to her that Gauri gives more importants to Pratiksha and all. Ashwini says ”its not like that” Asawari says to her ”if that so, then go to Guari and say to her to cook your favourite dish.” she says ”fine, I’ll say to her and she will cook my favourite dish for me.” And Ashwini leaves. Asawari says to herself: Ab ayega maza!
Asawari gets a call from Appa Saheb that he is returning tomorrow.

Scene switches to Guari and Pratiksha doing pooja (something like that ) Ashwini comes to her and says to her to cook her favourite dish Fish Curry. Guari says ”sorry mama, people over here doesn’t eat non-veg.” Ashwini says ”Fine” and leaves. Guari to herself: I’ll cook Fish Curry for mama in a separate handi.
Asawari sees all this and says to herself: Ab dekhna, Guari apni ma k liye Fish Curry zaror banayegi or phir ayega maza.

Scene switches to Asawari going to Nandita and telling her the plan.

Scene switches to everyone on the dinning table. And Aaji Saheb saying to Sid that Appa Saheb is returning tomorrow. When he’ll come. I’ll talk to him about your both marriage. Sid says ”shaadi ki baat kal karenge. Abhi mujhe bhook lagi hai.” Guari says to Ashwini in her ears ” Mama, I made Fish Curry for you and its in your room. Guari tells Aaji Saheb that she did cooking today and made the food for everyone. Guari opens the bowl dhakkan to serve everyone but suddenly everybody gets shocked by the

smell of the fish.
Aaji Saheb says to Guari ”you cooked food today na?” Guari says ”yes” Aaji Saheb says to her ”from where the smell is coming?” Guari says ”Aaji Saheb, I made Fish Curry for Mama in a separate handi” Asawari says to Aaji Saheb ” Give more freedom to your ladli and all” Ashwini says ”Aaji Saheb, I said Guari to make it.”
Asawari says ” Don’t hide your daughter’s mistake.” Pratiksha says ”Ashwini said Guari to make Fish Curry.” Ashwini says” Why are you making me bad infront of everyone?” Pratiksha says ”No, I’m just clearing the thing. Ashwini said Guari to make Fish Curry but Guari said her no” Aaji Saheb says ”I don’t know who is saying the truth. Koi kuch bol raha hai, koi kuch. She throws the food on the floor. And says to Guari and Ashwini ”ye sab kuch ap logo ki waja se hua hai. Chale jaiye ap log Kolhapur se.” And leaves with anger.

The End

Precap: Appa Saheb getting heart attack and his driver is asking for lift. Garv stops his car and sees Appa Saheb’s critical situation…

Update Credit to: BurningDesire

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