Khamoshiyan 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Khamoshiyan 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 11th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts off with everybody celebrating Pratiksha’s b’day. Sid comes and gives his gift and is shown angry with Guari Pratiksha cuts the cake and after it everybody is playing Antakshari while everybody is playing antakshari. Sumitra goes in Asawari’s room and is shown searching for some papers. Asawari is waiting for the Parcel and is continuously looking at the door. Guari tries to talk with Sid, she tries to manao him with her singing but he doesn’t pays any attention Guari gets a parcel. She wonders who has send it as its not her birthday. She opens the parcel and gets shocked after seeing the pics of Sid with some girl. Asawari snatches the pics from here and shows it to everyone. After that she adds her masala saying that abroad people are like that and all Gauri shuts her up and says that I trust Sid blindly and I know he won’t do such things. Aaji Saheb says we should make these two marry soon. Guari says why? Pratiksha says Aaji Saheb is right. You two should get marry soon. SidRi becomes quite. Asawari is happy because she wanted this!

Sumitra heard some foot steps so she hides behind the bed. Rajeet comes in Asawari’s room and takes some money from her bag and leaves.

Aaji Saheb makes Pratiksha understand that you should stand on your own feet. Guari won’t leave you until you stand on your own feet.

Asawari comes in her room and is shocked seeing the condtion of her room, she sees her bag and found some money missing. she wonders who took it? She wonders if Nandita took it?

Sumitra goes to Guari and shows her Asawari’s cell phone bill. Guari sees it and says to Sumitra that from the past few days Asawari have been calling a specific number, she shows her the number and says we have to know who is this person. And we have to show her real face to everyone.

Asawari and Nandita are talking and making a plan. Asawari says to Nandita have you got the plan? She says yes. And both of them laughs. She also shows her some bottle and says when Pratiksha will drink this she will becomes quite.

The End

Precap: Ashwini comes to India and Guari is shown changing the drink. And says to herself: Asawari you have challenged a daughter, now be ready for it!

Update Credit to: BurningDesire

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