Khamoshiyan 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Khamoshiyan 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 10th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Gauri giving prateeksha the gift sid got for her.Prateeksha says no to the gift coz its an expensive mobile.But Gauri tells her to keep it.Then Adi,Shivangi and Gauri force her to join them for shopping,she hesitates at first but later agrees.
They all hang out at the mall.Gayatri is also there waiting for someone.Gauri spots her and follows her.They all find her with the goons who tried to kidnap prateeksha.Gauri feels something is wrong.Gayatri somehow finds that they are watching her and starts hitting those goons for misbehaving with prateeksha.Then she goes to prateeksha who thanks her for saving her life yet again.Gauri asks her why did she come to the mall.Gayatri acts like innocent and says she came to buy a gift for prateeksha to give her at the function.But Gauri is still not satisfied..she is doubtful about gayatri’s intentions.
Gauri talks about this to sumitra.Sumitra tells her that it may be possible that asavari knows the goons.Gauri asks her why is asavari after her mother’s life.what had happened b/w them.Sumitra is about to tell her the truth when shivangi interrupts their convo.Gauri tells her that there’s only one way to find out the truth and she tells her plan and sumitra agrees to it !
Meanwhile Sid collides with a girl who seems to be drunk and falls on him.Sid tries to help her..she asks him to drop her at her house…so sid agrees…meanwhile someone is clicking their pictures.
Gauri helps her mother in dressing up for the function while ashwini calls her and says she wanna talk about something important but gauri tells her that she very busy so she will talk later (in a nice manner though ) Ashwini gets hurt that before she couldn’t leave her for a minute and now she doesn’t have a minute to spare for her.Prateeksha tells her that she should have talked to ashwini.Gauri says she knows her mom and she won’t feel bad.
And here asavari is all ready with her next plan to drive out Gauri,sid and prateeksha from the house

Precap : Gauri receives and an envelope which has photos of sid and that girl…Gauri is shocked to see them and starts crying.Sumitra is in Ranjeeth’s room searching some files when he comes there and she rushes to hide.

Update Credit to: Greeshu

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