Khamoshi ~ a twinj 3 shot by presha……shot 1

Hey guys….
Well back again…
Hapy birthday to sidmin23…that is aarati dii..enjoy ur day…love u..??

Srry I m late…
Kya karu my health is not supporting from last one month….

So let’s leave all this….

Nd lets begin…..

Shot 1

A house is seen which is not a big one but a spacious house…it has a garden inside the main gate beautifing it’s veiw…

Let’s peep inside….

It’s hall is a spacious one with a sofa set nd a table in middle of the one corner there is a temple nd at other it’s a kitchen with dinning area….

We can heard someone’s voice…it’s a boy’s voice…so hot nd handsome ..his six packs and his eyes his lips everything just so perfect he is revealed to be my hottie kunj…sorry sorry our hottie kunj…he is shouting on a boy to get up but that boy is not giving heeds to his shouts nd is sleeping…..suddenly an idea stuck kunj mind nd he splased a jug full of water on the other boys face nd he got up with a jerk…nd screamed Kya hua Kya…nd he is our yuvi…while kunj laughed nd asked him to get ready…..nd he went to wake someone else…

He entered another room…a girl was seen sleeping cudding with a big teddy with a smile on her face…kunj went near her nd asked her to wake up…he moved slightly nd with a frowing face mutterd ohh babajii yeh sadu as gaya mujhe uthane…isse koi aur Kam nahi h Kya..Meri beauty sleep kharab kr di…nd she opened her eyes to see kunj with a O face shock was visible on his face twinkle smiled sheepishly nd mutterd good mrng sadu….kunj came to his sense nd asked her abt wat she said…she was knowing wat is coming next she pushed kunj nd ran to washroom saying sadu we r getting late go get ready…kunj smiled nd said yeh ladki pagal kr degi mujhe nd went ….yuvi nd kunj got ready nd were in hall waiting for twinkle…she came down…both were lost in her….

Kuvi pov….

Wow babajii my angel she is looking so pretty today…bless her with all ur might nd always keep her happy…I can see her sad nd can do anything for her happiness….I love her babajii..I love her…

Pov end….

Twinkle came down nd they all had dinner…all the while twinkle was lost in him…..they had there dinner nd went to there collage…they attended collage came back had some US time talking teasing each other nd there day ended like this….

That’s all…
Well do tell he was the shot…
Mending herts will bhi posted son…
Love u all…

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  1. Aamu

    Ekdm mazedaar preshu..!!
    Their bond is perfect…bole to JUST PERFECT..(in sona n soha’s style?)
    Really sooon??

  2. Fantastic yrr preshu????
    Post soon

  3. Sidmin ki sadia


  4. Twinj

    Hey preshu???
    I will try ka matlab hae I will definately read it??…kaun si dictionary may yehi soch rahi hogi na meri dictionary may??…tumari writing may na padhu yesa nahi hosakta…woooooo what a shot…awesome…cute…sadu this name reminds me of those old twinj moments… too sweet…twinkle toh hae he angel…pariyo ki rani hae?????…. too gud..amazing…post asap n don’t forget to inform me that’s a request…a big wala plzzzzzzzzzzzz for that n even more big wala plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzx for posting soon…post asap…love u?????????….

    1. Presha

      Thank u akku..
      Busy hone k baad bhi u cmmnted…
      Well I will inform u when I will post next one…

      Love u too??

      1. Twinj

        love u…

  5. SidMin23

    Thank u presha and love it love their bond waiting for next ff post soon.

    1. Presha

      Ur wlcm dii…
      Nd u deserve this bcoz u r a loyal cmmntors dii..AAP hamesha cmmnt krte we can do this much for u..

  6. Sameera

    Wow yaar preshu amazing yaar loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much
    Loveddddddd twinj sooo much ..

  7. awesome preshu?????
    post soon dear…..

  8. Shalini15

    Preshu, you are not well na?? then why are you hurting yourself??.. take rest..
    Nd episode was awesome mind blowing fabulous. Loved twinj bond. Post next whenever you get well.. nd go to doctor for the medical test.
    Take care
    Love you ????

    1. Presha

      Yah dii…
      For sure…
      Woh actually morning time Mai was getting bored…
      So thought to write…

  9. Fenil

    First u should not ignore health go to doctor,i know doctor kisi ko achha nahi lagta:D:D:D

    chappy was awesome.
    Loved it trio’s intro part.

    1. Presha

      Ya sure. Will go…
      Nd thank u

  10. Supriya18d

    Preshu tmhari tbiyt sahi nai h….okk…rest kro….Agr post nai krogi to hm jaan thori na lenge….apna khyaal rkho…okkk

  11. Ramya

    Awesome preshu
    Amazing superb Amazing
    But in whom twinkle was lost kunj or uv
    Love you keep smiling

  12. Nishuu

    Awesome bujji
    Loved it

  13. Baby

    loved it alott ♥
    really amazing ♥
    cute ♥
    twinj were shoo cute ♥
    love u preshu ♥

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